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  1. Reggie, is in my family; he recently found his roommate deceased, he’d committed suicide.

    Pray for Reggie’s strength.

    My close friend Roxy was recently attacked. Please pray for her healing, bless her heart, and pray for her prosperity in fighting the situation. She has become closer to God and is active in going to church now.

    I’m not giving any details, but I’d also like you to pray for Jenny, she needs encouragement for changing her life and is proceeding to live a more Godly life. All of these people in my life need a lot of prayer.Thank you sincerely

  2. I also have a James that needs prayer. He accepted Christ as a little boy, but is not sure what he believes right now. he has closed his mind to Godly things. He did get blessed with a warehouse job, where he happens to work with a pastor of a church I know. Please pray that God will open his heart and mind to see and hear the Spirit of God calling him back. Please pray that Pastor R can be an influence in his life and they will get to talk about such things. Pray for his protection on the job. Thank you so much.We serve a BIG GOD.

  3. pls pray for my daughter Alexis who will be having a job interview tomorrow, June 22 , at 10:30 am . Also, pls help me pray that she get this Job, and that she pass her English Exam on July 9 and her IELTS Exam on Aug. 9 , 2017. Thank you and to God be all the glory.

    • Thank you Father God for today, you have given us this place to gather in your name and pray together. Thank you for Vicky and her dear daughter Alexis. You love this family so, you were there when Alexis was born and you blessed her life. You knew her before she was born and you had already planned all the good things she would do for you and with your help. Lord we know you will also be with Alexis in the job interview tomorrow, Father our sister Vicky asks you to give her daughter this job, and that you give her the ability to focus on her studies and clear her mind so she will do well on the English and IELKTS exams, Lord we ask you propel her forward into all your plan for her. Protect her from anything that would hinder your will for her life, fill her with your word and may your name be glorified in Alexis. Thank you for hearing our prayer. Amen.

  4. I been trying to read the bible but I’m slow and don’t understand the Bible I wish I could but in stupit when it come to reading the bible I don’t understand it then I give up on it I wish I wasn’t stupit. Cause I could never understand the Bible or my school work that why I drop out school cause I couldn’t understand the words so I quit cause the kids would laughter at me so I drop out I wish I Wouldnt drop out please help this stuupit man and my girls teach us please thank u A.

  5. Please pray for my fiance James. Pray for sucessful kidney stone removal surgery, that his kidneys heal and start to function again, that dialysis treatments will no longer be needed. That he will be made whole again.

    • We believe with you in prayer for James to have a successful surgery and for his kidneys to function properly. Give him healing, God, so dialysis will no longer be needed. Minister to Gina by Your Spirit and give her strength. Jesus, we give You all the praise and honour and glory for this miracle, in Jesus’ mighty name we pray, amen.

      • Lord God please heal and make whole again, James. Thank you Lord for reminding me this day that Revelation 21:4 tells us; and He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more nor mourning nor crying nor pain; they will be no more. In Jesus’ name, Amen

    • Father please visit this couple Gina and James with healing physical and emotional and spiritual. We praise you n advance for the healing from this surgery in Jesus name amen. Lord you created his kidneys, we thank you for the medical assistance but we ask for James not to need the machine anymore.
      Lord we touch his body and agree in Jesus name for complete healing for James.
      You can make a way where there is no way! We praise your Holy Name Amen.

  6. My sister Laura still needs as much prayer as possible, We firmly believe that prayer has helped thus far. The last time I wrote for a prayer request all was in shambles. A month later and with prayers here….she has found a new apartment and started a new full time job as a caretaker. We love that she has the role of a caretaker as she has been on the end of needing care. She is slowly recovering from the death from her son. He perished with his wife having suddenly to care for 4 children that he left behind. We all pray for the best.

    • Phil, I pray all is well with your Sister Laura in Jesus Name. Thank you Lord in advance for Giving Laura Grace and Favor in Jesus Name, that all her needs are supplied. Amen

  7. Brothers and sisters please pray today for my son Angelo’s health problems. Father give him strength to work, keep him safe and happy, in Jesus name amen. Thank you Father whatever you do is right and good for him, he is your son first. God bless visit with doctor today.

    • Thank you for praying doc visit went well. Please pray for his job, help from angels as he works, heavy lifting, low pay. But I am thankful he has this job and he is well loved on the job.

      • Father, thy will be done and please watch over Angelo and Grace. Each moment is a blessing from you. Please hear this prayer bring good things to Angelo. Please send an angel to watch over Grace and Angelo. In Jesus’ name: Amen

  8. Please pray for my son Justin, he is 24 years old, has a 5 year old son Jaden, that he wants to do right by. Justin is seeking Primary Custody for his son, We have spent over $6000.00 dollars with Attorneys that have been little support. The mother is not stable, Pray for GiGI as well. We have no more moneys for Court. Justin has a court date of June 27TH. Please pray that God’s will be done in court for little Jaden. The word says that The Lord will be a Lawyer in the Court Room.
    Thank You.j

  9. In the multitude of words sin is not lacking, But he who restrains his lips is wise.

    Proverbs 10:19

    Father help me to do this when you need me to, thank you. Amen

  10. Please pray for me, and a friend that I love dearly,to reconcile our friendship. It is not what it should be, but it could be beautiful again in the Lord’s sight. Please pray for both of us to hear the Lord’s leading on how to bring this wall down that we humans build. I will never give up until things are at peace with us again. The Lord’s mercies are new every morning, and I feel every morning should be a fresh start. I just want a fresh start. This friendship is far too valuable to lose. It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong, or both, It’s so true that men and women think differently. I believe it’s as easy as a hug, a smile, and a “I’m your friend…..”. “Please, God, put this back into order, the way You want it to be, praying for each other, and building each other up in the faith.” Nothing is impossible with God’s help.

    • Nothing is impossible with God’s help. I agree with you for this prayer to come to pass. I pray the Lord will open doors for you in Jesus name amen.

  11. Praise the LORD. Thank you for your prayer for Randy, this evening he was released from the hospital to his mother. Truly with GOD all things are possible. He is resting comfortable and on the road to recovery. Thank you!

  12. Brothers and sisters please pray today for my son Angelo’s health problems. Father give him strength to work, keep him safe and happy, bless him financially, make a way for him to get a better pay, in Jesus name amen. Thank you Father whatever you do is right and good for him, he is your son first. God bless you all for praying together.

  13. Father God would you please intervene in this relationship between two family members that is hurting my heart. I feel I should stay out of it or I might make things worse, so I pray the Lord help them. Father please let the truth prevail and may they come together in love for You are Love. Amen in Jesus name. God bless you all for praying, the Lord hears us always, His will be done.

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