About Our Volunteers

by Eric Elder

We’re grateful for the many volunteers who have helped us out here on The Ranch website over the years.

If you’d like to join us, please let us know!

When I prayed about what would be helpful for our volunteers to know as they helped to minister to others over the Internet, I sensed God say:


Hallelujah! I suppose that’s a variation on the theme of Moses: “Let My People Go!” But it was clearly “Let My Spirit Flow!”

It reminded me of the water tower near my house. It’s HUGE. And the piping that connects to it winds its way under the streets to homes all over the city. When someone wants to take a drink, or water their lawn, or clean their dirty clothes, they can tap into that system and the water flows.

When first moved to this house, I remember hoping that my ministry over the Internet would be like that water tower, filled with the Holy Spirit. And that the Holy Spirit would flow through the wires and cables that crisscrossed not only our town, but the entire globe.

Whenever someone wanted to take a drink spiritually, or water their parched areas, or cleanse their souls, they would be able to tap into this system and let the water flow!

Many of the people that write for prayer and encouragement are people just like you and me.  They may already have a relationship with the Lord and love Him deeply, but are going through some tough times in their lives, or they just feel weak, tired, worn out and need a boost in their faith.

Many times I just write to people them know God is still there, He’s still alive, and He still cares about them deeply. Then I pray for them right there in the note. The responses they send back can be amazing. By praying and letting them know that someone else out there cares for them, we can see God totally change both their outlook and their situation.

Others are quite different from you and me.  They come from a variety of backgrounds and belief systems, yet they simply need encouragement to put their faith in Christ for everything in their lives.  They are often simply lost and don’t know that they can have forgiveness, peace, and hope for eternal life by putting their faith in Christ.

Some have little or no support nearby. Some live in countries or areas where there are very few people with whom they can share their beliefs, struggles, or questions. Your willingness to talk to them is a great blessing.

If you’d like to join us in this ministry, please fill out the response form on the following page to let us know more about you and your interests in ministry.  We’re praying that God will be able to use each of our gifts so that we can truly “Let His Spirit Flow!”

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