The Bridge Went Down

Note from Eric: Shannon was a teenager with little church background when she heard a story about a man who worked at a railway bridge.  When she realized the story was about what God did for her through Jesus, and she put her faith in him that night.

by Shannon Blacklock

I didn’t believe I was a child of god in the beginning. Sure, I had read the bible stories book in the doctor’s offices growing up. I even had a few friends that didn’t swear.

When I started going to a youth group at church, it was only because my friends went. One night our youth group went to a concert.  It started off as a music concert. They sang, we sang, I sang. But I didn’t believe anything I was singing.

Then a man came on the stage. As he talked, I realized how wrong I was. He was talking and laughing and joking. And he told us a story.

This is the story in my words:

Once there was a man who had a son and no wife. He worked at a bridge. Everyday he would push a button to make the bridge go down so the train could come over it. He did this every afternoon.

One day the boy’s school had a free day and the boy decided to come down to his dad’s work and kick a football around at the foot of the bridge. While he was playing his dad was looking down on him.

“That’s my boy” he was saying “I love that kid. He’s a part of me and I love him so much.”

At 2:45 p.m. he started to prepare for the train to come. He looked down for his son. His son wasn’t at the foot of the tower. He looked around and couldn’t see him. He opened the window and called out “Son, where are you?” But his son didn’t answer him.

The train was nearly there. He could hear it puffing in the distance. He looked out the window and saw his son, stuck under the bridge.

“Dad. Help me! I can’t get out!” The boy was screaming.

The man thought hard. He didn’t have enough time to come down from the tower and free the boy. He didn’t have time to do that and come back and let the bridge back.

The train was nearly here. If the bridge stayed up all the people would fall into the river and drown. There were over 300 people on that train. He was biting his nails and his son was calling Dad! Help me! and the train was coming closer.

The man got frantic. He pulled at his hair and scratched his chest and knew what he had to do. He pushed the button. The bridge went down and killed his son.

The man stood in the tower and screamed. He cried and sobbed because he had killed his son. The train rushed past.

A few people waved. A few people looked worried because the man was crying. A few people came back later. But most just kept going. The man had killed his son, his own son who he cherished, to save some people he didn’t know, and most who didn’t care.

This is what God did for us. He sacrificed his son for us.  People who didn’t even know him.  We must be the ones that help the train man over his sorrow. We must go back to our God. Our God who saved us all.

At the end of this story I was crying. I walked out to the front and screamed out: “GOD! ARE YOU LISTENING! I WANT TO COME FOR YOU! I LIVE ONLY FOR YOU! I LOVE YOU GOD! PLEASE ACCEPT ME! I BELIEVE I BELIEVE.”

Here I just broke down and started crying and then we all went off and the pastors gave us a free bible and told us about how we could help our Lord.

Since then my life has changed. For the better. I want to get into heaven and I know that want will never change my mind, even if people kill me for my beliefs. I believe in our Lord, Our God, our Savior, Jesus Christ and I never want to look back.

If you want to live.  If you want to see the ultimate light. Turn to God. And he will show you the way.

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