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To pray for others, simply scroll through the requests below and pray as you feel led, or post a reply to the prayer requests of others by simply clicking “Reply” beneath each prayer request.  Please use this forum for prayer, rather than advice, as we simply and humbly do not have enough information about the people or their situations to offer advice.

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  1. Lord thank you for giving me another day and a chance as well yesterday Imee and I had an interview. We are thankful Lord. Lord I pray to You and ask You to please give us the job. I pray me and imee will be hired there. We both needed the job Lord. I know everything will come in Your perfect time Lord. Please guide us and lead us Lord, amen.

  2. Please pray for me and my family. Do to some childhood abuse, I am going through some very tough times. It is something I have kept hidden all my life. But now due to health concerns my Doctor has convinced me to see a therapist. This makes me think that I’m going against God. I have prayed all my life about this, but I finally have agreed to do this. The therapist knows my beliefs, and has agreed to take care of how she handles this. Please pray God will guide me and her. Thanks you.

  3. Lord thank You that I have my passport renew. Lord, I’m coming to you again to ask Your help and guidance for my job. Lord please help me to find a new job because my time for cancellation is very limited now. I know Lord You have plans with me and i am faithful to You Lord. Please help me to have a peace of mind and courageful heart to pass all the test. Dont leave me Lord and Please bless my family in the Philippines as well. Bless me Lord, amen.

  4. Lord, Im so sorry for my sins. I come to You Lord to please forgive me and help me. I have problem with my passport and visa here in UAE. please help me to get extension and a job as well that I will not be put to jail or inprisonment. Please pray for me. Help me Lord, Amen.

  5. God bless all the Prayer Partners who come here. Lord Jesus please visit us here , we need you Lord.
    Please watch over my children, do what I can’t do for them. Bless them in Jesus name amen. Thank you Jesus.

  6. Please pray for my son, James who is going back to his old company for a job. He has had a difficult road to heal physically and mentally from the situation that caused him to leave. I hope he remains strong and succeeds with the help of prayers.

  7. Wife has been having various vision and left eye problems, head pressure/ache symptoms. Sees eye specialist 16 October to bring together results and answers. Please pray nothing serious. Also, please pray my wife can get the support she needs with her Autism and that she can get her stress, anxiety and blood pressure levels down. Thank you.

    • Father in Heaven, nothing is out of your reach, As you healed my son’s eye problem please take it away from David’s dear wife. Father, you are our creator, you created all our body parts, please help this child of yours with her body to work in harmony with your will. Please help the doctors to know just what to do to help her, I ask all this in the name of Jesus, Thank you for your love. Amen

  8. please pray for my son Paul an his family as he tries to deal with depression and anxiety caused by marital breakdown, and especially for Matt their 14 year old son who has a form of autism (PDA) ,OCD and type 1 diabetes. His condition means that he makes demands that if not met lead to rage and self harm. His demand that his father leave the marital home has resulted in my sons suicide attempt. Debbie, his wife, blames Paul for everything and is being very uncooperative to the extent that she herself appears to have mental health problems Please pray that my son and his family (there are two older sons, Dan and Jake) will find Jesus.

  9. I have recently been sent out from my main church to plant a church but have very little resource, i have no job now that i have been sent out, had a heart attack this year $34k solar surgery for that and had double hip replacement surgery this year also another $140k surgery that left me with about $27k debt. I have 3 boys one is just a baby and a wife to care for. We lost our home a few years ago and have been living with family ever since. I am very discouraged lately but have been given a huge assignment from the Lord and i am very humbled by this whole process. We need a home, debt canceled, income and the church property i have been Joshua walking claiming and believing God for for 12trs. With man these things are impossible but with God all things are possible! Love and faithfulness Pastor J

  10. I have a very important health assessment on Tuesday 3 October which has the potential to get me the help I need. Please pray for favour and that I will be able to communicate very effectively with the assessor so that we can find a really good way forward for me. Please also pray for my elderly friend Graham who is having a hip replacement very soon – that all goes well and safely with the operation and that he recovers quickly. Thank you

  11. Please pray for my mother (84 years old). I’ve been telling her the Gospel but she doesn’t believe. Please pray that the Lord will work in her heart to believe in Him and be saved. Pray for her salvation. Thank you.

  12. I feel very ill at the moment and very strange. I am having many demonic attacks. I am confused about what to do. Please pray for me.

  13. Lord, I come to you again asking for your help and blessing. I am here in UAE and I finishes my contract. please help me and pray for me that I can get a new job here. I want to continue my carreer here at UAE and I pray that I can get the job easily that my previous company will not sent me to Phil. Please Lord God pray for me. Help me Lord, amen.

  14. Pray that I will stay strong in the presence of God And will overcome sin everyday and will be set apart and made holy to God. I want to be in heaven more than anything.

  15. Please pray for my family as we are struggling financially. Please that we can find a way to be able to pay the bills. Also please pray for my family that is struggling with physical pain and aniexty and struggles in school and work. Please pray for us.

  16. Please pray for my family. My husband who is still hurting from his accident. My son who struggles with addiction. My daughter who is struggling in school. And we are struggling financially. Please pray for us.

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