There’s More!

Note from Eric: My friend watched helplessly as his once-booming business began to crumble, and with it, several other things in his life.   He came to a point where he put his faith in Christ, only to find out this was just the beginning.  Read his story to find out why his godly uncle told him, “There’s more!” 

by L. Carter

I was the oldest of 3 children and my Father owned and operated one of the largest and most successful frozen food companies in Canada.

I was raised in a business environment and by the time I had turned 21 years of age I was the acting office manager, overseeing a staff of 25 people at our head office in Toronto, Canada. In 1980 my Father transferred me to our branch operation in Montreal. However, by mid 1981 a severe economic recession began to ravage and destroy thousands of businesses across Canada and our company was no exception. My dad struggled hard to hold things together, but everything was falling apart at the seams and our family’s long successful business was quickly sinking into a sea of red ink.

Feeling utterly helpless I began to embark on a nightly odyssey of going to night-clubs and getting stoned. One evening while at a friend’s house, I noticed he had a Bible in his living room. I picked it up, flipped through a couple of pages; and though I cannot remember what I may have read, I soon afterwards purchased my own Bible at a local bookstore.

As I began reading the Bible I started to discover who Jesus really was. I soon became totally captivated and would read the scriptures for hours at a time, usually amazed at what I was learning. Often I would sit there wondering why nobody had ever told me any of these things before. But to my greatest surprise, I was becoming increasingly convicted of my sins; and the more I read, the more convicted I became.

By late fall of 1983 I had reached the end of my rope. I was now completely broken, empty, miserable, and desperate as I struggled with the growing hopelessness of trying to change my sinful condition. I was trapped in the despairing cycle of Romans 7:14-19. I now had many questions, so I decided to visit an Uncle who was considered by all family members as a “religious nut.” As it turned out, my Uncle Ken was the Pastor of a small Bible believing church located in upstate New York.

uring my weekend visit with my Uncle, I shared what had happened to me only a few months previous, of how in a time of brokenness and despair I had choked out the words – “O’ Jesus please help me;” and of how that heart cry was followed by a clear mental vision of Jesus Christ hanging on the cross. As I looked into the beaten face of Christ, peering down at me from on that cross, I was cut to the heart and broke down sobbing. After telling my Uncle of this wonderful revelation, he responded with only this: “There’s more!”

He referred to this “more” as being an enduement of power from on high; an empowerment from God to live a Holy and Godly life. A burning desire now began to grow in my heart to receive this Holy Ghost baptism.

During my entire four-and-one-half hour drive back to Montreal, I found myself unable to do anything except cry out to God with all my heart and soul. When I finally arrived at my home I immediately rushed from my car into my house, I dropped down onto my knees, and choked with tears, I continued petitioning God to fill me with His promised Holy Spirit. What happened next took me completely by surprise and forever changed my life!

As I was on my knees praying the entire room suddenly exploded with a loud noise which sounded like a gale-force wind blowing through a pipeline. The sound was so loud that it drowned out my own voice; and then all of a sudden, BOOM! It was as though the very floodgates of heaven burst open and I became totally engulfed in what I can only describe as a mighty rushing downpour of God’s power and love.

As this invisible shower poured down upon me I began to feel something forcefully surging upwards from deep within me, as if some great cleansing wellspring was washing me on the inside. I could actually feel it washing away every stain of guilt and sin from within me. It was at this very instant that Jesus Christ momentarily appeared to me. He was standing directly behind me with his arms crossed over his chest, He was looking straight at me and joyously laughing. Months earlier I had seen the face of a broken and crucified Jesus, but now I was gazing upon a radiant and resurrected Christ.

It was precisely at this moment that something akin to a large stone collar began lifting from off of my shoulders. Although I cannot remember having ever been conscious of bearing this great load, I was now acutely aware of it being removed. As this large heavy weight was being taken away, my soul suddenly filled with a profound sense of love, peace and joy. So overpowering was this sense of love and joy that was flowing in and out of my heart, that I burst out into a great childlike belly laugh. The joy was overwhelming in it’s purity and simplicity; and it seemed to me impossible that I could ever contain it all.

I cannot tell you for how long this entire experience lasted, but when it had all subsided, I knew I had been cleansed and forever changed by the power of Jesus Christ. I had been truly born again and endued with power from on high.

The days that followed were wonderful, I was like a small child filled with an inexhaustible source of innocence, peace, joy and love. The sky looked bluer and the grass looked greener and it now seemed as if all creation were singing praises to the Lord.

But most remarkable of all, was the tremendous measure of love that God had deposited into my heart. It was like no other love I had ever known or experienced before. It was as if I were now completely possessed by the fullness of God’s unfathomable love. Romans 5:5 was now to me, an experiential truth: “because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us.”

Immediately after that day, the Holy Spirit began to open up the scriptures like I never dreamed possible. I couldn’t put the Bible down! I voraciously consumed the Word night and day. The Scriptures were now alive, bursting with fullness, meaning and light. Every word was as a drop of cool water to my parched and hungry soul.

In 1993 I felt called to preach the Gospel while running a successful computer training business, and by 1997 I closed down my company and entered into full-time ministry as an itinerant Evangelist. Since this time God has greatly confirmed His calling by opening hundreds of doors to preach and by supplying the every need of my family with a provision so abundant that I can only marvel at His faithfulness and love. To God be all the Glory, forever and ever, Amen.

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