We Considered Suicide

Note from Eric:  After the death of his father and mother, Paul discussed with his brothers and sisters what they were going to do without their parents.  As they considered suicide, a stranger came into their home and changed their lives forever.  Hear the story yourself as Paul tells it in both English and Tamil.

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by Paul

I praise the Almighty God for the privilege of sharing my testimony with you.

It was in 1974 my father died.  In ’69, my mother died.  Before the burial of my father, myself, and my elder brother, we both fell on the face of my deceased father crying, “Father, you have left us all alone.  We are blindfolded, left in the middle of the jungle.  We do not know what to do.  We do not know where to turn.  We do not know what we are going to do in our future.  We have no one to show us love.”  We cried.

After the funeral was over, all my relatives left.  We were 7 children, fully orphaned, and came to my house.  We were involved in a very serious discussion.  The discussion was how we can kill ourselves, how we can commit suicide.  Tears were rolling down.  We lost our heart.  Looking at each other, we were crying and crying.

I was born and brought up in an orthodox Hindu family.  My father was a very spiritual man.  He taught us how to observe all the rituals strictly.  Now all the gods, 330 million gods and goddesses, in whom we trusted, they had all forsaken us.  They all let us down.  Now, the whole family is going to die.

All of the sudden, a stranger came into our house, greeting us:  “Brothers and sisters, I’m here with your good news, your good news from the loving God, Jesus Christ.  Jesus loves you.  Jesus wants to help you.  Jesus wants to give you protection.  He’s more than your father.  He’s more than your mother.  I’m here to pray for you.”

We were surprised to have him there at the time.  Then he opened his Bible and he read from Deuteronomy chapter 31:8.  It says, “The Lord shall go before you.  He will be with you.  He will never leave you nor forsake you.  Don’t be afraid.  Don’t be dismayed.  Fear not, for the Lord shall be with you.”

He prayed.  I asked so many questions, as well as my brothers and sisters.  “We worship so many gods, but now you are bringing a foreign god.  What is special with him?  How can he save us when all of our gods let us down?”

He told us, “The Lord whom we love, is a unique God.”  He told us, “Jesus is the Creator.  Jesus is the Sustainer.  Jesus is the Healer.  Jesus is the Savior.  Jesus went to the cross to die.  Jesus died for you on the cross of Calvary and shed his blood.  He brought the remission of your sins.  It is the free gift of God to you.”

Then he told us, “Jesus is unique in his virgin birth, in his virtuous life, in his vicarious death, in his victorious resurrection, and his visible return.”

Oh, we began to trust in Jesus Christ.  We started to put our faith in the Creator, in the Savior.  We began to love the name of Jesus Christ.

He made frequent visits to my family.  Myself and my brother, we accepted Jesus.  We wanted to follow him.  He has become our God and Savior.  He was our personal Savior.

He taught us the way of salvation, the need of baptism.  We accepted that.  We were baptized.  God gave us the peace that passes all understanding.

These things came to be known to my village.  All my relatives came to know about the new faith.  They decided, we had brought a great curse and wrath to the village.  They came to my house.  They talked to myself and my brother.  “They have to leave the village immediately.”

We were excommunicated.  We were sent out from that village.  For six years, we never had a chance to go to any of the funerals, any of the weddings.  We were unable to meet our brothers and sisters.  If at all we wanted to meet them, my brothers and sisters must come in secret and meet us.

But I praise God for the preacher.  He took us to a missionary.  Those people helped us to continue our studies by God’s grace.  I earned my master’s degree, as well as my brother.  My brothers and sisters understood what my Lord Jesus Christ could do for me and my brother.  They wanted to follow the same Jesus.

My relatives, my village people, they all came to know what the Lord has done to us.  Everyone wanted to believe on Jesus Christ.  I thank God, God was at work.  He helped my people to understand more about the saving power of Jesus Christ.

Now, if you go to my village you will find not a single non-Christian in that whole village.  All my people are blessed now.  God changed the entire life of my whole people.  They are enjoying the provisions of God and the blessings of the Almighty God.  He still lives.

Dear brothers and sisters, you may be in the position of committing suicide.  I beg and beseech you, don’t lose your heart.  You may be thinking, “All the medicines and positions have left me.  I have no hope in my life.”

No, brothers and sisters.  What is Jesus?  Jesus is the hope to the hopeless.  He loves you.  He can help you.  The Bible says, “God is our strong refuge and fortress.  He will help you in the times of your trouble.”

Don’t be afraid.  Don’t be afraid.  You just believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.  He’s the Creator.  He died for you.  You need not die for everything.  You may be suffering financially.  You may be suffering from failures.  You may be in a great loss in your business.  You may be lacking for love.

Believe me.  The Lord who helped me can help you.  He’s still available to you.

If you want to follow this same Jesus, you need to do only one thing:  Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.  You will be saved.  Your household also will be saved.  Jesus gives you the peace.  Jesus, He’s the Way.  He loves you so much.  When we pass from this world, be assured, God shall definitely take you into the house that He went to prepare for you and me.  You will enjoy the everlasting life.

Would you like to accept this Jesus?  I just want to pray for you.

“Almighty God.  Years and years ago, you came to seek and save me Lord.  You are the unchanging Jesus.  You are still looking for the people who are wanting to commit suicide, who are thinking that they have no hope.  Lord, you are the Hope, you are the Life, you are the Resurrection.  I pray to you Lord, please, meet my brothers, meet my sisters, and all the people who are in need and want.  I pray in Jesus name.”

I once again want to thank brother Eric and I want to praise God for his wonderful ministry.  Thank you.

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