Loving Thoughts, by Greg Potzer and Eric Elder

LOVING THOUGHTS, compiled by Greg Potzer, with introduction by Eric Elder, featuring inspirational thoughts for those who are passing from this life to the next... and those who love them. Also available in paperback and eBook formats in our bookstore for a donation of any size!

For those who are passing from this life to the next–and those who love them.  Featuring an inspirational collection of loving thoughts about God, heaven and the hope we have in Christ.

What can you say to someone who’s about to pass from this life to the next?  And what can you say to those who love them?  This collections contains some of the most clear and concise thoughts about death and the afterlife from authors throughout the ages.  Also includes an introduction by Eric Elder with some special words of peace by Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ.  24 pages.

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