The 2nd Annual Ranch Retreat!

The 2nd Annual Ranch Retreat!  October 10-12, 2014 - Come Join Us!!!

If you’d like a boost in your faith, I hope you’ll join us for a weekend of worship and inspiration here in the heart of the Great Midwest on Columbus Day Weekend, October 10-12th, 2014.

We’ll start off with a sumptuous dinner on Friday night, followed by some inspirational worship led by Alan Lowry of Saddleback’s GIG Music Ministry and a faith-boosting message by Greg Potzer of This Day’s Thought and myself, Eric Elder.  (Al’s coming in from Orange County, California and Greg’s coming in from Denver, Colorado, so if you’re coming from out of state or out of the country, you’ll be in good company!)

We’ll continue on Saturday morning with a light and refreshing breakfast, followed by another session of inspirational worship and messages.  We’ll take a break for lunch on your own and some free time in the afternoon to just relax, pray or chat with some new friends.

We’ll have an optional prayer walk on Saturday afternoon at the site of my late wife Lana’s memorial bench at a cemetery nearby where you’ll have time to consider what God wants you to do with the rest of your “dash” here on earth.

Then we’ll gather again on Saturday night for another great meal, more inspirational worship and another faith-boosting message.  (If the weather’s nice, we may even have a bonfire and cookout here at our home, complete with a sky full of stars and some good old s’mores for dessert…you’ll like ’em so much, you’ll want “s’more”!)

If you stay over till Sunday, we’d love to have you join us for worship at our local church in Normal, Illinois (you can tell people you were “close to Normal” for a whole weekend!), followed by lunch at the church café (dutch treat) for some extra time of relaxed fellowship.

If all that sounds good to you (I know it sounds good to me!), I hope you’ll join us here in Illinois on Columbus Day Weekend, October 10-12, 2014.  We’re asking for a donation of $150 per person for the whole weekend of activities, which includes a refreshing breakfast, 2 wonderful dinners and 3 sets of inspirational worship and messages.

Even if we didn’t provide any delicious meals or inspirational worship and messages, just getting out of your usual routine for a few days might be just what you need to hear from God more clearly and give you a boost in your faith.  So I hope save the date and join us in October!  Just click “Register” below to sign up!

(As much as I wish I could host you all in my home, I think you’d find it a little crowded here with my kids at home!  So here’s a link to some hotels near Lexington, Illinois where the activities will be held.)

For more information about housing, locations or any other details, please call Shelly at (214) 597-4872 or send us a note on our Contact Form.


Click here to register for the whole weekend ($150 donation per person.  For multiple registrations, click the link, then increase the number of registrations needed.)

Although we hope you can stay for the whole weekend, we know some of you might only be able to join us for Friday or Saturday.  Use the links below to register for just one day at $75 per day.

Click here to register for Friday only  ($75 donation per person.)
Click here to register for Saturday only ($75 donation per person.)

Please note that for tax purposes only the amount you donate above the suggested donation will be considered tax-deductible.  Your extra donations go directly into the ministry to help us keep sharing Christ with others, so thanks for your extra help, too!


The retreat will be held at the Lexington Community Center, located at 207 West Main Street in Lexington, Illinois.  Lexington is about 2 hours south of Chicago and 25 minutes north of Bloomington/Normal.  The closest airport is in Bloomington, Illinois (BMI), with flights to many major cities daily.


5:00-6:30 Check-in at the Lexington Community Center in Lexington, Illinois
6:30 Appetizers and Fellowship
7:00 Dinner
7:45 Worship with Al Lowry
8:15 Message by Greg Potzer and Eric Elder
9:15-10:00 Q & A, Prayer and Wrap Up

9:00-10:00 Gather and enjoy a casual breakfast at the Lexington Community Center
10:00 Worship with Al Lowry
10:30 Message by Eric Elder
11:30-12:00 Q & A, Prayer and Wrap Up
12:00 Break for lunch on your own at local restaurants

12:00-6:00 Free time for relaxed fellowship and prayer, with an optional prayer walk at Lana Elder’s memorial bench at the Lexington Cemetery

6:00 Gather again at the Lexington Community Center
6:30 Dinner
7:15 Worship with Al Lowry
7:45 Message by Eric Elder
8:45-10:00 Q & A, Prayer and Wrap Up

11:30 Worship together at Eastview Christian Church in Normal, Illinois
1:00-3:00 Lunch (dutch treat) at the church café, with extra time for relaxed fellowship and prayer


Here’s a little more about us!

About Eric Elder and The Ranch

About Greg Potzer and This Day’s Thought

About Al Lowry and Saddleback’s GIG Ministry

For more information about the retreat, housing or any other details, please call Shelly at (214) 597-4872 or just send us a note on our Contact Form!