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  1. Hi

    My prayer request comes in two parts.
    First of all is for my husband.

    Last year just after we got engaged, we found out his parents are getting a divorce after 35 years of marriage. My mother in law cheated.
    This affected my husband incredibly. He has become hard and distant. He hasn’t spoken to his mother in months and has nothing good to say of her – I ask for prayer for his heart, to soften and show forgiveness and compassion.

    The second part is for my school and our children at the school. I live in a small town in South Africa. The state our country is in is not good. The last two weeks two of our 9 year old girls has been involved with drugs. The girls has been given sweets that has been laced with drugs. There are extreme cases of drugs all around our town in such young children. I am asking for prayer to guide our young learners and give them strength and safety.

    Thank you

  2. I ask for prayer for my job. I need help, their is favoritism and it bring me down. The talk is cheap and hurtful. I ask for prayer that I may find another job with less negativeness and more harmony. Also I pray that God relieves my Moms eyes, they don’t focus and they hurt.

  3. Wife has many health issues and recently saw worrying drop in white blood cell count. She’s also expecting results from a blood test regarding antibodies. Doctors have been very bad at understanding her Autism and communication needs which has left her very stressed further impacting her health (particularly her heart). Please pray for complete healing, for increase in white blood cells, positive results from future blood tests and a breakthrough with doctors in regard to her needs being met. She has a doctor’s appointment on Monday morning so please also pray that goes well. Thank you

  4. Neighbour is moving out and this really worries us as he’s Autistic and understood my wife’s need for peace, quiet and stability due to her own Autism. Please pray for a quiet, stable and understanding neighbour to replace him. Thank you.

  5. Please pray for my nephew who has been spirit filled at a young age and the enemy has deceived him. He has engaged in homosexual activities and has never filled his calling into the ministry. He has also had friends involved in the gay community. He was sweetly saved at the young age of 10 or 12 years old. I also saw you on faster regarding your daughter who went astray.

  6. My Mom (Barbara) is a saved, baptized Christian. 2 months ago she was diagnosed with end stage lung cancer, that had already moved to her lymph nodes, a spot on the liver, hip and T2 vertebra. She did receive radiation for the hip and vertebra, however it destroyed her esophagus, she stopped eating for 10 days. During this time she had a stroke at home, which I (Karin, her youngest daughter, we live together) was not aware of). I knew she was behaving differently, and noticed weakness. I did a neurological exam, I am on disability due to chronic migraine and fibromyalgia. She was weaker on her left. She was admitted to the hospital 2days later, a CAT scan confirmed her stroke, lesions on her brain where the cancer has metastasized, as well as a blood clot. She is now on a walker and oxygen, completely dependent upon me. Allowed to go home a weak later. She has lost about 30 pounds in 2 months, has not much of an appetite and her personality changes quickly. My Mom sleeps most of the day away, since she has no insurance a free section of hospice started coming praise God as I wasn’t expecting help. I am asking for prayers for mercy for my Mom, she herself said she is tired of suffering. I can imagine at 62 to give up all of your independence must be incredibly hard. Not to mention the pain she’s in, or that getting out of bed is a next to impossible task. To humble yourself and have your own child bathe you, well I love my Heavenly Father, still I know these things are hard for my always independent, strong Mom. Thank for taking the time to read our story. GOD Bless you with peace and joy for praying for others needs.

  7. Prayers for all the people on this earth and the homeless the poor the weak… God bless. I would like someone to pray for me and my family we are having a rough time and rough on bills. I know the Lord keeps us in his prayers and thought. I pray and thank the Lord for all he has done to keep me going through life and telling me it will get better. Lord your my strength my sorrow and my healing God is amazing… Amen

  8. Father we are trusting You today. Father God bless Sal, you saw him pray with me today, heal him body mind and spirit, bless the work of his hands. By Your Holy Spirit be with him on the sales calls and bless the customers to want to work with him and his team. Give him THE MIND OF CHRIST. All the Glory is yours Father in Heaven, Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit. We can do nothing without you but make messes. Help all the Prayer Partners that cry out to You each day, In Jesus Name we ask. Amen.

  9. Praying for you, Suresh. May God’s presence, prompting, power, protection, and provision be with you in everything concerning this convention, amen.

    • Pray for Scaramoosh the street cat, injured, maybe hit by a car? Son took him to vet, now on meds and hoping he will make it through, has him in his basement now. God’s creature. IJNA

  10. PLEASE pray for a complete healing of body for James B. He has rectal spotting and a deep pain to the bone in the left side of his hip. THANK YOU & GOD BLESS YOU.

  11. I am Bill and am battling a crippling surgurey fro my spine i am dependant on drugs and have been for awhile now i desperately what to hear Gods voice for my future through this life changing experience i feel defeated and broken i my mind body and spirit i humbly ask for prayer in this and any other situations that hold from Gods will in my life thank you and god bless

    • I ask that the Lord Jesus have mercy on your life Brother Bill, I ask for His healing for your spine and no need any more for drugs. I ask your joy returns as you remember that the Lord promises us that He has a good plan and will complete His purposes for our lives. Do not be discouraged, He is the lifter of your head. Brother Bill I pray you will look for medical help with a heart of thanksgiving as doctors are a gift from the Lord to serve us. I pray today for guidance and wisdom to your medical team to do what the Lord wants for your healing. Good Lord thank you for hearing our prayers. in Jesus name we ask, Amen.

    • Father God, we pray for Bill tonight that if he hasn’t yet experienced You, that he will feel a life changing experience with Jesus Christ as his savior and friend. A friend that sticks closer than a brother. A friend who will never leave you or forsake you. He’s a friend who can heal our spirit as well as our body and mind. lifting us up when we are at our lowest point of despair. As the song goes…”what a friend we have in Jesus. All our sins and griefs to bear. What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer…” Hear our prayer Heavenly Father and lift Bill up tonight and hold him in Your loving arms. Help him to give all of his burdens to You and give him rest. In Jesus precious name, amen.

  12. Please agree with me in prayer. Father God thank you for how you have watched over my grand daughter and brought her through all difficulties to this day. She has graduated from university, I praise You Lord Jesus who always hears my prayers and does more than I can think or ask! Father God she now need to find a job according to her talents and abilities. Father please give her the confidence she needs to face the interviewers and provide the leads to good jobs for her future. I am so very thankful Lord for your tender loving care toward us. And Lord please bless all my Prayer Partners on this site who hope and pray for a good job, bless them. I love you Lord Jesus, Amen.

  13. God bless all the Prayer Partners. The Lord Jesus loves you and he comes when we are gathered in His Name. Keep praying in Jesus Name, Amen.

    • Amen am having financial problem my light about to be cut off I lost my job in April dis year I got sick cause i have Seriuze can pay bills my daughter been helping me but she have her own lil family I get $64 in food stamps but by the grace of God he will make a way so please Sumbody help me please I have high blood pressure I can stand long am just in need for help so please find in your heart to pray for me Thanks you have a blessed day

  14. thank you, prayer partners for your prayers. God has revealed to me a clear decision, and he has helped me in all the other areas too. God is so good. Please pray for my oldest sister and I as we go to visit my sister C, that we will have an open door to talk about the Lord. She needs to come back to Him after many years of running and she is married to an unbelieving husband who is into eastern religions. I pray that her eyes, ears, and heart would be open to receive from God what He has for her. Thank you.

    • Lord Jesus, and Holy Spirit come and prepare C to open her eyes and ears and remove any blinders that would keep her from hearing the TRUTH, HEALING AND PEACE that comes only from you dear Jesus. I thank you that her family is a willing vessel and obedient to deliver you word/testimony as you command us to do Father. Give C the heart to receive the message, mercy and grace 9f love that you have to meet her with right where she is in her life. Knowing we don’t have to be perfect, just willing Father. Yes Lord you are so good to us. That if we are WILLING, you come in and make changes when we invite you. Under your Kingdom of Heaven I declare sister C is loved and will feel your love and willingly invite Lord Jesus into her life to take over. We cannot to anything without, it is with your perfect peace and love alone In this world surely we will have trouble. With you in our hearts and by our side as our truest, one and only foundation, we will not be defeated. Jesus robbed the grave that we would be forgiven children of God. LET YOUR CHILD C SEE THAT SHE HAS ALREADY BEEN ACCEPTED, SHE JUST NEEDS TO CLAIM IT. IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST LET IT BE DONE ON EARTH, IN HER HEART, BODY, MIND, SPIRIT. AMEN! PRAISE YOU FOR YOUR GREATNESS MY KING OF HEAVEN!

  15. Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ. Please Pray for my sons as they negotiate with the bank.. Pray in Jesus name for a good interest rate for the mortgage, that all go smoothly for them and they can move into their new home in God’s Peace. Thank you for all who prayed for Angelo’s double vision, the Lord has healed him completely and he is back to work. Praise the Lord!

  16. Lord my God.. Today i just wanna thank you for every battle i went through… I lost soooooooo much… but yet You are giving it back to me bit by bit and even more… The divorce shook me and my children,,,but YOU are restoring me .. My daughters matric is around the corner…I can see Your hand in this to.. Oh how amazingly YOU are coming through for us.

    • I thank God with you, Lucrecia. Tomorrow would have been my 10th anniversary to my husband. God has replaced the pain with the strength I have found in Christ and the Holy Spirit. I am praying for you and your children. I know how hard it can be on them. May Jesus wrap His love around you all and give you peace, comfort, and strength, amen.

    • Wow amazingly are YOU MY GOD. The matricball was more than I couldve asked for My GOD. IT WAS SOOOO BEAUTIFULL …Thank YOU LORD FOR ANSWERING MY PRAYERS..


      THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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