Movie Update!

“More feet, more feet!”

When I was looking through the footage of our first day of filming this story of the life of St. Nicholas, I was astounded at the number of gorgeous shots we had of the dancers, their emotions, and their colorful costumes. There was only one thing missing… their feet! This was a ballet, and I wanted to showcase their incredible dancing. 

So the next day, I said to our director and cameramen: “More feet, more feet!” From that point on, the quest began to capture as many feet as possible, dancing their way through the story in ways that are truly remarkable! 

I can’t wait to share this film with you when it’s done, even if you’ve never seen a ballet before, as I believe you’ll be moved by it like those who have seen it in person. It’s an all-out display of passionate faith, moving many to tears as they hear God speaking to them through the sights, sounds, movements, and storyline.

We have much to do to bring this film to life, and we could use your help! I’ve brought in some of the most talented people I know to help out with the production to make it the highest quality possible. I want people to be able to enjoy the film, over and over, for years to come. 

If you’d like to help with a donation of any size, I’d be glad to send you a special sneak peak of movie when it’s done before we unveil it to the general public. Just be sure to include your email address with your donation so I can send you the link!

You can make a donation on our GoFundMe page at this link:

P.S. Here’s another scene from last year’s production of “One Life,” called “There’s Always Something You Can Give.” It’s a song I wrote, sung by Cooper Smith and orchestrated by Matt Ludwig, as a reminder that God can use each of us, even in the smallest of ways to make the biggest of differences. I can’t wait to show you the scene from this year’s production, filmed up close and personal with full cinematic cameras!

With love and thanks,

Eric Elder

Producer of “One Life: The Movie”

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