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Welcome to The Ranch Bookstore, featuring all of the books and music we’ve created here at The Ranch, just for you! Although you can read or listen to many of these resources here on The Ranch day or night, people sometimes ask how they can get the books or music to take with them or give as gifts. That’s why we’ve created this bookstore. You’ll find links to all of our resources on Amazon next to each title.

Eric Elder

Living Life with a Capital "L"Living Life with a Capital “L”, by Eric Elder
21 devotions based on the book of John

Every day we have a choice to make: we can lose ourselves in despair or keep living our lives to the full. Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” Jesus never married, yet He had a full life. He was beaten and ridiculed, yet He accomplished all He came do. I want that kind of life… a Full Life… an Abundant Life… Life with a capital “L.” Maybe you do, too? If so, I invite you to read through the Gospel of John with me and let Jesus lift you up. He came that you may have life, and have it to the full… Life with a capital “L.” 125 pages. Available in Paperback

My Stories of Faith by Eric Elder

My Stories of Faith, by Eric Elder
True stories of faith to encourage you in yours.

In this book I share some of my deeper walk with Christ: how I hear from God, the miracles I’ve seen take place when I step out in faith, the blessings I and others have received by leaning into spiritual practices like fasting and prayer and journaling and taking steps of obedience to what I feel God is calling me to do. I pray these stories encourage you to step out in faith, too! I KNOW God will honor your steps of obedience to Him! As Hebrews 11:6 says, “And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to Him must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.” 160 pages. Available in Paperback or Kindle

365 Daily Devotions with Eric Elder

365 Daily Devotions with Eric, by Eric Elder
365 daily devotions to encourage you in your quiet times with God.

I love spending quiet time with God every day. It centers me. For over 30 years now I’ve been writing down what God has spoken to me during those quiet times with Him. I pray this book encourages you during your own quiet times with Him. This book includes devotions from a dozen books I’ve over the years: Two Weeks with God, Exodus: Lessons in Freedom, Jesus: Lessons in Love, Acts: Lessons in Faith, Ephesians: Lessons in Grace, Nehemiah: Lessons in Rebuilding, Israel: Lessons from the Holy Land, The Top 20 Passages in the Bible, Romans: Lessons in Renewing Your Mind, Making the Most of the Darkness, 15 Tips for a Stronger Marriage, 12 Tips for Parenting, Psalms: Lessons in Prayer, plus the inspirational Christmas novella, St. Nicholas: The Believer. 657 pages. Available in Paperback, Kindle or Hardcover

His Name Was Nicholas by Eric and Lana Elder

His Name Was Nicholas, by Eric and Lana Elder
The full script and score for the hit Christmas musical by Eric & Lana Elder.

Read along in the script with Eric on his podcasts (at ericelder.com) as he reads from the script and plays all 25 songs on the piano from this magnificent Christmas musical. Give a copy to your church or community theater to see if they’d like to perform it for Christmas! A full Broadway-style musical with a powerful story about the real-life man who became world-wide inspiration to children of all ages at Christmastime. Includes the full script and performance notes, plus the full score for piano and vocals for all 25 songs. Learn more and watch the show at https://hisnamewasnicholas.com.  238 pages. Available in Paperback or Spiral Bound (to lay flat when open)

You're reading ST. NICHOLAS: THE BELIEVER, by Eric & Lana Elder, a new story for Christmas based on the old story of St. Nicholas. Also available in paperback, audio and eBook formats in our bookstore for a donation of any size!

St. Nicholas: The Believerby Eric & Lana Elder
A new story for Christmas based on the old story of St. Nicholas.

If you’ve never read about the real St. Nicholas who lived in the 3rd and 4th centuries A.D., you’ll find his story both fascinating and inspirational. Even if you have read the historical account of his life, this version may just be the most human telling of his story you’ve ever heard. 220 pages. Available in PaperbackKindle or Spanish

Loving God & Loving Gays: What's A Christian To Do?

Loving God & Loving Gays: What’s A Christian To Do? by Eric Elder
A thoughtful look at a delicate subject, borne out of my own personal experience and my ministry to hundreds of others in this area for the past 30 years.

This book is filled with HOPE for anyone who wants to find valid ways to meet their valid needs, ways to honor God with their desires, and ways to bring more joy and fulfillment than anyone might ever expect or imagine. This book also includes ways to be more kind and loving to anyone who is experiencing same-sex attractions, including those who may have very different deeply-held beliefs. A small group study guide is included discuss what they’re reading. 224 pages. Available in Paperback, Kindle or Spanish

Psalms: Lessons In Prayer

Psalms: Lessons In Prayer, by Eric Elder
How to enjoy richer, deeper, and fuller conversations with God, featuring 31 inspiring devotionals 
based on the oldest prayer 
book in the world. 171 pages. Available in Paperback

Fifty Shades of Grace (Cover)

Fifty Shades of Grace, by Nicholas J. Deere
A new love story for a new millennium.

An inspirational testimony of how God can do anything, absolutely anything. Nick grew up on a typical American farm in the heart of the great Midwest. But when his best friend in college invites him into a romantic relationship, Nick’s life takes an unexpected twist. A true-life story of one man’s journey into homosexuality, and how he came out of it through the power of Christ and with the help of some friends, one of whom became his devoted wife. (Please note: for mature readers only). 220 pages. Available in PaperbackKindle, Audible or iTunes.

Water From My Well, by Eric Elder
Finding God in the midst of life, love, and loneliness.

Twenty inspiring messages drawn from my own personal well, including topics like: goal setting and goal keeping; asking for blessings and receiving blessings; remembering to smile in the good times and trusting God in the bad; pursuing love with all your heart and dealing with the loneliness that sometimes results; believing that God can do anything, moment by moment, and enjoying His sanctuary in the mean time; keeping your feet forward and your knees bent so you don’t get sideswiped by obstacles in your way; being who you are and telling your story; the power of prayer and the blessing of perseverance; excavating your heart to expand your capacity; and digger deeper to go deeper with God. 133 pages. Available in Paperback or Kindle

A Personal Journal with 101 Quotes on Prayer

A Personal Journal With 101 Inspirational Quotes on Prayer, Faith or Love, Created by Eric Elder and Greg Potzer
Your own personal journal with 101 quotes at the bottom of 200  otherwise blank, lined pages for you to record your thoughts, prayers, or whatever you’re learning from God. 204 pages.  Available in Paperback with 101 quotes on Prayer, Faith or Love.

15 Tips For A Stronger Marriage

15 Tips For A Stronger Marriage, by Eric Elder
Practical tips for newlyweds, nearly-weds or anyone who wants to strengthen their marriage.  Featuring 15 inspirational tips to help your marriage be the best that it can be. Also includes 12 tips on parenting!

Want to make your marriage be the 
best that it can be? Here are 15 tips that have been tried and tested in my own 23-year marriage. Each tip contains practical, real-life examples of how they worked for us and how you can adapt and apply them to your own marriage. Also includes a special bonus chapter: 12 tips on 
parenting! 85 pages. Available in Paperback

Making The Most Of The Darkness

Making The Most Of The Darkness, by Eric Elder
How to keep trusting in God, even in the face of significant loss.  Featuring 12 inspirational messages to give you hope during your time of loss.

We all suffer losses in life, whether it’s the loss of a job, the loss of a relationship, the loss of our health, the loss of our finances, or as in my case recently, the loss of my sweet wife, Lana, too young at age 48.  But that doesn’t mean we have to lose our faith in God, too. If we’ll let Him, God can help us make the most of the darkness, ensuring that even our most painful moments are not lived in vain. 192 pages. Available in Paperback

Romans: Lessons In Renewing Your Mind

Romans: Lessons In Renewing Your Mindby Eric Elder
How to think clearer, live better and enjoy life more fully.  Featuring 40 inspiring devotionals based on one of the most life-changing books in the Bible.

God has used the book of Romans to change many lives since it was written almost 2,000 years ago, including Saint Augustine’s back in the 4th century, Martin Luther’s in the 16th, John Wesley’s in the 18th—and mine in the 20th! So I’ve written this devotional study of Romans to help you reap the benefits from this life-changing book, too. This beautiful paperback contains 40 inspiring devotionals, as well as study questions at the end of each chapter that you can use for personal reflection or study with a small group. 216 pages. Available in PaperbackiPhone, iPad, iPod, Kindle or Nook

The Top 20 Passages In The Bible

The Top 20 Passages In The Bible, by Eric Elder
The 20 most popular passages from the best-selling book of all time.  Featuring 20 inspiring devotionals based on the top 20 passages in the Bible.

“The Top 20 Passages In The Bible” contains 20 inspiring devotional messages based on the top 20 passages in the Bible, those passages which people turn to again and again for comfort, hope, and encouragement. The book also includes a SMALL GROUP STUDY GUIDE filled with questions for personal reflection or group discussion. It also features a special section called, “The Top 100 Verses In The Bible,” which features the most well-known and best-loved verses in all of Scripture, each one of which is excellent for meditation, memorization or just plain inspiration. 150 pages. Available in PaperbackiPhone, iPad, iPod, Kindle or Nook

Israel: Lessons From The Holy Land

Israel: Lessons From The Holy Landby Eric Elder, with photography by Karis & Makari Elder
A devotional tour of the land where Jesus walked.  Featuring 30 inspiring devotionals based on 30 sites in Israel.

Whether you’ve been to the Holy Land or not, we’ve created this devotional book to be the next best thing to being there! Featuring 30 inspiring devotionals–and over 300 photographs–from some of the most famous places in Israel, this book will help bring the Bible to life. 190 pages. Available in Paperback in Color or Black & White

Israel for Kids! Activity Book: Lessons from the Holy Land

Israel For Kids Activity Book, by Eric Elder and family
Lessons for kids about the Holy Land.  Featuring 30 fun activities for kids including word searches, crosswords, pictures to color, word scrambles, sudokus, coded phrases, mazes and more!  

This “kids” version of “Israel: Lessons from the Holy Land” includes 30 short, memorable devotionals, plus word searches, crosswords, pictures to color, word scrambles, sudokus, coded phrases, mazes and more! Also includes 90 photographs from all over Israel! 66 pages. Available in Paperback in Color or Black & White

Ephesians: Lessons In Grace

Ephesians: Lessons In Grace, by Eric Elder
How to believe, receive and share God’s gift of grace.  Featuring 20 inspiring devotionals based on one of the most grace-filled books in the Bible.  

Have you ever wished you could better understand God’s grace? Or that you could better share God’s grace with others? These practical lessons from the book of Ephesians will help you to do just that, stimulating your thoughts, words and deeds as you seek to believe, receive and share God’s gift of grace. 100 pages. Available in Paperback

Nehemiah: Lessons In Rebuilding

Nehemiah: Lessons In Rebuilding, by Eric Elder
How to repair, restore, and rebuild what’s broken in your life. Featuring 15 inspiring devotionals based on one of the most ambitious rebuilding projects of all time.

Is there something broken in your life that you’d like to fix, but don’t know how? A broken marriage, a failing business, a dying relationship? Or is there something that’s fallen apart that you’d like to rebuild: a house, a church, a ministry, a career? If so, then join me for these lessons on how to repair, restore and rebuild what’s broken in your life. 82 pages. Available in Paperback

Acts: Lessons In Faith

Acts: Lessons In Faith, by Eric Elder
How to find, increase, and express your faith in Christ.  Featuring 30 inspiring devotionals based on the lives of the very first followers of Christ.  

The biblical book of Acts documents what it was like for very first followers of Christ. Their acts of faith ranged from waiting on God to speaking out for him, from healing others to being ready to die themselves. This devotional will help you to find, increase and express your own faith in Christ in practical ways. 130 pages. Available in PaperbackiPhone, iPad, iPod, Kindle or Nook

Jesus: Lessons In Love

Jesus: Lessons In Love, by Eric Elder
How to love God, love others, and love yourself more.  Featuring 30 inspiring devotionals based on the greatest “lover” of all time, Jesus Christ.

Learn how to love God, love others and love even yourself more as you look at how Jesus loved God and people. Based on the life of Jesus as recorded in the biblical book of Matthew, this inspiring book also contains many compelling personal stories from today about how you can love others more. Makes a great one-month devotional for yourself or those you love. 130 pages. Available in Paperback

Exodus: Lessons In Freedom

Exodus: Lessons In Freedom, by Eric Elder
How to get free, stay free, and set others free.  Featuring 50 inspiring devotionals based on one of the most dramatic yet practical books of the Bible.  

This faith-building book contains some of my favorite personal stories of how God has spoken into my life. If you’re looking for a great devotional book for the New Year or anytime of the year, this book has great, short entries to read each day, and will help you learn how to get free, stay free, and set others free. 208 pages. Available in Paperback, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Kindle or Nook.

What God Says About Sex, by Eric Elder
An inspirational book to help you discover and put into practice what God says about sex.

A great book on a compelling topic for people of all ages, from those just learning about sex to those who would like a clear understanding of what God says about sex in the Bible.  A reader writes: “…heartwarming, honest, insightful and quite provocative.” Another writes: “Although this is a short work, it speaks volumes.” A mother writes: “After only a few pages, I knew I could trust this book in the hands of my daughters.” A father writes: “It’s the kind of book I could read to my son and not be ashamed.” 118 pages. Available in Paperback

Two Weeks With God, by Eric Elder

Two Weeks With God, by Eric Elder
A 14-day devotional to help you clear your mind and focus on God, based on the songs from Eric Elder’s piano album, Clear My Mind.  

Be inspired as you read about why God sometimes waits to answer your prayers, or where to turn when tragedy strikes, or how to clear your mind and how to find peace with God. Each devotional includes special scriptures pertaining to each topic and thoughtful questions for reflection. 65 pages. Available in Paperback, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Kindle or Nook

Clear My Mind Piano Book

Clear My Mind Piano Book, by Eric Elder
The full piano score for all twelve songs from Eric Elder’s instrumental piano CD, Clear My Mind (listen here).  64 pages. 

For me, playing the piano can be just as refreshing as listening to the piano. This sheet music contains the actual versions of the songs used on the CD, and is written at an easy/intermediate level. If you play the piano, or know someone who does, I hope you’ll find playing this music refreshing, too.  Great for weddings, receptions, communion, offering, meditations, or background music for special occasions. 8-1/2″x11″, 61 pages. Available in Paperback or Kindle

My Favorite Classics Piano Book, notated by Eric Elder

My Favorite Classics: Piano Book, Sheet music for the album My Favorite Classics (listen here), by Eric Elder
Sheet music for all 31 songs from My Favorite Classics and Lana’s Psalms, featuring classical piano pieces from  the 17- and 1800s.

Songs include works by Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Daquin, Debussy, Graupner, Handel, Haydn, Kirnberger, MacDowell, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Offenbach, Pachelbel, Petzold, and Tchaikovsky. 8-1/2″x11″, 76 pages. Available in Paperback


Soothe My Soul: Piano Book, by Eric Elder
The full piano score for five original songs on Eric’s album Soothe My Soul (listen here).

The full piano score for five original songs by Eric Elder, including Marilyn’s Theme, My Sanctuary, I Am Alive, There’s Always Hope, and I Believe. This sheet music contains the actual versions of the songs used on the CD, and is written at an easy/intermediate level.  (This book does not include sheet music for the cover songs on the CD, as they are available elsewhere from their original artists.) 8-1/2″x11″, 28 pages. Available in Paperback.