This Day’s Thought from The Ranch- Friday

This Day's Thought from The Ranch

You must learn to make your evils your great good and to spin comforts, peace, joy, communion with Christ, out of your troubles.  They are Christ’s wooers, sent to speak on your behalf to himself.

Samuel Rutherford

This Day's Verse

The priests took their positions, as did the Levites with the Lord’s musical instruments, which King David had made for praising the Lord and which were used when he gave thanks, saying, “His love endures forever.” Opposite the Levites, the priests blew their trumpets, and all the Israelites were standing.

2 Chronicles 7:6
The New International Version

This Day's Smile

A little Swedish girl was walking with her father one night under the starry sky, intently meditating on the glories of heaven.  At last, looking up to the sky, she said, “Father, I have been thinking that if the wrong side of heaven is so beautiful, what will the right side be?”


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