This Day’s Thought from The Ranch – Tuesday and Special Note

Dear Friends,

As Greg mentioned last week, every November we come to you with a few simple emails to invite you to join us in supporting this ministry financially. Although there’s no requirement to do so, what I love about asking you to join us this way is that so many of you respond, of your own free will, and with cheerful notes of encouragement, too!

Like this one that came from a woman in California this week who sent a check for $5: “Please accept this small donation to be used towards your ministry needs. It may not be much, but it comes from my heart.”

This woman hit the nail on the head. I so appreciate her note and her gift because as Jesus said, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matthew 6:21). When I hear from people who have been blessed by our ministry and they send some of their treasure along with their notes, my heart is warmed, because I know their hearts are with us as well.

I often start my personal letters to you like I did today with the words “Dear Friends…” That isn’t just a formality, but the way I truly feel about you. Even though so many of us have never met in person, like this woman in California, God has knit our hearts together as we all try to grow closer to Christ together.

On the other end of the financial spectrum, I’ve gotten notes like this one from a man in the UK last year whom I had never met before either. He wrote: “Is there anything you need right now? Serious question.”

I wrote back and shared a few specific needs that we had been praying about, some small and some large, all totaled about $5,000. This man wrote back later that day and said: “Ten thousand dollars will be on its way shortly. You can count on this with certainty. You are in my prayers daily. I feel that God is in this and that it is a bit of a test of faith for me. God bless you.” True to his word, $10,000 arrived shortly thereafter!

And not every note is accompanied by a gift, but is just as heartfelt and just as appreciated, like this one from a man in North Carolina who wrote this week: “Thank you for continuing the mission even when some days are dark and yet you still share light and love with others. I have to tell you it was in February 2013 I first got to experience you and your writings when I took a 3 day fast and reflection retreat. At the time I was in a dark place, depressed, feeling lost and like I really had no purpose… I took with me about 12-15 of your previous sermons and instructions on fasting… I was expectant of change and quiet time with God and that’s exactly what I got… It truly was light at the end of months of darkness, renewal and transformation. I attribute this event in my life to God working in me through your very own words, and for that I am grateful and blessed and just wanted to say thank you. I look forward to seeing your messages every day and week. Thank you.”

Even though I’ve never met any of these people in person, God has still connected our hearts in a meaningful way through this incredible technology, and through His Son, Jesus Christ. So even though I may have never met you in person, I am truly glad to call you my friends, too. Thanks for letting us come to you every morning, six days a week, with a word of faith, hope and encouragement for your life, as I know I need God’s encouragement in my own life every day, too.

If you’d like to join us in our efforts, we would be grateful for your help. We love doing it! And your gifts make it possible. Can I also ask you today to specifically consider making your donation a monthly one? It doesn’t take many people to do this, but over 80% of our annual support comes from monthly donations like this, and the donors who give this way make up the bedrock of our support that allows us to keep reaching so many, all year long. (If you’re one of them, thank you on behalf of all of us!)

To make a donation online or by mail, just click the link below. And to make your donation a monthly one, just check the box that says, “Make This Recurring (Monthly).” Thanks so much for your gracious support! Love, Eric Elder

P.S. As a thank you for your donation of any size, we’d be glad to send you a gift of your choice from our bookstore. We don’t offer this as just a way to raise funds, as everything in our bookstore is already available for free on our website every day, 24 hours a day. We do it as our way of truly saying thanks, because we mean it!

This Day's Thought from The Ranch

God’s mercies come day by day. They come when we need them- not earlier and not later. God gives us what we need today. If we needed more, He would give us more. When we need something else, He will give that as well. Nothing we truly need will ever be withheld from us. Search your problems, and within them you will discover the well-disguised mercies of God.

Ray Pritchard

This Day's Verse

But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever! Amen.

2 Peter 3:18
The New International Version

As a thank-you for your donation of any amount, we’d be glad to send you a gift of your choice from our bookstore, featuring dozens of inspirational books, CD’s and DVD’s produced and created right here at The Ranch.
Click here to learn more or to make a donation.

The Ranch Bookstore

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