This Day’s Thought from The Ranch- Thursday

This Day's Thought from The Ranch

Today is a slender bridge which will bear its own load, but it will collapse if we add tomorrow’s.  In every year there are 365 letters from the king, each with its own message.  What shall we do with the letters?  Open them a day at a time.  Yesterday’s seal is broken; lay that letter reverently away; yesterday’s cross is laid down, never to be born again.  Tomorrow’s letter lies on the table; do not break the seal.  For when tomorrow becomes today, there will stand beside us an unseen Figure; and His hand will be on our brow, and His gaze will be in our eyes, as He says with a loving smile, “As thy days, so shall thy strength be.”  The golden summary of our life is to be this: as to the past, a record of gratitude; as to the present, a record of service; and as to the future, a record of trust.

D. M. Panton

This Day's Verse

Honor all people.  Love the brotherhood.  Fear God.  Honor the king.

1 Peter 2:17
The New King James Version

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