2018 Men’s Retreat

2018 Men's Retreat


Here’s the archive of all 4 sessions from the “2018 Men’s Retreat,” held on October 12-13 at Little Galilee Christian Camp in Clinton, Illinois.

The theme was Bondage or Breakthrough… Conquering Your Fears Through the Power of the Spirit, featuring inspirational messages by Eric Elder, Jefferson Williams, Kent Sanders, and worship with Travis Johnson. Discussion questions for each session are at the bottom of this page.*

SESSION 1 – Eric Elder “Facing Your Fears”

SESSION 2 – Jefferson Williams, “Out of the Vortex (Breaking Addictions)”

SESSION 3 – Kent Sanders, “5 Lies I Believed About Depression”

SESSION 4 – Eric Elder & Kent Sanders, Podcast Interviews:
“Going After Your Dreams” and “Why Everyone Should Consider Writing A Book”


SESSION 1 – “Facing Your Fears”

1. Read Exodus 1:8-14. Is there an area of your life where you feel God might want you to be strong, but for some reason you feel weak in that area?

2. Read Exodus 1:15-17. What are some steps you could take to knock down those hurdles of fear and move forward in God’s calling in that area of your life?

3. Read 1 Peter 5:8. How does the “fear of man” play into any fears Satan might be throwing your way to discourage you from following what could be God’s calling on your life?

4. Read Exodus 1: 20-21. How might God bless you, and those around you, if you did step forward into what God might be calling you to do?

5. Read Exodus 2:11-23. In what ways has God already wired you to do what you feel called to do, regardless of your fears of doing it?

6. 2 Chronicles 2:16:9a. In what ways do you need strengthening from God right now to help you carry out what He’s put on your heart to do?

SESSION 2 – “Out of the Vortex (Breaking Addictions)”

1. What are some things that the feather can represent in a person’s life?

2. Why is secret sin so dangerous?

3. Why is learning about your identity in Christ so important in fighting sin?

4. After listening to Jeff’s talk, how would you counsel a friend who is struggling with sexual sin?

5. Jeff said that he believes that the church is weak because a lot of people are trapped in a cycle of shame and guilt and unable to lead. Do you believe this? What’s the solution?

SESSION 3 – “5 Lies I Believed About Depression”

Lie #1: I can __________________ my depression on my own.

Question: Are you trying to manage life on your own, or do you have a solid support network in place to help you through depression and other struggles of life?

Lie #2: Self-medicating my pain is an effective ______________________ strategy.

Question: Are you trying to medicate your pain with a vice or bad habit? What pain are you running away from in your life?

Lie #3: I have no _____________________ over the forces that make my depression worse.

Question: What are some proactive ways you are dealing with stress, fatigue, and conflict in your life?

Lie #4: I don’t need _______________________ help.

Question: Why do you think most men have a hard time admitting they need professional help or counseling?

Lie #5: My struggle with depression means that I am _______________________ in some way.

Question: Why do men tend to view depression as a weakness or deficiency? Do you have a trusted group of friends who can help you process through life’s difficulties?

Action Steps:

  1. Find a support network.
  2. Face your pain–don’t medicate it.
  3. Proactively deal with stress, fatigue, and conflict.
  4. Seek professional help.
  5. Don’t view yourself as deficient.

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