Prayer Update December 2011

’m starting a new prayer team this month for our ministry for anyone interested in praying for our ministry here at The Ranch in the days ahead. If you’d like to join our prayer team and receive these updates every month or so in the future, just send me an email and I’d be glad to add you to the list. Your prayers really do make a difference, and know that we deeply appreciate it.

Here are our prayer requests and praises for December…

We’ve been doing some much-needed fund raising the past few months, trying to raise an additional $2,500 in monthly support, and an additional $15,000 in one-time gifts. So far, we’ve raised $1,070 in additional monthly gifts from 12 new supporters and 1 family who has increased their gift. We’ve also raised $9,530 in one-time gifts from another 18 supporters, some of whom are new to supporting our ministry, and some of whom are already monthly donors. So praise God! We’re moving along! But we still have about $1,430 to go in monthly commitments, and $5,470 to go in one-time gifts. So we’d still appreciate your prayers that we’re able to reach 100% of our goal.

Also, if you know of anyone who might be interested in hearing about what we’re doing, and the cool way God is using the Internet to reach out to people around the world, we’d love to share it with them. I’d be glad to visit with individuals or families or groups in person, whether small groups, or a gathering of friends, or a Sunday School class, or a missions committee…whoever might be interested! I’ve also recorded an update on our ministry that I’ve put on YouTube that you can forward to your friends if you’d like to share our ministry with them. Here’s the link to the video:

I’m also including a link below where people can make donations, whether monthly or one-time, and whether online, by mail, or Electronic Funds Transfer. (Also, if you’d be interested in making a donation or increasing your monthly donation, you can just let me know by email anytime, and that will help me in our planning for next year.)

I know some of you have already seen this presentation that I’ve posted on YouTube, but it still amazes me to think that we’re now reaching over 35,000 people every week by email with our messages from over 160 countries. If you’ve been following along with us over the years, you’ll know that I often end my prayer letters by saying, “And pray that God will draw people to The Ranch so He can draw people to Himself.” Wow! How God has answered those prayers! And we just keep on praying for more.

Here are a few of the emails that came in last few days from people who are grateful for the ministry. I thought I’d pass along their thanks to you for helping to make this ministry possible…


From Malaysia: “It’s a blessing that I am able to read your emails. Your word is so apt in its timing. Sometimes I wonder if God is saying something to me through you. Keep writing, you have a gift and I am so glad that you are using this gift to glorify Him. God Bless You.”


From India: “You will not remember me but you have prayed for me in the past and, for that, I thank you again. I am also a fairly regular visitor to your website and I receive your sermons from This Day’s Thought. I have a question for you. I am a Christian and my wife is a Hindu. I want to tell her about Jesus but don’t know how. How do I explain to her the joy in my heart and the courage and confidence that only my faith can provide? We do talk about it but I don’t seem to have the words to explain.”

From the UK: “You are so right about thinking of Jesus as a saviour and sometimes not having Him as Lord of our lives too. Today’s reading made me take stock of what you said, and I recommitted and surrendered my life afresh and asked Jesus to be Lord of my life also as well as being my saviour.”

From North Carolina: “Thanks for this site. It helps me a lot.”


Thanks for helping these–and many more–find their hope and answers in Christ!

On the home front, Lucas came home from Hillsong College in Australia last Wednesday night, and we’re glad to have him here for 8 weeks as he’s planning to go back again in January for his second year. We’re praying for him, too, as we’ve helped him as much as we can for his first year of school, and he’s worked as much as he can, too. But he doesn’t qualify for grants or student loans as the school is overseas, so it’s been an extra step of faith to send him over. He’s needing $6,800 in the next 4-5 weeks to pay for next year’s tuition and fees, which need to be paid up front in order to apply for another year of his student visa. He’s able to work over there to make up the rest of the money, but if you could pray for his funding, whether from gifts, grants, friends, or any other means, that would be terrific!

Karis is back home with us this year, taking her third-year college classes at Heartland College and working in Bloomington, so we’re thankful to have a full-house again for the next few weeks anyway. Makari is dancing in a Christmas show this weekend and the next. Josiah and Bo are in scouting and Kaleo is in dance and tumbling–all are working away at their homeschooling and enjoying life here in the country. Lana’s become quite a runner this year, running down the country roads, on the treadmill and even a 5K race to help orphans. (This isn’t meant to be a Christmas letter, but just thought you’d like a little glimpse of what life looks like around our house this month!)

That’s the update from here…thanks for reading and for praying for us. We truly appreciate it, and we know that God hears and answers your prayers on our behalf.

Eric and Lana Elder and family

P.S. Here are those links again to watch the YouTube video or to make a donation. Thanks for your prayers and forwarding these on if you know of others who might be interested!

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