This Day’s Thought from The Ranch- Special Note

This Day's Thought from The Ranch

Dear Subscribers to This Day’s Thought from The Ranch,

We enter this month of November where we are excited to share our ministry vision and offer an opportunity to help support our ministry efforts.

As in years past, we have chosen this month of thanksgiving to address our needs in operating these ministries, The Ranch and This Day’s Thought, now working in unison to more effectively reach and ministry to our many members from all corners of the world.

Our joint ministry now offers even more in the way of prayer group interaction, printed and audio resources, archived Christian content and materials, variety of receiving methods for each day’s messages and other improvements & enhancements, all of which are dedicated to helping in people’s individual and community walks with the Lord.

In order to maintain these various aspects our ministry work, we require the financial resources to administer and operate as we do. Thus, we would like to share this day and a few additional times this month, the opportunity to assist the ministry with your financial support. If you feel so led, you may visit the link below in order to make a donation.

We always prayerfully strive to remain proper stewards of all resources we are blessed with. Eric and Greg endeavor to work as effectively and wisely as possible in the management of our time and monetary resources, so we march forward in our mission to touch as many people as we can, with our Christian “seeds for the day,” our weekly Sermons, and all our other available materials, but to do so in a way that pleases the Lord and is honoring to you, our supporting membership, in our thriftiness and proper allocation of such donations.

Your giving here allows us to spend more needed time and energy to all this work and also to meet our needs for equipment and such other requirements needed to operate on a daily, monthly and annual basis. One such example is Greg’s need for a new computer to replace the aging one he is currently using. All donations are helpful and so appreciated, particularly those monthly commitments and pledges as they help so much in our overall planning and ministry execution.

Thank you for your time and consideration, including all your past support over these many years together, and we look forward to entering this next new year together, as we celebrate our commitment and worship and joy, in Christ Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

Most Sincerely, Greg and Eric for This Day’s Thought and The Ranch

To Make a Donation, please visit:

(And, as a thank-you for your donation of any amount, we’d be glad to send you a gift of your choice from our bookstore, which features dozens of inspirational books, CD’s and DVD’s produced and created right here at The Ranch.)

The Ranch Bookstore

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