My Son, There Is A Jesus

Note from Eric: Paul could literally feel the forces of good and evil pulling him as he battled to stay alive.  But God answered his prayers when the Spirit of God zapped him with what felt like an electric shock that saved both him and his mother on the same night, causing his mom to declare, “My Son, there is a Jesus.”

by Paul Albrecht

During most of my teenage years I did not care much about Jesus and considered people who did rather boring. I didn’t realize how wrong I was.

My parents were very unhappy people and my step-father was always drunk. My mother was a good and hardworking woman but the financial burdens of our seven member household really got to her, perhaps even more than constantly having to manage a drunk husband who was always confronting her, trying very hard to cause a row.

My mother and stepfather never went to church at that time (may I gratefully and speedily add that today they are both saved and are very involved in their local church – PRAISE JESUS!!!)

At that time my mother believed that people die like plants. That there is no here-after and that life on earth is the sum-total of it all.

I was an unhappy child too. I didn’t socialize much with other kids my own age. On several occasions older people enticed me to smoke marijuana with them (dagga – as it is called in South Africa.)

On the very first occasion the man I had smoked it with started dancing in front of me and said: “Now you are one of us.” His dance movements seemed very evil and I became very aware of evil around me. I began to pray for the first time in a very, very long time.

I felt awful and while praying it was like the Lord turned away from me in anger and would not listen to me. I kept on praying in my mind while this man danced in front of me and then, after hours had passed (or so it seemed) suddenly my prayers were answered and the “spaced out” feeling this drug caused in my mind passed away.

I felt great and as I looked at this man and said: “you can stop now – I have sobered up – I am not one of you – now please leave this room!” I noticed extreme anger in him. His wife walked into the room and requested that he left me alone. He reluctantly did, leaving me very aware of my first encounter with a visible manifestation of demonic activity through the use of drugs.

As the years passed by I often spoke of this incident and vowed never to use drugs again. Then, when I finished the compulsory military service for my country, my old school-friend, James, invited me to an athletic meeting in a nearby town. James played the drums in their church band and I remember how often during our school years I tried to persuade him to abandon these “dumb” beliefs in Jesus Christ.

After the sports function I suggested we go to a nearby hotel for a few drinks. I really felt challenged to prove to this “boring Christian” how nice being a “normal person” can be.

We soon had two drinks each after which James suggested we “have a joint”. Well, I was stunned! If Christians could smoke this stuff then surely it must be ok! I thought that perhaps my evil experience with the stuff could have been hallucinations.

We had the “joints” – and I ran into the same demonic manifestations again. James’ face changed into an evil face and his laugh was not normal. Despite the fact that at school I had always been the leader, I felt very afraid of him and did what he told me to do.

After riding around with me in his car, his music blaring away and my hands running uncontrollably all over my own body, he took me home. Once there he shouted at me that their pastor supplied the youth with marijuana and that I could join them at the church to partake in their activities. (This pastor he spoke of once came to our house when I was ill, to pray for me and actually touched my genitals while I was lying in bed!) My mother thought it was funny when I told her of this afterwards. I was about fifteen years old then.

Once James had finally left our house, I had a very strong urge to commit suicide. I was convinced, and actually sensed that the grace of God had left me because I was disobedient to our past agreement. I went out of the house, intending to go to the nearby lake and drown myself.

It was late at night and as I got outside my parents arrived home from their night out. They walked into the house. I felt a very strong urge to get to my mother and yet something else forced me to the lake. Then, with great difficulty I reached the front door and called out : “Mother!”

I knew I would probably be in trouble again for my stepfather hated me and my mother would also be angry if I upset my stepdad. Yet she came to the door and immediately led me by my hand to the bedroom I shared with my little brother. She made me tell her exactly what happened during the course of the evening.

While I was busy doing this her eyes suddenly rolled back in her head and in a deep mans’ voice she started saying: “In the name of Jesus I command you to get out – get out – get out”. She kept on and on repeating these words and while this was happening, her hands clasped so firmly around mine that I could not free my hands from her grip at all.

I was taller and bigger than her at this age (19) yet could not free myself. It was painful as I felt something like an electric shock coming from her hands, almost like the normal 220-volt wall plug supplies.

This power ran through my hands down to my feet and began filling up my entire body. It felt like all my insides were being pushed out my mouth. My brother told me later that it looked like I was going to explode the way my veins swelled up and I began making animal sounds, screaming in between that I would not get out.

During this ordeal I cursed her, then begged her and wished I could hit her. Then, after this whole process repeated itself six times, I began to calm down while my mother returned to normal saying: “Thank you, Jesus, thank you, Jesus” on and on.

We both started crying and my mother said: “My son, there is a Jesus!” I felt completely sober and calm while we had coffee in absolute silence in the kitchen with tears running over our cheeks.

I knew I was loved by a force greater than any man could ever describe! I knew Jesus is alive and that he loved us! I wanted to shout it out – leave my past ways and focus only on him.

Yet I did not. Only three years after that I really became saved when I was down and out, after having lost my job and had to move out the house I was renting. I prayed very hard and asked the Lord to speak to me through His word. I randomly opened the Bible and my eyes fell upon the words: “take off your shoes because the ground you are standing on is Holy ground.”

I fell on my face and felt my skin crawl as the Holy presence of the Lord overcame me, and touched me again. Since then I have never been the same again.

I make a point of remembering the incident with my mother, how real it was and because my mother does not drink or smoke, I know that it was impossible for BOTH of us to have hallucinated. No sir, that was real and everyone saw it. Jesus is alive and at work in our lives. He decided that night to call both of us to Him, and He used a woman who did not even believe in Him at the time.

I have made peace with my stepfather in this time and we have very pleasant conversations now. My mother goes to bible-study groups to learn more and my stepfather also attends church very regularly. He has given up drinking AND smoking.

My brother became saved and two of my sisters gave their hearts to Jesus. Only one sister still has a drinking problem. She is the only child my stepfather had with my mother. I know that at the right time the Lord will call her too.

I praise Him and glorify Him. I want all those people who are bound the empty and temporary pleasures of this world to know that Jesus can overcome every moment of loneliness, hate, sadness, depression, rejection and turn it into victory, joy, achievement, strength and goodness.

If you are sad for some reason, take it to the Lord in prayer. But not only this, study His word, the Bible, where He will speak to you individually and give you the answers to your life. Just let Him in, He is trying to. He will not force his way. He is giving LIFE free, all you need to do is TAKE IT. You will never be sorry you did!!!

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