Eric’s Hope

A friend of mine was producing an action movie in Dallas this summer and asked if my daughter and I would want to be extras in one of the scenes.  She said, “Yes!” so we took a road trip to Dallas.

The first night on the set, one of the other producers asked if I’d be willing to share our story of Lana’s battle with cancer, as we were still in the midst of it.  They wanted to use it as part of an upcoming project they were working on to give hope to other families facing cancer, called  Nouvelle Vie (New Life).  With a bit of fear, but a stronger desire to give hope to others as God had given us hope, I said, “Yes.”

So the next day we were filming again, but this time a different kind of film.

Here’s the 5-and-a-half minute video they shot that day, powerfully captured and edited by the talents of Reidland Tucker and Candice Irion.

I have watched it many times since then myself, and have been encouraged each time that as long as we still have breath, God still has a plan for our lives.

Eric’s Hope

3 thoughts on “Eric’s Hope

  1. Eric,

    what a wonderful message about your love for your wife and children but more importantly for our Father who gives and takes away. We are not to understand but to accept our what His purpose and plan is for us on Earth. Through your ministry and suffering but hope as well, lost souls will come to know our almighty Father.
    May God bless you and your lovely family always.

  2. Thank you Eric for sharing your story. In my recent loss it is ever so true, love does not fail us. It’s what carries us on despite the pain.

  3. So very touching and sweet. Praying many find and take Jesus Christ as our Savior through walking alongside this family who has real feelings, strong hope and great faith. Thanks for being a blessing to others

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