News From The Ranch – March 2002

The Newsletter of Eric Elder Ministries

Email from Egypt, create your own website, and a good Internet accountability program

Lana's Prayer Closet

Let it Rain

I wonder if I’ll ever get used to the fact that we can now get a message half-way around the world in the blink of an eye…and that people will pay attention to it!

I heard last week from a Muslim woman in Egypt. She wrote to say she enjoyed the website and “I hope all the world can visit ‘The Ranch’ and benefit.”

I wrote back to suggest she watch a video message about prayer that Lana put on the Internet the week before. She replied:

Thank you for sending me Lana’s message. She’s so simple and delicate in her talking and looks. She’s also light-hearted which makes her speech more interesting than those official lectures which one hears but never gets influenced by. I’d like to be reminded of any new live messages.

Thanks again for your precious site which I found by chance 5 days ago. I have been crying deeply out of pain caused by lots of sufferings and tortures in my past life (far and near) when I searched the web for a relieving site. I visited it and remained there for a long visit that took me all night long. Then I went to bed and slept a while. When I woke up, I was in a good state. I missed that inner peace for years. Now I’m getting it back and thanks to you and Lana.

I wrote again to ask if there was anything we could pray for her, and she poured out her heart in a 5,000 word email (about 5 times the length of this newsletter; I’m sure it’s the record for an email we’ve received!) For confidentiality (and brevity!), I can only share the above snippets with you. But I can say it’s a total blessing to see how God works to minister to people half-way around the world.

When I was a kid, I remember one dry summer day when the grass was starting to wither and turn brown. As I turned on the garden hose and began to water the grass, I could see it practically spring back to life as the water fell on it.

God is doing the same thing now, pouring out His life-giving teaching like abundant rain on all who will listen. The Bible says:

“Let my teaching fall like rain and my words descend like dew, like showers on new grass, like abundant rain on tender plants” (Deuteronomy 32:2, NIV).

Yes, Lord, let it rain! Please pray with us that she would find the inner peace that she is desperately seeking, the peace with God that has been made possible to all of us through Jesus Christ. (Romans 5:1-2).

Starting a Flood

One of my desires is to help flood the Internet with the teachings of God found in the Bible. Thanks to the Internet, our teaching is no longer confined to one room in one building, taught once and never to be shared again.

New visitors are coming to The Ranch every day, watching messages and reading stories, whether they were first shared several years ago or as recently as last week.

But even though we have several thousand visitors a month to the website, it’s just a drop in the bucket of the number of people searching for answers to life’s questions.

I want to invite you to become part of the flood! I’ve recently created a class to train others how to create a website for their ministry (using Microsoft FrontPage®) so we can multiply the effort of sharing God’s Word on the Internet.

A few weeks ago, I taught this three-hour class to a group of people at a Sunday School convention here in Illinois. I’m eager to see the new websites that will be developed as a result.

But I also want to duplicate this teaching to as many people as possible so we can continue to flood the Internet with Christian material. So I’ve put the full text of the class on a CD-ROM so you can go through it at your own pace.

In the class, I provide detailed instructions on how to create web pages, link them together, add text and images, and even add audio and video.

I know it can be intimidating to think about creating your own website, but I’ve spent much of my life trying to make technology easy for people to understand and use, so I hope you’ll carefully (and prayerfully) consider giving it a try.

One of the students at my class sent me this note:

I want to thank you for the class. I have been to a lot of tech classes and you are by far the best communicator of technical information I have seen. I mean that. I worked full time in the field at one time.

I’ve included his comments not just because of his kind words about the class, but to let you know that this is a class that is in language that everyone can understand and apply, not just “computer geeks.” But at the same time, you’ll learn some simple ways to do some very advanced things on the Internet.

As Christians, we’ve been given the most powerful message ever delivered, and the Internet is the most powerful delivery mechanism ever invented. Let’s flood it with the Word of God and bring life to the dying, both here on earth and on into eternity.

Eye Promise

As sold as I am on using the Internet for great good, I’m fully (and sadly) aware that Satan is using it for great evil, especially in the area of Internet pornography.

I’ve looked into many filtering programs and taught classes on Internet safety. But I recently found a program that gets to the heart of the matter. I’d like to recommend it to anyone who struggles with, or knows someone who struggles with, Internet pornography.

It’s called “Covenant Eyes.” It isn’t a filter, but is a software program that tracks every website you visit on the Internet – then sends a report of those sites to an accountability partner you designate. Many of the people I know who struggle with Internet pornography say they would have never started if they knew other people could see what they were doing.

I like that this approach doesn’t draw a legalistic “line in the sand” on what sites you can and can’t visit, but it let’s you be guided by your heart. So instead of pushing the boundaries of some filtering software to see what you can “get away with,” this brings you back to simply “doing what’s right.” You can sign up at

Please Pray With Us

A dear friend of ours, Judy Wray, has offered to help coordinate the prayer effort for our ministry. She’d like to send out a brief note via email each week or two about our more intimate and urgent prayer needs. She’ll also add a few thoughts to encourage you in your own prayer life.

Her prayers for us have been extremely influential over the years. I know you’d be blessed to hear from her and you’d be a special blessing to us as you pray. If you’d like to receive these email updates, please let us know. Just send a note on our contact form with the word PRAYER in the subject line.

Thank you Lord,

  • for pouring out Your Word like rain around the world;
  • for helping us to help You;
  • and for Muslims, Christians, and others coming to The Ranch to learn more about Christ;

And Lord, we now ask:

    for You to multiply this work through our training efforts;

  • for more people to get involved through prayer and giving;
  • and for many to find their way to The Ranch so they can find their way to You.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Create Your Own Website

If you’d like to order the three-hour course on CD called “How to Create a Website for Your Ministry,” you can order online by credit card or by check through the mail. (Click here to see exactly what you’ll learn and what you’ll need for the course.)

The CD is available for a suggested donation of $75. All proceeds from the CD are put directly back into our ministry to help spread the message of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

You can order the CD online and make a donation by Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express, or Paypal) by clicking here (can be viewed for free now from here).

Or you can make a donation by check and mail it along with a note requesting the CD “How to Create a Website for Your Ministry.”

The IRS allows you to deduct the amount of your donation which exceeds the fair market value of any materials we send you (the fair market value of this CD is $75). We will send you a receipt along with your CD.

Eric Elder Ministries is a non-profit 501(c)(3) religious organization whose purpose is to share the message of Jesus Christ throughout the world. (Click here to read more about our ministry.)

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