Quick Stats And Notes Of Thanks – 2002

A collection of statistics and short excerpts of thanks from emails from 2002.

Monthly Visitors to The Ranch

Quick Stats

Visitor Information:

  • Total visitors during 2002: 85,000+
  • Total visitors over 5 years: 200,000+
  • Average number of visitors per day: 265
  • Average length of time a visitors spends on The Ranch: 13 minutes, 21 seconds
  • Number of countries visitors come from: 150+
  • Number of CD’s mailed out during 2002: 175
  • Emails received requesting prayer or biblical advice: 485 emails from 262 people.
  • Gender breakdown for emails: 40% male; 60% female

Top 10 issues from email correspondents:

  • Relationships with others (marriage, divorce, boyfriends/girlfriends) (48 people – 18% of total)
  • Health (physical, emotional, mental) (33 – 13%)
  • Sexuality (temptation, pornography, homosexuality) (33 – 13%)
  • Ministry (personal, professional) (30 – 11%)
  • Finances (money, job, career) (20 – 8%)
  • Relationship with God (wanting to grow in their love, faith, or knowledge of Him) 18 – 7%)
  • Salvation (for themselves, for others) (13 – 5%)
  • Anger (toward God, church, or others) (13 – 5%)
  • Depression (12 – 4%)
  • Other (schoolwork, court cases, direction, etc.) (42 – 16%)

More Stats:

  • Number of volunteers who help us answer emails: 20 (10 regular; 10 occasional)
  • Percentage of people who wrote back to us a second time: 34%
  • Percentage who wrote back 3-5 times: 6%
  • Percentage who wrote back more than 5 times: 2%
  • Longest email received: 5,231 words!
  • Shortest email received: 1 word (Help!)

Notes Of Thanks

1/1/02 – Thanks for seeing me through all my past…I really appreciate all your encouragement…bye for now, S.P. / CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA
1/1/02 – A wonderful site Pastor Elder, I will recommend it to everyone I know. T.M. / GRANVILLE, ILLINOIS
1/1/02 – I also wanted to tell you how great things are going with me and my pastor. We are really developing a great friendship…I overheard him tell his wife the other day that I was his best friend! Can you believe that??? You really discerned that one well. I’m so glad I told him…and I probably would not have done that if you had not prodded me along. Thanks for your advice and thanks for being my friend. A.
1/3/02 – Brother, Truly touched to see what God did in you and now through you. May our heavenly Father continue to bless you, Lana, your children and the ministry He has entrusted to you. Shalom, J.T. / SEAFORD, NEW YORK
1/4/02 – Your testimony is a blessing from God! V.H.
1/5/02 – Praise the Lord! Your site is so wonderful…thanks so much for blessing me and the millions of people who stop by! I love the music and my favorite song is “Clear My Mind.” I would love to add a link to your website on my websites. S.L.
1/6/02 – Dear Mr. Elder: Thank you so much for your website! It has been such a blessing to me. The Lord really touched me while I was listening to your “Clear My Mind” CD. I really appreciate your ministry and pray the Lord will continue to bless it and you. S.S. / SILVER SPRING, MARYLAND
1/7/02 – Eric, Thanks for the return email. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your accountability, prayers, and guidance. Thanks again for your support, encouragement, and walking with me through the fire. C.
1/9/02 – Thank you for this unique website. In His love, D.M.
1/11/02 – Thank you and God bless you and your family and the wonderful work you are doing for Him! Your brother in Christ, P.A. / PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA
1/11/02 – Hi Eric, You wrote an AWESOME essay (on human cloning)!! I especially loved the very compassionate close. Way to go! Your follow-up questions were so good I put them on our website because I thought other people would benefit from it. S.B. / PROBE MINISTRIES / DALLAS, TEXAS
1/12/02 – I love your site. God bless you. L.L. / WACO, TEXAS
1/18/02 – I love this website so much! 🙂 It’s great. I enjoyed the music a lot! Most websites don’t provide the complete tracks of the CDs, but you guys provided many options to the listeners. Keep it up! L.L. / STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA
1/19/02 – Thanks very much for taking the time to put together this website!! May God Bless. C.J. / INDEPENDENCE, MISSOURI
1/21/02 – Great Site! I have added your site to my Personal Homepage. God Bless. L.R. / TENNESSEE
1/24/02 – Keep up the great work. Have a great and Godly Day! Love and Prayers, C.A. / KELLER, TEXAS
2/2/02 – I thank God for giving you this vision and realising it. The messages have especially uplifted me in my spiritual wilderness. Thanks. I have been greatly ministered by this web-site and will introduce it to my friends! =) T.V. / SINGAPORE
2/5/02 – The first time I saw your site while surfing, I was highly impressed and will like to meet you personally during my forthcoming visit to the U.S. Pls. give me full details of how I can meet you during the period. Looking forward to hearing from you very soon. God bless. A.O. / LAGOS, NIGERIA
2/7/02 – It is very good. M.E. / IRAN
2/7/02 – Dear Eric: I read your testimony on the net. It was very nicely written. Thanks, D.S.
2/11/02 – Eric, I enjoyed your ministry very much. It was exactly what I was looking for. I was looking for a little boost in my faith, and thank God I found it thru you. I would like to give my individual thanks for your fine web pages of encouragement. I can only imagine all the long hard hours of work you put in it. It really shows. Again, Eric, thanks and may God bless you and all your helpers. J.K. / CARMI, ILLINOIS
2/13/02 – Dear Eric and Lana: Thank you for your prayers and interest in B. She is doing so much better. We wish you well in your ministry and believe that it will reach hurting people who would not go to a conventional church. J.B.
2/15/02 – What a blessing from God I have had today from reading some of your question and answer sections, and listening to some music and scripture selections! It is helping me to continue to hear the Lord on a huge Web site project ministry He has embarked me on. I feel as if I am to promote your Web site ministry on my Web sites. I will be in touch with you about this in a couple of month’s time. Blessings to all of you. All praise and glory to Christ Jesus! D.S. / OTTAWA, CANADA
2/17/02 – I really enjoy your web sight. It’s the best one out there so far that I’ve found. Thanks for taking the time for creating this awesome and powerful tool for God. S. / BURLINGTON, IOWA
2/19/02 – Erik, I didn’t expect you to respond again; I’m sure you have a lot of other things to do, but thank you. D.S.
2/19/02 – I just still can’t understand why people believe in god. I don’t and I live a regular but happy life! L.X. / LEUVEN, BELGIUM
2/19/02 – Very peaceful, and spiritually uplifting. Loved the music on the “Clear My Mind.” God Bless You! J.S. / HARTFORD, WI
2/19/02 – Dear Eric Elder, Greetings, Thanks for your kind words for me and my ministry. God bless you and your ministry. With best regards, Yours in Christ, T.I. / PAKISTAN
2/21/02 – Thank You for a wonderful site & newsletters. M.W. / AURORA, COLORADO
2/22/02 – This is the most wonderful web-site the Lord has brought me too! Many many blessings, K.Y. / NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA
2/22/02 – A good and well ordered site. Thanks to God for many people who patronizes his mighty name. J.S. / CAM SURE, PHILIPPINES
2/28/02 – Thanks for just being there. Thanks for your prayers. D.L.
3/1/02 – Hello Eric! I’m approaching the first anniversary of my salvation with a still deeper joy and a much stronger faith. Thank you for your prayers and for your practical aid in helping me with those first steps with our Savior! One of the reasons I’m writing this letter is also to share with you how the Lord has helped me – in serving Him. I guess it was last September when I first sent you the URL of the start-up website of our church: http://www.matejs.lv. The good news is that thanks to God’s help the site is now up and running and fully functional for more than 4 months already. No doubt, it was largely my own special story of conversion that motivated me to take up this ministry. I’m praying that God would continue to bless your ministry and that many more would trade their sins for forgiveness and find their way to Christ through your work! What’s most important, by now we know of at least two people who have come to our church and accepted Jesus through the direct help of this web-site. And they will soon both join the church in baptism. (Man, “What a chain reaction!” you must be thinking! :)) Yes, God works in unbelievable ways! Many more have told that the site has been a blessing to them and has served as a refuge from the haste and violence that fills the secular media. A.S. / RIGA, LATVIA
3/11/02 – Dearest brother Eric, Christian greetings. Thank you very much for your great love and blessed prayer for me. I cannot tell you in words how much happy I am. My heart is really full of Joy and love to have such brother who can pray for me and ministry we have here. Prayer is really a powerful tool in ministry. That is prayer who is encouraging us to continue the Great Commission. Your sincere prayer is very valuable asset for me and I hope you will continue to pray for me. God bless you and family and especially the wonderful ministry you have for the glory of God. Your brother, P. / PAKISTAN
3/12/02 – Thank you. M.
3/17/02 – It is a pleasure for me to write this mail to you. May the all mighty GOD bless YOU. E.H. / CAMEROON, AFRICA
3/21/02 – Glad I found this sight. I hope to be emailing you often. But for now I am very happy that the Lord directed me to you. Seems as though I have much to say – don’t know where to begin and afraid to hope. Just glad you and your wife are there for us. C.B. / SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA
3/26/02 – The stories in here are so spiritually healing for me. I want to thank you all for this site. L.L. / COALGATE, OKLAHOMA
4/3/02 – Thank you for your music and all your ministry sites – they have been more than a blessing! Thanks again. You’re a great man of God, Eric. HIS Love and gentleness and kindness is sent out in you. Blessings to you and your family, D.S. / SOMERVILLE, MASSACHUSETTS
4/5/02 – I have just come across your website while looking for an article on friendship for an assignment. It seems God desired to speak to me through the words of wisdom found on this website. R.R.
4/13/02 – Dear Eric and Lana. Thank you for all the times which you encouraged us through your internet ministry and emails. Although we had sad times, God sustained us by His grace. By God’s faithfulness, we have now a healthy boy who was born on the 21st of March. Praise the Lord! Thank you Eric and Lana. If you ever drop by Singapore, do let us know. In Christ, J. & L. / SINGAPORE
4/18/02 – Thank you for such a quick response!! I will pass this along. Love, K.N. / GRIDLEY, ILLINOIS
4/19/02 – Hello Eric, I am an 18 year old female. I live in Amman – Jordan. I am Christian and I am proud I am. I was going through the web the other day looking for cool songs to download when I found the ranch site. I was deeply touched by this site and especially by your story! I cried, but my tears where tears of happiness for I felt happy for your happy ending! Being a teenager, you know how sometimes life becomes kind of hard for us to live in. Sometimes I forget to pray to my Lord Jesus Christ, and many times I’ve committed a lot of sins, but deep down I knew that I was wrong so I used to go back and pray. But I used to repeat the sins, but today after going through the site and reading stories, and yours especially, I felt different! I felt that this time due to my faith in Jesus I am becoming some one different. I really felt that Jesus has touched my heart by your story. I wanna be a real CHRISTIAN and thanks to this site, your GREAT MUSIC and your story, I am now. I can feel it and U CAN’T IMAGINE HOW HAPPY I AM ! I FEEL COMPLETLY DIFFERENT. I want u to pray for me, to become a better person so I could spread the love of Jesus to everyone I know just like u. 🙂 Thank You Very Much for changing my life for the BEST. 🙂 Z.M. / AMMAN, JORDAN
4/21/02 – Just a quick “Thank you” for sharing your beautiful gifts and I thank God for giving them to you. My daughter and I are enjoying your exquisite music on “Clear My Mind”. B.L. / FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA
4/19/02 – Eric, thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you, and thank you again! I can’t tell you what a difference you’re making in our lives right now. You are truly a vessel here as well. Thank you so much for being willing to put yourself so completely in the middle of something that isn’t even your fight and to show such love and compassion to two people you really barely know. Thank you to Lana too for her obvious understanding in what you do to help others, and thanks and praise to God for his amazing love and power!!!! Your filling in, words of encouragement, and scriptural reminders. They are like life blood to me right now, almost like I am a new Christian in the midst of all that is happening around me. Even though I’ve never liked the term, in many ways, perhaps I am being “reborn” through this experience, wherever the outcome leads me. My viewpoint and terminology right now is that I’ve had my own personal epiphany. And because I want my heart and mind to continually be in the right place to deal with this, whatever may happen, I’m turning to God more now than I ever have in my life. I will never be able to repay you for what you’ve already done. I’ll keep on saying it: Thank you. L. / WHEATON, ILLINOIS
4/27/02 – Eric, your emails are really encouraging bro. God is really using you to be a light for me in this time of grayness. Please do keep writing. My most fervent prayer for blessings, B.M.
4/29/02 – It’s only GOD Himself that can reward you on your calling that you have taken with passion. Today was my first time of visiting this ministry’s site, I must confess that I’m inspired by your good work. F.A. / LAGOS, NIGERIA
5/1/02 – I had looked at your site a few times before, but this evening, after enduring a VERY long and trying day, I logged on to my computer and went to your site and really received a blessing when I listened to your talk about “rest.” Thanks for all you do to spread God’s word and to encourage others in the faith. You are a blessing. C.B. / STREATOR, ILLINOIS
5/4/02 – Thank you. T.B.
5/7/02 – I really love your wonderful site. I have learned many new things and would like to thank you for giving me that experience. C. / JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA
5/10/02 – This Ministry is so challenging, inspired and worth calling me to join it from here in Uganda. Read Philemon 21. Yours, D.L. / KAMPALA, UGANDA
5/12/02 – Thank you for the piano music. Very encouraging and comforting to me. T.N. / SEATTLE, WASHINGTON
5/12/02 – Eric, thanks a lot for your care. I shall never forget that I’ve been saved by your Website when I visited it by chance on that terrible night. It helped me a lot. I’m grateful to you & Lana for such simple, lovely & soothing broadcasts of both of you. I’m also so grateful to you when you e-mailed me with your sound & caring notes. I really needed them so badly at that time when I felt inside me that I’m a rejected woman. I really feel I owe you. I wish I can repay you one day. Be sure I never forget “Good Deeds”. God Bless you & your sweet family. M. / CAIRO EGYPT
5/15/02 – Very inspirational reading material through the anointing of the Holy Ghost. It is highly commendable and I am sure the Lord will bless you abundantly. God bless you C.S. / ATLANTA, GEORGIA
5/18/02 – I very much enjoy your music. Thank you for your generosity. Your Brother in Christ, R.D. / CLARKS SUMMIT, PENNSYLVANIA
5/19/02 – I just “fell” on your site – I do not know how. But your work is an inspiration to me. God is doing a good thing through you. I really appreciate the “relaxing” tone and the focus on His word. We are desperate for God ‘s word and at times hardly know it. Thank you again. L.B. / CANTON, MICHIGAN
5/20/02 – May the Good Lord richly bless your ministry. J.A. / AMMAN, JORDAN
5/22/02 – Very nice website in its simple elegance. Lots to see and do, none of the bothersome intense graphics that slow down page loading (Flash animations, etc) and an obviously dedicated Christian making it all work. Well done! M.M. / COOS BAY, OREGON
5/23/02 – I loved your site y’all.. Absolutely was wonderful and I feel your site had a wonderful message of faith and love for God without being strange or over the edge or pushy. Thank you for touching my heart. C.S. / FORT WORTH, TEXAS
5/25/02 – Your ministry is wonderful!!! M.D. / LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA
5/27/02 – God bless you. this is also a child of god who is also in love with him completely and that is a beautiful story and yes I believe that god can do anything. You are a very blessed man don’t you ever for get that. It’s good to know that our brothers and sisters in Christ are doing God’s will over the Internet and people are getting blessed and being saved, hearing the miracles of what our father Jesus Christ is doing. You and your Family have a Blessed Day… A.S. / NEW LONDON
6/2/02 – Dear Eric and Lana, I just got done listening to your broadcast “It’s Never to Late”. It was very encouraging to me. C. / HOUSTON, TEXAS
6/8/02 – Dear Brother Eric, Greetings from Japan in the Name of our Lord; We are so moved and encouraged through your prayer. We are so thankful that you have shown much understanding for our home. We are sure our Lord showed you our hardness. We will pin up your words of prayer on the wall of our home. You are one of our real brothers. God bless you! With much thanks and love, M.F. / MIE-KEN, JAPAN
6/11/02 – Mr. Elder, I am 15 and live in New Mexico. I was looking online for a song called “Sanctuary.” I stumbled upon your song. I listened to the MIDI version that you had, following along on the sheet music…it was amazing. I printed it out, and started playing it that night. Now, after a few weeks I still play it, and play it. It is an amazing song. I am going to play it at my brother’s wedding if that’s cool, and I’m hoping that my friend will learn it on the guitar to sing and play it with me. Thank you for writing such an amazing song. I truly have a new definition of a sanctuary now. God bless, I.M. / ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO
6/11/02 – Hello Erick, I greet you in the name of JESUS CHRIST my name is T.A. from a country called kenya in Africa. I actually visited your website and I was so encouraged and helped since am a strong Christian it really assisted me and for your sure I will be visiting the website always. May GOD bless you as you continue seeking HIS word. T.A. / MOBASA, KENYA
6/11/02 – Really enjoyed your site and layout! God Bless! B.F. / SALISBURY, MARYLAND
6/18/02 – Dear Eric: Do you offer the music score for your music? I would love to purchase a copy if this is Available. If it is not available, please consider making it. I’m only mediocre at playing but I love the style God has put into your playing. Thanks for your ministry. In His Service, B.M. / SIMPSONVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA
6/19/02 – What I nice site! I was a little in the dumps this a.m. and just typed “someone to talk to” into a search engine, expecting nothing, and found your site. Just wanted to say, thanks. God is using your ministry in a good way. C.C.
6/26/02 – I am child of God and i visit your website and I was very interested. Thank for your idea and may God bless you and help you. C.Y. / DOULA, CAMEROON
7/1/02 – Hello Mr. Eric!!!! I’am a eighteen year old boy from Austria and so I said sorry for spelling mistakes that I made. Please take note :-)). Now my question!!! By random in search of notes for playing keyboard, I found your homepage. I searched that and found your own written songs. I was enthused about your songs and wish that I can learn to play that. “Moment by Moment” was that song which relish me best. Now I want know if it was possibly that you can send me the notes for this or also for other songs. That was a big wish from me!!!! Thanks a lot!!!!! J.F. / AUSTRIA
7/2/02 – Me and my wife and children were lifted up with joy in our hearts that cannot be uttered reading your positive letter response I printed it and show it to them. Thank you for your very nice and encouraging response and praise the lord for the prayers I know that the Prayers of a righteous man availeth, How we are very honored to correspond with you we also wish you to come and share to us the gospel personally for you to see our works here in the Philippines. R.A. / DAVAO CITY, PHILIPPINES
7/4/02 – Thank you very much for your encouragements. Now my life is getting better. I have come back to church as before. God is Good. At least I know one more new friend like you who encourage me in God’s way. You are a good friend. Thanks. In Him P.K / THAILAND
7/5/02 – Hi, I just finished listening to your talk on God’s Love, it spoke to me deeply. I want him to be in the number one slot, and I pray that I can make that change. If all I knew intellectually could just become true heart knowledge. Thanks for listening, well reading. J.B.
7/6/02 – This is a beautiful idea and website. God bless. A.C. / WINTERHAVEN, FLORIDA
7/6/02 – For the past two days I have not surfed the net for porn or anything destructive. I have however surfed the net for sermons and have had relative peace after listening to them. So my friend, I am trying to change. In the last eight months however, I have cut down on all destructive activities by about 80%! I felt so close to God the other evening that I shouted to myself, “I can do anything!” and I really praised God for his grace. It is tough however to survive at times. Surely you must understand that? My next step is to start to venture out into the real world again and maybe start to go to a church. I shall surf your site and listen to more sermons. Sincerely, T.R. / ENGLAND
7/11/02 – Greetings to you in the awesome name of Jesus. I want to really thank you for the words that God used you to place on your website. I was really going through a tough time and after I read it, I must tell you that the presence of God came in my office at work and it just blessed me so. I am a single mother who is sold out to God but had some shakes with my faith in this last trial. I know they come just to make us strong. But it is a blessing when you can read something on a website and God will step in and reverse your thinking. I pray that whatever your hands touch that God will grant you nothing but favor and increase your ministry. May god bless you and keep you in perfect peace. I thank God for you again. H.S. / DALLAS, TEXAS
7/11/02 – Thanks for your e-mail. I know that you will take me to the high point in spiritual situation. bye-bye, yours in Christ, D.K.
7/12/02 – I just wanted to take a moment and say “Thank You” Thank you for helping me to find the peace and strength I needed. I was looking for lyrics to a song, when somehow I wound up on your site. Somehow, what a funny phrase, I know exactly how I got here. I was led. The peace, and the answers I got from just listening to the music, and reading the literature…was just what I needed. I felt confusion, as to why I had no answers…did God put me on hold? I feel so much better now, I know I am not alone, I know the answers were there, I just was so caught up in the situation I didn’t see… Thank you for opening my eyes, clearing my mind so the word could get through, and putting peace back into my heart. God Bless all of you, and Thank you again, Sincerely, W.D.
7/15/02 – I find it challenging and refreshing to see someone openly admit their relationship to Christ on the internet. D.
7/15/02 – Hi Eric, thanks for the reply. It’s always such an encouragement to get emails from you. W.W. / COTATI, CALIFORNIA
7/15/02 – Dear Eric! Thank you so much for writing back to me…..And the most is your PRAYER. I’m sure God will bless and is pleased with your work for helping your brother like me. May God bless you, your family and your ministry…. Thanks! T.N.
7/15/02 – Can you please send me a brochure about your ranch? G.O. / LITTLETON, COLORADO
7/21/02 – Thanks for your noble service. I am a students’ counselor of this university. Your newsletter will be of a great help to us. Thanking you, M.A. / TAMILNADU, INDIA
7/27/02 – The “What God Says” CD’s are so pretty and I like hearing them. D.D. / LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY
7/31/02 – Hello Eric, God bless you. I was listening to “Grasping the Love of God” and it really spoke to me. I will be leading worship at my church this Sunday morning and I found the message useful. I think they need to be reminded of God’s love…especially in this renewal meeting. Thanks, C.Y. / PENANG, MALAYSIA
8/1/02 – Just found site. Read/listened to one message. Love the way it presents the truth of scripture in a manner that makes it very accessible. T.D. / MINEVILLE, NEW YORK
8/7/02 – Dear Eric, I want to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers and for your kind and thoughtful reply to my letter. Your words of comfort could not have come at a more appropriate time, because this has been an extremely difficult day for me. I have alternately prayed and cried much of the day. Thank you for your suggestion on the study bible. I was just recently trying to think if I had a bible or not. I don’t think I do. I don’t have much extra time at present but I will get the bible you suggest and read at least page a day. Thank you so very much for your concern and suggestions, Eric, I almost feel like you’re an old friend. When I first contacted you I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, I even briefly, but not too seriously, considered suicide, but as of this minute I’m ok. and I have no doubt that you played a prominent role in my partial recovery. Hopefully, I will have a full recovery in a couple of months, or so. Thanks again and God be with you. F.
8/10/02 – Dear Eric Elder, Greetings to you in the name if our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Today I was searching on Internet for “God with Internet.” Fortunately, I saw your site. What a tremendous lovely thing you are doing for Jesus Christ. S. / SINGAPORE
8/10/02 – really nice….thanks. much needed in this time of hurry and worry… K.L. / GREAT FALLS, MONTANA
8/11/02 – I find your site very refreshing and have placed it in my favorites. Visiting this site leaves me with a feeling of renewal. Thanks. C.N. / EASTMAN, GEORGIA
8/15/02 – I am amazed how God can speak to us through so many different ways. He has spoken to me through the Bible. Many times I have heard him speaking to me through books, church services, friends. But now I discovered he can also use these modern means of communication to make us listen to him. This time He reached me he in Brazil, in the huge city of Sao Paulo through the Internet. I am a Language teacher and I like to prepare classes using my PC. I was feeling sad and confused about many things that are happening in my life. I thought maybe music would help me cheer up. But none of my CDs seemed to comfort me. I prayed and then I had the idea of checking on the web for a site with inspirational music that I could listen online. I praise the Lord that I discovered The Ranch. I listened to the music “Clear My Mind” and while I was listening, I felt the presence of God and his peace. Then I started checking all the links and I was tremendously blessed by each one of them. I loved the message by Lana about the “Prayer Closet.” I have tried many times to have a prayer place – it always failed. I am going to try my closet too! It is a great idea! It might work! God bless your ministry. Love in Christ, R.A. / SAN PAULO, BRAZIL
8/19/02 – I was looking up some things tonight on-line about Greenland (out of curiosity) when I stumbled across your web-page. I just love your web-page, it touched my heard deeply – Thank You!! K.S. / CAPE COD, MASSACHUSETTS
8/19/02- Hi, it’s been awhile since I have written. I was going through some very rough times… I laid out all of my problems to your staff, and to God. During these past 25 years I did not attend church, nor had an interest. I met a wonderful person in the chat room one day [and was led to the Lord that day]. It’s now been just over a year…and I am overjoyed, and crying as I type this. To bring you up to date. I now attend church on a regular basis since November. I attend Church on Sundays, along with Sunday school. I also attend Wednesday night. Just these past 10 week, I have been working with the Vacation Bible School, and enjoying every bit of it. The Pastor of our church now sets time aside for our family one time a week, and does private bible lessons with my daughter who is 12. It great worshiping the Lord. I still cry in church, but it’s a different type of cry now. Its a cry for the answered prayers, and the faith that the Lord has for us. My life, and my older daughter life has change. Changed for the good. All of the Music my daughters and I listen to now is Christian. It’s been so encouraging and uplifting. I would be overjoyed to chat with [the woman in the chat room] again, and Thank her, and her Husband for all that they did for me. M. / BELLEVILLE, ILLINOIS
8/20/02 – LUV IT (the music ) D.T. / FARMERSVILLE, CALIFORNIA
8/20/02 – Dear Elder: Thank you for your immediate reply. Your letter is encouraging and I am determined to make an effort to improve my marriage. D. / CHINA
8/31/02 – This was such a blessing for me thank you and please pray for me that God will show me a way out until next time . God Bless. T.L.
9/2/02 – Hi, Eric. Thanks for your personal response and for your prayers. You touched me once again. Your website is really lovely. It’s such quality and such a gentle approach that radiates authenticity. J.I.
9/3/02 – When you spoke at my church a year or so ago I was interested in your web-site but did not have a computer. Well, I now have one and so I checked it out. It is wonderful, but somehow I knew it would be. Keep up the good work. Hope that you can return sometime in the future. God Bless you, your family and your ministry. L.P. / STREATOR, ILLINOIS
9/3/02 – Dear Elder Eric, I am so much blessed by what the Lord is enabling you to do over there thanks for the newsletter, also I am blessed by the kind of prayer you have offered to me. Yes I know more now that the LORD will accomplish the good work He began in me, God bless you so much. P.B. / UGANDA
9/5/02 – Hello Eric, Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my e-mail. There’s not a lot of people I have been able to talk to about this that has not been hurt. So I thank you for taking the time to care and most of all listen as I spill my heart out. I know and I see the light at the end of this tunnel, and thru the power of the Holy spirit working in me will reach the end. Keep up the great work and remember we are all ambassadors of the Lord, and you never know whose life you will touch thru your calling in life, whether thru this web site or thru your music. Until next time, may God richly bless you and your family with divine protection and we will be praying for you also for Lana and baby!!! Thanks again, T.B.
9/6/02 – Hello, I had visited your site after seeing a positive comment about it on someone’s personal web page. I was very impressed! A wondrous ministry! I look forward to coming to your site to get a fill up now and then and do appreciate all your work for the Lord through your Internet ministry. May you be greatly and wondrously blessed with all gifts from God to His children both as individually and as a ministry. More importantly may God encourage you with evidence of your fruits of labor. Love and Hugs in Jesus, T.C.
9/9/02 – I’ve just come across this site and already I feel really blessed. Fantastic. Can I use some of the teaching you present in our church? Regards, A blessed man after coming across the ranch, P.G. / HAMPSHIRE, ENGLAND
9/10/02 – Reading this webpage filled my heart. W.H. / ELIZABETH CITY, NORTH CAROLINA
9/15/02 – Fantastic web ministry. Will forward the address to my friends. M.C. / RABUN GAP, GEORGIA
9/20/02 – Dear Eric, I visited your site today and was pleased to be there. Sincere regards, E.O. / DELTA STATE, NIGERIA
9/23/02 – Thank you so much for your comforting words. I appreciate your prayers more than you know. L.G. / SELMER, TENNESSEE
10/13/02 – great site – greetings from Vienna! G. / VIENNA, AUSTRIA
10/18/02 – Hello and God bless! I was just checking out your web page. Praise the Lord. There needs to be more web pages as good as this one. Do you really live on a ranch? Just curious. Would love to hear back from you. M.T.
10/28/02 – Dear Brethren-in-Christ, Isn’t God great? This morning I was asking Him WHY I have not been able to find anywhere “on the net” (is that the right phrase?) of Christian websites where I could find that special God-kind of comfort which I so desperately need. God told me to go to Eric Elder Ministries and He assured me that, following the links, I’d find His answer to my question. Those of us who have been called by God to minister (at home, overseas, wherever) also need to be ministered to from time to time. Many of us become “fragile” – like me this morning. Please give my greetings to Brother Eric Elder. May our gracious & Almighty God bless you all. R.B. / DUBBO, AUSTRALIA.
10/29/02 – Great site. Thank you for honoring God and His Son. Halleluyah! P.M. / OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS
11/5/02 – Hello! This is a very beautiful place you have here on the ranch. How much is it? And what time of the year is this beautiful place available? Will this beautiful ranch be available in January? May the Lord keep you and bless everything that you do. M.P.
11/11/02 – cool site, great and inspired idea. K.G. / ANDOVER, MASSACHUSSETTS
11/19/02 – Hi Eric and Lana, I have recently visited your site, and enjoyed all I had time to read and pray. Thank you so much for your site. In His grip, C.H. / STREATOR, ILLINOIS
11/23/02 – I’ve finally able to wander around your web site and enjoy the music and video. What a blessing! I loved the music and listening to you and Lana. We’ve been facing some severe financial struggles recently and while our faith is deeper than ever, and we know we are tucked safely under the Lord’s wing, your site – the music – helped release a few of my hidden fears that seem tucked behind the nooks and crannies of my soul. I arrived feeling spent, but leave feeling refreshed. I already feel such gratitude for you and Lana from years ago. Thank you again. B.
11/25/02 – I pray that each of you are blessed. I love you all God Bless. L.C. / CONCORD, NORTH CAROLINA
11/27/02 – Praise God for what U R doing for HIM! This is how you ‘Give’ to God for us to be filled ‘pressed together, running over…’ God BLESS You & Yours, I pray. D.C. / CHENNAI, INDIA
11/27/02 – WOW!! I wish I had found this music a year ago. We recently pastored in Eastern Kentucky and never had a musician as part of our worship/praise. I have used many CD’s and even did some editing just to get a small piano or strings piece for special prayer or ministry time. That is what I need the CD for, to utilize in our home group now forming a new work in South Okla. City. We have a great keyboard, just can’t play it but we can play CD’s just fine. It is amazing how many people God will put in your path on a daily basis that are hurting and hungry, both physically and spiritually! May God richly bless your ministry and your calling. Till He Comes, R.S. / MOORE, OKLAHOMA
11/30/02 – It’s been a blessing for me to be able to listen/read the Christian messages at your site. I really need the “rest”. Please pray for me. E.K. / SINGAPORE
9/30/02 – Thanks for u creating this web. I am very thankful. I listen to your prayer and temptation scriptures. This given strength and please pray for me and send me nice messages in web then I can know more about Jesus and I will be very thankful. K.S. / MAHABUBNAGAR, INDIA
10/08/02 – I want to say that I love your ministry very much. K.E. / RIVERS STATE, NIGERIA
12/02/02 – I enjoyed the topic on spending time with God. C.E. / MAPLEWOOD, NEW JERSEY
12/4/02 – May God bless you and your ministry. You have helped me more than you know. God bless you and your family, S.
12/5/02 – I love the good works in your site, please keep it up. F.G. / UNITED KINGDOM
12/9/02 – What a refreshing and encouraging site. Thank you, B.G. / BARSTOW, CALIFORNIA
12/10/02 – It is a very nice site with lots of interesting info and verses, its really useful. Thanks a lot best regards. S.H. / CAIRO, EGYPT
12/18/02 – Good morning Pastor Eric; Wow. Your letter is confirmation to me; refreshment to my soul; direction and necessary healing. Your words come at a time of struggle over whether or not I will ever be completely “free.” And now I understand that where I am and where I am headed is “OK.” My brother Eric, I thank God for your obedience to Him…..to your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit to be open to me. Thank You, Father. M.
12/21/02 – Hello, I would just like to thank you for your inspirational web site. Being brand new to the Internet I was just looking for Christmas music, any soothing music, while I attempted to figure this contraption out. While attempting to do so I stumbled on to your web site. I’ve had the most trying last three years with no end in sight. I was to the point that I didn’t even read my daily prayers and felt like I was starting to give up on faith. I’m not quite there yet, but I tell you since I found The Ranch I felt like God found a way to reach me instead. He certainly has a great sense of humor. He found me in front of this contraption and through the music I love most, piano. So now a new path begins. Thank you! Merry Christmas, V.W.
12/24/02 – I want to thank you, Eric, for your testimony and your Ministry. I have benefited from both. Regards, T.S. / DEFUNIAK SPRINGS, FLORIDA
12/25/02 – Sir, your site is wonderful and great to read, thank you. With regards, Y.S.
12/29/02 – Thank you brothers and sisters in Christ. And thank God for your ministry. A.S.
12/29/02 – Read your testimony long time back. Now listening your sermons. Yesterday at the church, I told about your wife’s “Prayer Closet” messages. GOD bless you ,your family, & your ministry. Amen. J.M. / BALUCHISTAN, PAKISTAN

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