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To post a new request, simply scroll down to the bottom of this page and enter your prayer request where it says “Share a Comment” (or “Leave a Reply” on mobile devices). This page is moderated continually, so your request will be posted on this page as soon as our moderator sees it. For confidentiality, please use first names only when mentioning other people in your requests, and also for yourself.

To pray for others, simply scroll through the requests below and pray as you feel led, or post a reply to the prayer requests of others by simply clicking “Reply” beneath each prayer request.  Please use this forum for prayer, rather than advice, as we simply and humbly do not have enough information about the people or their situations to offer advice.

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6,508 thoughts on “Prayer Requests

  1. Father in Heaven, thank you for this prayer site, thank you for Eric and Greg and all the prayer partners. Thank you that as we are gathered together in your name You are here with us. Thank you for 2018 and all you taught us. It was hard but not a tear is wasted, you have them in your bottle. Thank you for all you will teach us in 2019. May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. God bless you dear Prayer Family. Have a Happy New Year 2019!

  2. Please for my daughter for good medical test results, she is having continuing upper right quadrant pain, nausea, and two elevated blood counts. Thank you for all the prayers you say for so many.

  3. Lord God thank You so much because my interview yesterday went well with good feedback. Lord, I am asking to You to bless the job that I will get hired to them. I pray that my character reference will give me good feedback as well. Please help me to get the job before the new year’s Lord because I am thinking now of my visa. Lord guide me and help me not to worry on it. I pray for your loving support and guidance. Lead me Lord, amen.

  4. Lord thank You for this Christmas! Bless us all Lord God. I am asking forgiveness for being a weak silly person and help me to be strong. Lord God, I am also praying and asking Your help again for tommorow. I pray I can attend the 2 interviews Lord, and I pray that I will get hired as well. Lord please help me. I know it is Your will and not mine. I am asking your guidance to help me in my battle because without You Lord, I am nothing. Lead me Lord, amen!

  5. I ask for prayer for my daughter because I feel like I have lost her like she wants to come back home but something doesn’t let her she doesn’t go to school doesn’t care about herself Anymore or anything I am so strong but sometimes I feel like im loosing it because I can’t change her

  6. Lord thank You so much for leading my way to the walk in interview earlier. Lord I pray that I will get hired and be able to start the job. I pray Lord that this is the answer and the one You gave for me. Please touch the heart of the employer by your mighty hand to give me the better offer. I pray these all to You our God almighty. Bless this job to be mine and lead me to this job oh Lord God, in Jesus name I pray, amen!

  7. Please pray for my son. He suffers with depression. Help him to get through this. Also that he will do good in school and be more confident about his future and a job. Please pray for him.

  8. Lord God I am still so sorry for what happened and thank you for saving me. I did that because I only wanted to get the job. Lord bless me and that man that is hunger of wordly activity. Lord I know i asked too much already but i know that you have plans in stored for me. Lord please help me to find a good job so i can start the work. I feel so helpless and worthless. please help me to regain my strength and confidence. Help me oh Lord, Lead me Lord God, amen.

    • God bless Nancy with a good healing and to soon be home with the family, Bless Greg with words to comfort her, in Jesus name amen, Thank you father God.

  9. Lord thank You so much for today. I pray that my training on sunday will be fruitful. Lord I am also praying for my ATM that was captured because for now my money isn’t enough. I didnt even sent for my family…Please help me Lord that I will get my atm in less than a month so i can use the remaining money for my training. Help me Lord, Lead me Lord, amen.

  10. Lord thank You for all the help and blessings andsorry for my mistakes. Please help me to be strong. Lord again i need Your help. I got my gratuity yesterday but my card was captured. I am so worried that I csnt take it back because there is still money there. help me that i can get my atm because i will use my money to look for my job. Lord please dont leave me. Help me Lord please. lead me oh Lord, amen.

  11. Lord thank You so much for all that You have given me and helped me. Please don’t leave me and my family in the Philippines. I prays and asked You Lord that my gratuity will be given and available this sunday Lord because my friends also needed it and I pray that I can still have atleast some of it that I can use for my application in finding job. Lord I pray also the for my job application yesterday that I will pass ans I will get the job. Thank you for giving me a calm spirit and knowledge to answer the interview. Please help me to get the job Lord. I’m sorry if I asked too much because Lord I can’t do all these without You in Me. Thank You Lord God. Bless me, help me and lead me oh Lord, amen.

  12. Please pray for my son that he makes the right choices and can get through the school year without any issues. Please pray.

  13. Lord thank You for all the blessings. though my gtatuity not yet available but in 2 days still thank You Lord that my friends help me out. I pray for my exit tommorow that everything will be fine and no hassle. Please help me that I will come back safe here in UAE. Please help me Lord tommorow that I will get also my visa with no problem. please help me Lord, lead me Lord, amen.

  14. Lord thank You for all the blessings! Lord I am asking for Your help that my gratuity at americana will be available on tuesday morning. Lord I will have my exit and I am praying that it will be process succesfully but I really jeed to pay my penalty for overstaying to immigration. Please help me to pass all these Lord. And I pray as well that You will help me to borrow money for my fair to abu dhabi. Lord despite of all these difficulties I will be strong because I know You are there for me. Please Lord don’t leave me because I can’t do it all without You. Help me Lord. Bless me, Lead me Lord, amen.

  15. Please pray that my wife communicates effectively and gets all the support she needs from a health visit on 4 December 2018 and that a fair and just decision will also be made from an appointment she had on 1 December (which they tell us we will know about by mid January 2019). Thank you.

  16. Please pray for me .My wonderful husband passed away July 14th after 53 blessed years of marriage. I cannot maintain our little cottage we have shared for 48 years due to my age and disability. Now faced with challenge and choice of where to move to. New Hampshire near one daughter or Philadelphia near another daughter. Both are far away from my friends, church and home.
    The pain of loss is crushing .I wonder if there will ever be a new normal?? Trusting God to see me through and praying for wisdom to recognize and follow his guidance. Thank you and God bless you

  17. Lord I came to You today to give thanks and glory to Your name. Please forgive me for the sins I committed and blessed me to be a better person that You want me to be. Lord I’m still asking for Your guidance to lead me in the better path. Thank You for strengthen and keeping me strong despite of all the challenges I’m facing. I pray that You will continue to guide and bless me,empower me with your mighty hands because without You Lord I am nothing. Please help me to solve my problems with exits andI pray that I can find a better job so I can start helping my family again. Please don’t leave me Lord. Lead me Lord, amen.

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