Bonnie DeArmonds — Each year after Thanksgiving…

Each year after Thanksgiving, Bonnie DeArmond and her family planned their annual Christmas “Ring and Run” celebration. First, the DeArmonds gathered together and began making a large assortment of homemade gifts. Then, when presents filled the dining room table to overflowing, each family member chose friends who would be the recipients of these gifts. Then, the fun began. On one special evening, the normally mild-mannered DeArmonds carried out a covert operation. With gifts in hand, they climbed into their family van. As they approached the targeted home, the van lights went dark and the side door quietly opened to let Sterling, Meagan, or Schaeffer sneak to the house. A gift was placed at the front door, the bell was rung, and the child raced back to the waiting van. Ring and run. Bonnie and family were far down the road before the friends discovered their gifts. After completing the drop-offs, the DeArmonds returned home to await the inevitable calls from delighted friends. Bonnie and her family made Christmas memories as they shared the gift of friendship.
Bonnie DeArmonds

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