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  1. Please continue to pry for my family. My husband is still without a job. My son is in a hospital for metal health and substance abuse but still denying he needs help. Please open his heart to get the help he needs. Also please pray that my husband will find a job or that the union will help him with his old job. We are working so hard to do the right things just so much to handle at once.

  2. Please pray for my family, myself: Priscilla, my husband Edwin, two daughters siphorah and hanorah. Siphorah is married to Philip and recently blessed with a baby boy, 2 months old.
    1. Priscilla, it is me who takes care of the entire family burdens, lot of financial problems, please pray for a break. I wish to start a Skill Development Centre, pray for God’s wisdom.
    2. Edwin my husband for a good health and to be a good responsible husband and father to my children, no proper income.
    3. Hanorah is yet to get married, working. Because of the job, neglecting to go to Church on Sundays, i dont want this. Please pray that she should experience the love of God and give priority. Pray for a god fearing life partner to her, a well settled family and the boy too, who can take care of her well.
    4. Siphorah’s good health and a peace and happyness in her family, as she has problem with inlaws. Disturbed a lot. Pray for the baby Joshua her son good health and good growth, for a wisdom to siphorah to nurture the baby well.
    5. Philip, daughter’s husband for a good health and for blessings in all the better job trials.


  3. Garth is a long time friend and colleague of mine in his 70th year. We go back nearly 30 years. I am Godfather to his adult daughter Paganne. His wife is Nikki and they have an adult son Martyn. My wife Jean and I last saw them in 2014.

    We have just learned that Garth may have just a few weeks to live due to inoperable and untreatable heart problems also now affecting his other organs.

    Please can I ask you to pray for Garth and his family at this challenging time.
    Thank you.


    • Father in Heaven we come along side our brother Philp and sister Jean in their sadness over what Garth and his dear family are having to deal with. Father we ask for you to please be present in an unmistakable way to Garth, Nikki Paganne and Martyn, surround them with your love, peace and wisdom. Lord we ask for healing of the heart muscle, give Garth more time to be with the family in Jesus name Amen.

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