This Day’s Thought from The Ranch- Special Note

This Day's Thought from The Ranch

Special note from Eric Elder, founder of The Ranch:

Ever since I met Greg Potzer at a Billy Graham Internet Evangelism conference in Florida 18 years ago, he and I have worked together to reach as many people as possible online to bring some hope and encouragement in their faith in Jesus Christ. Sometimes our work together has been behind the scenes; at other times, as with our joint effort with “This Day’s Thought from The Ranch,” it has been very much “in front of the scenes.”

Starting next year, we’re going to continue working together, but with some new opportunities on the horizon we’re going to be sending you our messages from two different lists. Greg will continue to send you daily Christian quotes, Bible verses and occasional smiles from “This Day’s Thought” every weekday, Monday through Friday, and I’ll continue to send you messages from “The Ranch” on a regular basis to encourage you to keep putting your faith in Christ for everything in your life.

We’re telling you this now as we enter into our joint, once-a-year fundraiser, to ask if you could help us both to enter into our new year and our new opportunities as strongly as possible. We’re hoping to raise $60,000 by the end of this year, which we will split between our two ministries.

So many of you have been so generous in the past with your gifts and words of encouragement, and we’re so grateful to have such wonderful subscribers. Here are just a few of the notes we’ve recently received:

“I cannot tell you how important your daily messages are. I am alone here and you sustain me. This in itself is God’s blessing on you.”

“Your message is wonderful daily. You have no idea how far it travels and how many hearts are touched.”

“I just wanted to tell you how much I look forward to your days thoughts. Thank you.”

“Hi, I’m from a rural town in middle of South Africa. I use the internet for everything else in my business life- why not use it for the most important thing? I need daily food and fellowship to serve God and my responsibility to my family, and the rest of my heavenly family. Thanks for this site.”

“This Day’s thought has helped me through some rough days and has been an inspiration to me. Thanks so much for everything.”

“Your work in sharing the word of God brings comfort to me every day, and I forward it on to friends and coworkers and always seem to get a response from someone who really needed to “hear” that today. You are truly a blessing to so many people in the world.”

“Thank you very much for the ministry of This Day’s Thought.  You are like a candle burning in me every day.  I’m always closer to God.  Papua New Guinea”

“Thank you for another wonderful message. I am rather isolated from other Christians geographically and hearing your good word on a daily basis makes a world of difference in my life. God bless you and your ministry. Nicaragua”

“Just wanted you to know I am glad I stumbled upon this site. I find it a wonderful way to start my mornings! Very encouraging, inspiring, and reassuring. The uplifting messages and Bible verses seem to reflect God’s love for me! I need to be reminded. And I’m the pastor.”

“Keep up the fantastic work that you do in bringing the message to all via the internet. Am always refreshed when I read your inspirational thought for the day. Austria”

“Each message is a divine joy, blessing and an opportunity for us to be with Jesus each day. It is the modern day equivalent how Jesus would spread his message.

“Bless you for all you do! This ministry makes more of a difference than you will ever know!”

Greg and I love doing this, giving people a regular boost in their faith, and we look forward to doing it for many more years to come. Would you help us as we venture out to reach even more people for Christ in the coming year?

If you’ve given in the past, would you consider doubling or tripling what you normally give, or giving an extra-special one-time gift? And if you’ve never given before, would you consider joining us in this work as we go forward, not only as a blessing to yourself, but so we can pass on that blessing to others?

As we’ve often said, “we need so little, but we need that little so much.” Thanks so much for your support!

Click here to make a donation.

Or send your gift to:
Eric Elder Ministries
25615 E 3000 North Road
Chenoa, IL 61726 USA

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