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To pray for others, simply scroll through the requests below and pray as you feel led, or post a reply to the prayer requests of others by simply clicking “Reply” beneath each prayer request.  Please use this forum for prayer, rather than advice, as we simply and humbly do not have enough information about the people or their situations to offer advice.

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  1. Lord Jesus please give me strength and to be happy with all the blessings you have bestowed on me. Allow me to appreciate the goodness in my life and not be despondent over what I have lost.

  2. Lord God thank You for all the blessings that You have done. I pray that You will guide us always Lord God. Please help me for my visa. Thank You for the MPAC that You give me work please help me that they will process my visa Lord God.That i dont need to exit again. please help me Lord and guide me, Amen.

  3. Please pray for a successful gallbladder removal surgery this Wednesday for my daughter and for good pathology and results from the surgery. Thanks you for all the prayers you say for so many

  4. Lord God thank You so much for all the blessings. Tomorrow, the company that i applied to asked me to report. Again Lord God, i am asking for your help and blessings. bestowed this to me Oh God. I pray that i will be hired in the company. Give me your blessings and guidance that the company will hire me Jesus. This i asked in Your mighty name Lord Jesus Christ. Help me, Lead me and Guide me oh Lord, Amen.

  5. Help and pray you too for me in my the fight against false doctrine who not confess Jesus blood in salvation,but use own victims,thanks and bless,keijo sweden

  6. Praise the Lord! I request you to pray for my family . I lost my job 8 months before hence we are struggling financially however managing everything so far by the grace of God and His mercy. We want to have home of our own. Please pray that God open up a way for us to a have financial stability . In the name of the Lord I ask these needs

  7. My wife has been having several physical symptoms but not sure why or what is causing them. Please pray for answers and the right consultants. Also, please pray for total healing, emotional resilience, peace and encouragement as my wife feels helpless. She also has an eating disorder and all of her health issues are making this worse and she needs God’s help to get her eating on track and do her exercises. She needs wisdom, strength and encouragement for all of this. Thank you.

  8. Lord God thank You for everything. Bless me today as this was my first day at work. if this is my training bless me Lord that I will pass and be regularized. help me, guide me, lead me oh Lord, amen.

  9. Father in Heaven, thank you for this prayer site, thank you for Eric and Greg and all the prayer partners. Thank you that as we are gathered together in your name You are here with us. Thank you for 2018 and all you taught us. It was hard but not a tear is wasted, you have them in your bottle. Thank you for all you will teach us in 2019. May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. God bless you dear Prayer Family. Have a Happy New Year 2019!

  10. Please for my daughter for good medical test results, she is having continuing upper right quadrant pain, nausea, and two elevated blood counts. Thank you for all the prayers you say for so many.

  11. Lord God thank You so much because my interview yesterday went well with good feedback. Lord, I am asking to You to bless the job that I will get hired to them. I pray that my character reference will give me good feedback as well. Please help me to get the job before the new year’s Lord because I am thinking now of my visa. Lord guide me and help me not to worry on it. I pray for your loving support and guidance. Lead me Lord, amen.

  12. Lord thank You for this Christmas! Bless us all Lord God. I am asking forgiveness for being a weak silly person and help me to be strong. Lord God, I am also praying and asking Your help again for tommorow. I pray I can attend the 2 interviews Lord, and I pray that I will get hired as well. Lord please help me. I know it is Your will and not mine. I am asking your guidance to help me in my battle because without You Lord, I am nothing. Lead me Lord, amen!

  13. I ask for prayer for my daughter because I feel like I have lost her like she wants to come back home but something doesn’t let her she doesn’t go to school doesn’t care about herself Anymore or anything I am so strong but sometimes I feel like im loosing it because I can’t change her

  14. Lord thank You so much for leading my way to the walk in interview earlier. Lord I pray that I will get hired and be able to start the job. I pray Lord that this is the answer and the one You gave for me. Please touch the heart of the employer by your mighty hand to give me the better offer. I pray these all to You our God almighty. Bless this job to be mine and lead me to this job oh Lord God, in Jesus name I pray, amen!

  15. Please pray for my son. He suffers with depression. Help him to get through this. Also that he will do good in school and be more confident about his future and a job. Please pray for him.

  16. Lord God I am still so sorry for what happened and thank you for saving me. I did that because I only wanted to get the job. Lord bless me and that man that is hunger of wordly activity. Lord I know i asked too much already but i know that you have plans in stored for me. Lord please help me to find a good job so i can start the work. I feel so helpless and worthless. please help me to regain my strength and confidence. Help me oh Lord, Lead me Lord God, amen.

    • God bless Nancy with a good healing and to soon be home with the family, Bless Greg with words to comfort her, in Jesus name amen, Thank you father God.

  17. Lord thank You so much for today. I pray that my training on sunday will be fruitful. Lord I am also praying for my ATM that was captured because for now my money isn’t enough. I didnt even sent for my family…Please help me Lord that I will get my atm in less than a month so i can use the remaining money for my training. Help me Lord, Lead me Lord, amen.

  18. Lord thank You for all the help and blessings andsorry for my mistakes. Please help me to be strong. Lord again i need Your help. I got my gratuity yesterday but my card was captured. I am so worried that I csnt take it back because there is still money there. help me that i can get my atm because i will use my money to look for my job. Lord please dont leave me. Help me Lord please. lead me oh Lord, amen.

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