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To pray for others, simply scroll through the requests below and pray as you feel led, or post a reply to the prayer requests of others by simply clicking “Reply” beneath each prayer request.  Please use this forum for prayer, rather than advice, as we simply and humbly do not have enough information about the people or their situations to offer advice.

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  1. Father forgive us our sins, help us to forgive others, help us to always do things your way and with your strength, ” I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me” I sorry Lord I get frustrated sometimes and I forget all your promises. All will end well in Jesus name, amen.

  2. I’m asking for prayer for my granddaughter Isabella she is 8. She had 2 episodes that she says she feels sick. She starts to sweat and her lips turn white, and says she having problems seeing. She did faint the first time it happened, but not the second time. My daughter is going to be make appt. for her. So let it be nothing serious in Jesus Name!. Thank you. I know the power of prayer so that is why I’m asking.

    • Father our help comes from you please touch the doctor to know exactly what is wrong and what to do. Father relieve any anxiety about this situation and heal our little Isabella completely by the power of the shed blood of Jesus amen. Thank you Father God.

  3. Father today I pray for our sister Lovely and her dear family, I ask you to give her the strength she needs to over come what ever she is facing. Father hear her prayers and bless her, we ask this in Jesus Name amen.

  4. Please pray for my family…My son that is in a hospital for substance abuse and mental health…i found out some news that I am not sure if I should tell him while he is there…He would be devastated but I don’t want him to come home and find out… Please I need to make the right decision for him. My family’s finances we are in deep debt and need to find a way to keep going for our family. My husband finally got his job back but without money coming in while he was out of work really hurt us. Please pray we will find the answers.

    • I will pay tonight that the Lord gives you the relief that you need for your son and family finances. God bless you all!

    • Father please continue what you started in Cc’s family, bring order where there is chaos, give the family your Peace no matter what they face. Lord give them the Mind of Christ to know what is the NEXT right thing to do. Moment by moment guide each one. We love you Lord, help us, forgive us our miss-steps, set us on the right path so we will have no regrets. I ask in Jesus Name Amen.

  5. Please pray for me. I had dental work done yesterday. Right now, my tooth hurts so bad that I can’t go to sleep. He put me on an antibiotic this time. I normally never have pain after I go to the dentist, but this time is different and the pain pill is not working. Thank you, prayer partners, and I will be praying for all of you tonight. May God bless you all for the love and prayers you send out on behalf of others.

    • Father we all are together praying for our jd as we read this Lord. Thank you for dentists and antibiotics Lord, I ask you to bless the medicine to work quickly so the pain will stop, Father have mercy on jd to day. Father help the body to fight the infection. Thank you Father God we love you. Amen.

      • Thank you, Grace. And I pray for Bob’s wife to be relieved of the pain she’s feeling. My pain has gone, praise God, but some liv e with it every day. God be with her, comforting her and drawing her and Bob even closer to You than ever before. Bless them with whatever they need in the w ay of finances and fill them with Your peace and joy. In Jesus’ name amen.

    • The pain pill I took made me throw up and I was sick for 12 hours. So I pray Heavenly Father, for all those who are going through long-term illnesses where they are having to chose between feeling pain or feeling more sick from the medication. I pray, dear Jesus, that You would comfort them, give them spiritual and physical strength, and give them healing so they don’t have to go through that. You are the Great Physician. You are a God of miracles. Draw each one of them closer to You and minister to them by Your Sweet Holy Spirit. Minister to their families and do a great work in each one of their lives. In Jesus’ precious name, amen.

  6. Prayer for the soul of our brother Kevin, may he rest in peace and may
    the Lord’s perpetual light shine upon him. And for all the souls who have no one to pray for them.

    From Neth

    • Heavenly Father, watch over Neth tonight. Guide Neth by your Holy Spirit into the path that you would have Neth to go. Reveal yourself to Neth in a truly loving way and bless Neth for caring about people. Lead Neth to just the right Scripture versein your Word to help encourage and give strength and guidance for life’s journey. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

  7. Friends I need prayer for a work situation that worries me, May the Lord show me he will work all things for good, that I let go and let God. Father take my fears and give me assurance you are in this, you are watching over and will help us. Father let your will alone be done in this. Thank you father God, Take away any wrong thinking. I love you. Amen.

    • Thank you Father you took away my fears, Thank you all is working out for good. Help Devon to continue doing his paperwork correctly and as required. Help Devon to get his life in order for your sake and his family be in Peace. amen.

  8. Please pray for our son , whose wife has left him and purchased her own home. She will care for a handicapped son and he will care for the older son. Pray that His Spirit would enter their lives in a real and personal way. Though they are church-going occasionally, they do not seem to know Christ as the Lord of their lives. Pray that she would return to the family home. Pray that their love for each other would be rekindled.

    • Father in your mercy look at this family who have so much to bare. The burden id heavy Lord. Please in your mercy intervene in this dear family may the troubles bring them closer together no farther apart, do not let the evil one get the upper hand over your children, whether they know you or not yet. Lord show them you love them through Christ’s blood shed for them. Lord bring them close to you and to each other in the name of Jesus we ask amen.

    • Father it is your will that each work and enjoy the fruits of our labour. Father bless Satish with a good job and the strength and will to do it for you. By your Holy Spirit give extra strength and wisdom to do a very good job. Thank you Father for all you do for us. We ask it in the name of Jesus our Lord and Savior. amen

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