Exodus Devotions Now Online!

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Want to dive into one of the most dramatic, yet practical books in the Bible? I’ve just finished putting all 50 of my daily devotions for the book of Exodus online. You can sign up to start receiving them today! They’re free… and a great way to get a boost in your faith EVERY DAY! Read on and sign up!

Eric Elder
Eric Elder

Exodus Devotions Now Online!

Exodus is one of the most dramatic books in the Bible. Feature films have told various stories from the book of Exodus, ranging from Cecil B. Demille’s epic The Ten Commandments, to DreamWorks’ animated The Prince of Egypt, to Stephen Spielberg’s classic Raiders of the Lost Ark.

But what I like most about the book of Exodus is not how dramatic it is, but how practical it is.

I began this study at a time when I wanted to expand my own ministry. I wanted to learn how God used Moses to set hundreds of thousands of people free. I thought I might learn a few lessons for how God might use me to set others free, too.

I was right. But instead of finding one or two lessons, I found fifty!

I began applying these lessons to my own life and ministry and began to see results immediately. These are the lessons that I’ll be sharing with you throughout this book―lessons from stories that are over 3,000 years old and lessons from from my own life today; lessons that include some of my favorite Bible stories and lessons that include some of my favorite personal stories of my own walk with God.

God wants to set you free. He wants to keep you free. And He wants to use you to set others free.May God bless you―and many others―as you read and apply these lessons to your life.

Click here to start receiving the Exodus devotions today!

(NOTE: If you’ve ALREADY signed up for “365 Daily Devotions with Eric,” you DON’T need to sign up again for these Exodus devotions. They will be sent to you AUTOMATICALLY after the “Two Weeks With God” devotions. And if you’d LIKE to sign up for all “365 Daily Devotions with Eric,” you can do that now by clicking here! You’ll get the Exodus devotions included, starting on week 3.)


Eric Elder

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