Daylight Devotional Bible — The boy was nine…

The boy was nine, but a big husky kid. The director of the church’s annual Christmas pageant knew he would be the right one to play the innkeeper’s part. With a harsh voice, his job would be to send Mary and Joseph away from the inn. He practiced his one and only line, “There is no room in the inn.” But the youngster had a flaw- his tender heart. As the night of the performance came he rehearsed his line again and again with his parents. Finally his turn came. With his gruffest voice he brushed the holy couple away from the door, saying, “There is no room in the inn!” Joseph looked so sad and Mary so helpless. They began to exit when suddenly the nine-year-old innkeeper blurted out to everyone’s surprise, “Wait, come back here! You can have my room!” The director thought the play was ruined! Some of the kids rolled their eyes. But the majority of people there that night at the local church thought it the best pageant ever. Many left with tears, recapturing the real meaning of Christmas. This season is always so rushed, isn’t it? And what suffers most? Shopping days? Parties? Gift exchanges? No, not usually. Time alone with God? That’s often the first thing to go, right? No time, no room, for Jesus. Our lives are crowding Him out with too many things to do. Don’t you see our Lord slowly drawing away from the door of your heart with downcast eyes? “Wait, come back, I do have room for you.”
Daylight Devotional Bible

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