This Week’s Sermon- Valentine’s Day Follow-Up

This Day's Thought from The Ranch


by Candice Irion

Special note from Eric Elder:  We’ve just celebrated Valentine’s Day here in the U.S., a day filled with red roses, pink hearts and high expectations.  But for some people, the day brings out the blues.  Even though Valentine’s Day has come and gone, the feelings it evokes can linger.  In light of this, I’d like to share with you today some helpful words that a friend and writer, Candice Irion, shared on Valentine’s Day.  The words she shared apply to each one of us, every day of the year.

Candice Irion

Valentine’s Day: Lover or Hater?
by Candice Irion

Today is a day that gets mixed reviews.   I know there are times where I’ve loved it.  There are times when I’ve been a hater.  There have times when it has started out great and ended up flat or just completely awful.  All around, there is too much pressure!

I will say this.  Though some find this day as hurtful, and 24 hours that rather not be spent alive, it is within all of our capacities to utilize our own hearts and tell someone how you appreciate them.

Just as much as we need to be loved, we also need to love.  

So whether it is your cube buddy, your family member, your co-worker, the lunch lady, the janitor, reach out and thank them.  Draw them a smiley face and/or give some chocolate.   Be creative.

If you have an extra measure of bravery, share the love with someone who hasn’t been so nice to you.  Maybe when they aren’t looking, drop something on their desk or if it won’t backfire on you, say something nice to them in person.  Keep it simple.

Above all, just know that the feeling of love goes both ways.  We can generate feelings of love within ourselves just by sharing love with another.    And, when our focus isn’t on our own day, but on making someone else’s better, some of the sting is taken off and the day is survivable, maybe even fun.

Heck, even the cashier at the store or pharmacies could use a pick-me-up.  I wonder how much stuff they watch others purchase but never have someone purchase something for them?  Today is a day you could impact a complete stranger in a profound way.  You could even offer to pray for them if the Spirit so leads.

On that note, maybe spend some time loving on God.  Sit down and have that Bible study you’ve been meaning to do but haven’t.  Spend time in prayer and tell God how thankful you are for who He is and all that He has done.  Thank Him for His great love in sending His Son to die on a cross for you and I.   What a gift of love!

Perhaps if you’ve suffered a loss and today represents a hurtful reminder of them, maybe do something in their honor.  Or if you’ve lost for other reasons, maybe find some time to love on yourself and the wonderful person you are.

Other ideas for Valentine’s (or any day of the year!):

– Gather up some girlies for girls night or guys for a macho man night.
– Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while.
– Talk to a family member.  Tell them they are the best in the world.
– Volunteer.  Homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and animal rescues could use some love.
– Give blood.
– Take flowers to a cancer center, a retirement home, a prison.
– Go visit an elderly neighbor, a widow, a person who’s spouse is away, separated, divorced or someone who you suspect might be having a tough day.
– Give an extra nice tip to the waiter/waitress.  You know they’ve been dealing with all kinds of people today!
– Take your kids to their favorite activity or favorite restaurant.
– Give your pet their favorite treat.  Play games.
– Watch a movie or do a movie marathon.

Above all, we’re all made to love and to be loved.  We have the ability to take love in and give love out.   Even Scrooge learned to love.

So, if you find yourself alone today, know all is not lost on Valentine’s.   It can still be a great day and I hope that it is for you.


“And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love,” (1 Corinthians 13:3 NKJV).

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