Sweet Dreams, by Marilyn Byrnes

Sweet Dreams - Album ArtworkMesmerizing…perfect for giving you “sweet dreams.” 100% Pure Piano from Marilyn Byrnes.

Songs include:

  1. Sweet Dreams
  2. Angel Of Joy
  3. Colors Of The Wind
  4. Lake Erie Rainfall
  5. Strawberry Fields Forever
  6. Brahms’ Lullaby
  7. Somewhere In Time
  8. Moonlight Sonata
  9. A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes
  10. Jackson’s Girl
  11. Children’s Corner
  12. Send In The Clowns
  13. Tumbleweed

(Suggested Donation: $15 or more)

paypal-donate-button-cc-lgClick Play to listen to one of my favorites, “Colors of the Wind”:

Also available from: Amazon.com or get the MP3’s from: Amazon.comiTunes, or CDBaby or  listen to this album on: Spotify or Pandora

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