Quiet, calming, and wonderfully, spontaneously created. 100% Pure Piano by Guy Grimstead.

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Meditation - Album Artwork

You’re listening to MEDITATION, featuring 100% Pure Piano written and performed by Guy Grimstead.

A Word From Guy Grimstead

Over the years when I’ve needed to “meditate” I’ve found a piano somewhere, sat down and begun to play. I don’t play songs I know or have written – I just play. These times of spontaneous improvisation have been rich for me in a very mystical way. It seems I’m able to pour out my heart to God, to connect with my true self and to somehow key in to a sense of healing during these times. This CD is an attempt at trying to capture that kind of experience for you, the listener.

About Guy Grimstead

Guy Grimstead is a multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriter/producer. He also teaches privately, plays gigs locally, and runs a consulting ministry for local congregations focused on helping them improve their worship experience.

About This Album

There was no planning in creating these songs. They are truly spontaneous improvisations. The songs on the CD are in the order that they came out of me. I originally wanted to record on a piano retrofitted with MIDI triggers, so that I could edit the playing, and polish any imperfections. However, I got impatient and wanted to get it out, so I just went and did it the old fashioned way.

I did the recording at Lafayette Orinda Presbyterian Church during two evenings in early September 2003. At LOPC, they have a beautiful six foot Steinway from the early 20th century as well as a great sounding sanctuary.

The magic of an instrumental work is that it can mean so many things to so many different people. I hope these songs and melodies will make their way into your heart and touch you in a deep way as they have touched me.

Thank you God for putting music in my heart – and allowing it to flow out through my fingers. May this music, in some way, contribute to accomplishing your will in the world.


This album is dedicated to my wonderful parents – Jay and Donna Grimstead. Perhaps the desire and ability to create a CD like this was developed in me in a large way because of things I learned from them. I’ll explain.

Dad was always making up stories on the spot and creating these adventures for my sister and I that he’d tell us at bedtime. He’d get into it to much and get so excited, and even HE wouldn’t know how the story was going to end. Well, I guess I’m doing the same thing through this intrumental piano music.

And Mom…over the years, whenever I’d start noodling around on the piano and “improvising” – she would run and quietly and covertly hit the record button on the tape recorder. She must have over 100 hours of me just messing around on the piano. I learned from her the value of recording life – the value of how precious the moments are as they pass.

Thank you Mom and Dad – this one’s for you!

Special Thanks To…

  • Julie Ford and the whole gang at Lafayette Orinda Presbyterian Church for letting me come in for a couple nights and record on that fantastic Steinway in that sweet room.
  • Michael Romanowski for his golden ears and good advice –
  • Gene Anderson for his cool photography –
  • Christ Arth for his magical graphical ways –
  • Recorded live at Lafayette Orinda Presbyterian Church, Sept. 2003.

All songs written and performed by Guy Grimstead and streamed from The Ranch by permission of the artist. Other uses are not permitted without written permission from the copyright holders.

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