News From The Ranch – April 1999

The Newsletter of Eric Elder Ministries

About our new CD and Devotional: Clear My Mind and Two Weeks With God.

A new CD, Clear My Mind

A new CD, Clear My Mind

God’s Gift of Music

One of God’s greatest gifts to us is one that we can’t touch or see, but one that we can definitely feel. It’s the gift of music.

Scientists can explain how music is produced, how sound waves vibrate and travel through the air, allowing the small bones in our ears to pick up the sound.

But only God can explain how music somehow goes straight to our hearts, touching our emotions, causing us to want to dance, or shout, or cry. That’s why I think it’s such a gift from God. And one I often take for granted.

But over the past few years, God has been showing me how He touches people through music.

A powerful example from the Bible comes from the life of King Saul who was tormented by an evil spirit. But whenever a young boy named David took out his harp to play, the evil spirit fled and relief came to the king (First Samuel 16:23).

Music is mentioned throughout the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. It is often used as a way for people to express their hearts to God, and for God to express His heart to people. Music is so central to religious life that right in the middle of the Bible are the Psalms – 150 songs written by people like David and Solomon and Moses, each pouring out their hearts to God through music.

Clearing Your Mind

A few years ago I began to write my own music on the piano, expressing to God what I felt in my heart. As I did, I experienced what David must have felt when he played the harp. The sounds really soothed my soul. They healed my heart. They cleared my mind.

And I found that when I played this music for others, it had a similar effect on them. God has been showing me that He gives us gifts not only for our own benefit, but also for the benefit of others.

So with the encouragement and support of a number of friends, I’ve recently finished a CD of instrumental piano music called Clear My Mind.

I’ve put the songs on our web site for people who need to clear their minds so they can hear from God. I’ve already been encouraged to hear from people who say that God is touching them through the music.

A man struggling with depression said,

“The CD has become a great means of soothing my soul.”

A woman who had just been through a personal trauma said,

“God was speaking to me through the music” (even though it’s only instrumental!)

And one of my good friends, in a touching burst of honesty said,

“Actually, I didn’t think I’d like the music; but I like it so much, if I heard it in a store, I’d buy it!”

A New Devotional

To go with the CD, I’ve written a fourteen-day devotional based on the songs. It’s called Two Weeks with God.

I believe the devotional will encourage people to get closer to God, whether they’ve been Christians for years or whether they’re just starting to explore their faith. And for the non-Christian, I’ve included a very clear explanation of the gospel along with an invitation to put their faith in Christ.

This project has allowed me to use the three main gifts that God has given me for this ministry – to preach, to pray and to play the piano. I’m excited that we are able to package it in a non-threatening way that will make it accessible to many people.

If you’d be interested in getting a copy of the music and devotional for yourself or your friends, just drop us a note on the enclosed reply form. This is also a great way to help us with our ministry so we can share the message of Christ with more people.

Answered Prayers

Thanks, too, for praying for us that our message and ministry could be brought to people who need to hear from God. I’ve had a chance to speak at several events the past few months – most recently at the community-wide Good Friday service here in Streator. At the end of the service, a number of people made decisions for Christ for the first time in their lives. And still more were visibly moved to tears as the Holy Spirit touched them during the service.

I was especially encouraged as I was preaching when I saw in the audience a woman who had put her faith in Christ several months ago at another event where I spoke. And now, not only she, but also her whole family is attending church together for the first time in years. As I saw her I was thankful that God does indeed cause the seeds we plant to grow.

On the Internet, I continue to be amazed at how God uses this technology to reach out to people around the world.

Just last night I prayed for a man from Japan who had struggled privately with a sin for many years. As he confessed it to me and we prayed for God’s forgiveness, he said,

“Thank you Eric for that touching prayer. I really felt God’s power. I really felt His love. Thank you for this historic day. It has really helped me and touched my heart.”

A pastor from the East Coast has written several times about some of his personal struggles. One day I called him on the phone to see how he was doing. Later, he wrote and said,

“Thank you so much for the call. Little did you know that I was in a downward spin and my thoughts were heading for a bottle of sleeping pills. The timing was perfect. If you had not called I do not know what I might have done.”

I’m fully aware of some of the evils of the Internet, but I’m thankful that God has been using it so powerfully to reach out to people who need His touch in their lives.

In fact, later this month, I will be attending a three-day conference called the 1999 Internet Evangelism Conference, sponsored by Wheaton College and the Billy Graham Institute for Evangelism. They expect 400-500 people to attend who either minister or want to minister on the Internet. I look forward to meeting with others who have a similar vision to use this technology to reach people around the world with the message of Christ.

Please Pray With Us

Thank you Lord,

  • for redeeming all things for Your glory,
  • for changing people’s lives through the power of Your Spirit,
  • and for letting us use our gifts to minister to others.

And Lord, we now ask:

  • for this CD and devotional to get into the hands of people who need Your touch,
  • for more opportunities to present Your life-changing, life-saving power to others,
  • and for more people to find their way to The Ranch so they can find their way to You.

In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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