Movie Update!

“More feet, more feet!”

When I was looking through the footage of our first day of filming this story of the life of St. Nicholas, I was astounded at the number of gorgeous shots we had of the dancers, their emotions, and their colorful costumes. There was only one thing missing… their feet! This was a ballet, and I wanted to showcase their incredible dancing. 

So the next day, I said to our director and cameramen: “More feet, more feet!” From that point on, the quest began to capture as many feet as possible, dancing their way through the story in ways that are truly remarkable! 

I can’t wait to share this film with you when it’s done, even if you’ve never seen a ballet before, as I believe you’ll be moved by it like those who have seen it in person. It’s an all-out display of passionate faith, moving many to tears as they hear God speaking to them through the sights, sounds, movements, and storyline.

We have much to do to bring this film to life, and we could use your help! I’ve brought in some of the most talented people I know to help out with the production to make it the highest quality possible. I want people to be able to enjoy the film, over and over, for years to come. 

If you’d like to help with a donation of any size, I’d be glad to send you a special sneak peak of movie when it’s done before we unveil it to the general public. Just be sure to include your email address with your donation so I can send you the link!

You can make a donation on our GoFundMe page at this link:

P.S. Here’s another scene from last year’s production of “One Life,” called “There’s Always Something You Can Give.” It’s a song I wrote, sung by Cooper Smith and orchestrated by Matt Ludwig, as a reminder that God can use each of us, even in the smallest of ways to make the biggest of differences. I can’t wait to show you the scene from this year’s production, filmed up close and personal with full cinematic cameras!

With love and thanks,

Eric Elder

Producer of “One Life: The Movie”

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Piano Music for Relaxing, Studying & Chilling Out!

5 hours of beautiful piano music for your enjoyment. Featuring over 90 tracks from 20 albums and 15 artists. Enjoy!

Listen Here!

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Featuring the music of Marilyn Byrnes, Eric Elder, Philip Aaberg, Andre Previn, David Lanz, Michael Gettel, Yiruma, Laurie Z., David Benoit, Stephen Sondheim, Jeremy Lubbock, Emile Pandolfi, Jennifer Thomas, Kevin Kern, and Alice Perrey.

Heart Update, New Devotionals & Watch a Service!

What's New at The Ranch
Eric's Sticker Book

Heart Update!

I can’t thank you enough for your thoughts and prayers, cards and meals, and true care and concern for me during my recovery from open heart surgery 3 months ago. This picture is of a sticker book a friend gave me to earn gold stars for all my “little wins” along the way… like making it through a difficult procedure or climbing to the top of a flight of stairs. It really helped!

Thankfully, I’m back to 80% health now. Praise God! When I wrote my last health update, 2 months ago, I was not doing well at all… my shortness of breath and fatigue were affecting everything I did. I was afraid it would take a year or more to get back to where I am now. 

But about 1 month ago it was like a “fever broke” and I was suddenly on the fast-track to healing. I could breathe again! I could go for 3-4 hours at a time before I had to rest again! And, quite honestly, I had hope for my future again for the first time in months.

Someone asked me “What was the most surprising thing about this process?” and I have to say it was just how dark and depressing my recovery would be. One of my friends told me that when her dad had open heart surgery, the nurse at the hospital sent them home with a bottle of anti-depressants. My friend said, “But he’s not depressed.” The nurse said: “Oh, he will be!”

I wouldn’t have expected my heart surgery to take that type of toll on me, but it did. I felt broken, like damaged goods that no one would ever want again. How could I be useful or helpful to anyone, when I couldn’t even pull up my own pants? I was totally broken.

But God has been reminding me about the incredible value of brokenness. Jesus said, “This is My body, broken for you,” (1 Corinthians 11:24, KJV), just before suffering a horrifying death. But how many billions of people have since looked upon His suffering and poured out their thanks to God for it? There is a resurrection on the other side of brokenness.

If you’re feeling broken today, let me remind you what God has been reminding me: “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit” (Psalm 34:18). He cares about your heart. He cares about your life. He is still “for” you, just as He is still “for” me.

Brokenness can often be a precursor to  blessings. I’m encouraged by this thought by the Benham brothers in their new book Bold & Broken: “A horse that’s broken can pull the chariot for its master, but a horse that’s unbroken is put out to pasture.” Brokenness has incredible value, depending on how we respond to it.

I can see it now, this side of recovery!  But going through it, everything looked pretty dark and dismal. I still have a ways to go to get back to 100% (and I’m praying for 150%, now that I’ve gotten this “upgrade” to my heart!) So I would appreciate your continued prayers to help me get there. I can see it now: there really is a resurrection on the other side of brokenness.

Thanks so much for your prayers. They really do make a difference!

Eric Elder

Acts & Ephesians Devotionals

New Devotionals Online: Acts & Ephesians!

I’ve put 2 more daily devotionals online recently, a 30-day devotional called “Acts: Lessons In Faith,” and a 20-day devotional called “Ephesians: Lessons In Grace.”

If you need a boost in your faith, I hope you’ll sign up for “Acts: Lessons In Faith.” I truly believe that God can do whatever He says He can do, whether it’s healing, forgiving, restoring, reconciling, you-name-it… He can do it! The book of Acts is filled with such stories, and I’d love for you to read them along with me.

You’ll get the Acts devotional automatically (or may have already gotten it!) if you’ve signed up for “365 Daily Devotions with Eric.” But you can also sign up for this 30-day devotional on its own at this link:

Click here to start receiving “Acts: Lessons In Faith” today!

And if you’d like to learn more about grace, I hope you’ll sign up for “Ephesians: Lessons In Grace.”

If you’ve never read the book of Ephesians, I think you’ll find it filled with both grand thoughts about God and practical suggestions for your life.  For those who have read it before, you’ll be amazed at how many of the most famous Bible verses are found in this very short book. You can sign up to start receiving it today at the link below (and again, if you’re already receiving “365 Daily Devotions with Eric,” You don’t need to sign up for the Ephesians devotional separately).

Click here to start receiving “Ephesians: Lessons In Grace”today!

And for those who aren’t getting my “365 Daily Devotions with Eric,” you can still sign up for them anytime and get every one of my daily devotions from the beginning. You’ll get both “Acts: Lessons In Faith” and “Ephesians: Lessons In Grace” along the way. They’re all free and they’ll help you grow stronger in your faith every day.

Click to sign up for “365 Daily Devotions With Eric”

Eastview Christian Church


Watch A Live Church Service!

Some of you may have heard that I’ve taken on a new, part-time role at my church as their Online Campus Pastor. That means that when you click to watch our live services, you’ll see my face pop up to welcome you to our church and invite you to be involved with us as much as you want to be, regardless of where you might live in the world!

We really take out online guests seriously, with volunteers in the chat room during every online service, chatting and praying with anyone who wants to talk or has a prayer request.

You can join us live, online, at either 9 or 11 a.m. CST on Sunday mornings at We start streaming from our worship center about 15 minutes before the service begins for anyone who wants to join the chat early and say hello beforehand.

If you miss the live service, no problem! You can always watch it later, anytime during the week, at the same link: Just go to the link and click “play.”

I love our church! I hope you’ll take a chance and check it out! You can learn more about it at

Eric Elder

Health Update, New Podcast, New Devotional

What's New at The Ranch

Dear Friends, This heart pillow is a souvenir from my unexpected stay last month at BroMenn Hospital. I had gone to the Emergency Room on March 3rd with some strong chest pains and three days later was having open heart surgery and a quadruple bypass! My surgeon signed my pillow with a Sharpie and drew on it the four bypasses he had put in my heart.

I’m at home now recovering, doing well in many ways but still needing your prayers in others, mainly, that the doctors would be able to diagnosis and treat some shortness of breath I’ve been having ever since the surgery. It’s affecting my ability to sit, stand, walk, talk, eat, sleep… just about every aspect of my life!

I’m very thankful I had a “warning shot,” as my surgeon calls my heart attack, as I had no other symptoms to indicate that my heart needed this major repair. I know not everyone gets such a warning, so I’m thankful for it and for those who have been able to help me get through this—including you, if you could keep me in your prayers.

I have 2 more updates for you below that I hope you’ll find encouraging, so please read on! 

Eric Elder
Born to Create Podcast with Kent Sanders

Podcast Interview

I was recently interviewed by my good friend Kent Sanders for his innovative podcast called “Born to Create.” We talked about “Taking Control of Your Destiny” and how to fulfill God’s call on your life in whatever situation you find yourself.

I was able to share some deeply personal stories of how God has walked with me, talked with me, and encouraged me to fulfill the calling He has had on my life. The podcast was just released about 10 days ago, but has already started touching people in profound ways, for which I’m thankful. 

I hope you’ll listen, too. Here are a few comments from others who have heard it:

“I listened to your podcast this morning titled “Taking Control of Your Destiny” and loved it! I honestly have to say that this podcast is now one of my all-time favorite podcasts of any podcast I have listened to! It spoke to me in so many ways, being as I’m also in full-time ministry and also an entrepreneur. I will for sure come back and listen to this one over again.” Keith

“Loved your conversations with Eric Elder. Great combination of practicality and passion. Tugged at the heart strings. Thanks for the posts.” Jim

Here’s the link where you can listen:
Taking Control of Your Destiny

"Jesus: Lessons In Love" Devotional

“Jesus: Lessons In Love”
Devotional Now Online!

I’ve also just put another of my 30-day devotionals online, this one based on the book of Matthew and called “Jesus: Lessons In Love.”

I love Matthew’s stories about Jesus for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that I put my faith in Christ over 30 years ago while reading about Him in the stories Matthew recorded for us.

If you’d like to learn how to love God, love others and love yourself more, I think you’ll really really benefit from this devotional. Jesus is, after all, the greatest “lover” of all time, and Matthew gives us example after example of how we can be better lovers as well.

You’ll get this devotional automatically if you’re already signed up for “365 Daily Devotions with Eric” (after the Exodus series). But if you’re not signed up for that, you can sign up separately to get this new devotional delivered by email every day for the next 30 days at this link:

Click here to start receiving “Jesus: Lessons In Love” today!

(And if you haven’t signed up for my “365 Daily Devotions with Eric,” and would like to start receiving them from the beginning, you can do that instead by clicking here! You’ll get “Jesus: Lessons In Love” along the way. The daily devotions are free and a great way to grow stronger in your faith every day.)

Thanks for everything, especially your prayers as I continue to recover in the upcoming weeks!

Eric Elder