Booking Information for Eric Elder

To invite Eric to speak at your event, whether in person or online via video chat, just use the form below!

Eric Elder has been speaking to groups of all sizes for over 25 years, encouraging them to put their faith in Jesus Christ for everything in their lives. If you’d like Eric to speak to your group, whether small or large, whether in person or via Skype over the Internet, just fill out the form below and he’ll try to make it happen!

Eric has spoken at venues of all sizes, whether it’s a small group that meets in a home or a large group that meets at a convention center. He has spoken at churches ranging from 15 to 500, to a variety of small groups, men’s groups, youth groups, Sunday School classes, as well as national and international conferences, such as the Exodus International Freedom Conference, the National Missionary Convention, and the Equip Sunday School Convention.

To make it more affordable for smaller groups and especially groups overseas, Eric is glad to speak live via Skype over the Internet anytime your group is meeting, whether day or night.

Eric typically likes to share faith-building stories from the Bible, from his life, and from the lives of Christians throughout the ages to encourage his audiences that God can do anything, absolutely anything. He is also frequently called upon to share his testimony of the life-changing power of God in his own life.

To invite Eric to speak at your event, just fill out the form below!