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  1. Please pray. I have two appointments on Thursday 1 March. I’m not sure what God’s plan is for these but they are causing me and my wife tremendous anxiety and depression. I need miracles for both. I need the morning appointment to either be cancelled early on or to favour me greatly as well as having someone to attend it with. I also need the right answers and help from the afternoon appointment. I really need a miracle from God in this storm. Thank you!

    • Father God, thank you for directing David and his wife to pray together with us. Father we agree together with our brother and sister in Christ that you are here with them by your Holy Spirit and you go ahead to the two appointments to prepare the way for David and his dear wife. Father as we all trust in You, that you have a good plan for your children we rest in You that all is working out for good, because we belong to you. Please remove all fear and anxiety for this family. Please provide the help they need as they trust in you and your promises. We ask all this in Jesus name amen.

      • I agree with all of you in prayer for David and his wife. Lord, let Your peace that surpasses all understanding guard their hearts and minds in Christ Jesus, and surround them with Your loving presence. In Jesus’ precious name, amen.

  2. Please pray for me. I am currently being bullied and oppressed by the enemy and the oppression has filled my house. I am also very depressed and anxious but feel that I am on the verge of a breakthrough in my life. Please pray for complete release from all enemy bullying and oppression. Also for release from depression and anxiety and for me to break through into the breakthrough I believe God has for me, whatever it may be. Thank you so very much!

    • Lord please break the stronghold on this person who is crying out for help. Let them seek your kingdom first and you will give them their heart’s desire. In Jesus name we thank you in advance, amen!

  3. please pray for my new friend J,who has just started coming to church with me . She is very troubled and needs to know Gods love and comfort. She is unsure of the welcome the church will give her regarding her sexuality. I pray for wisdom and that she will come to know the saviours love.

    • Heavenly father, we thank you for your abiding love on
      This friend, let her know your love for her, how great it is that you knew this day would come. We bind anything that would cause her to drift away from the true love of our Lord and Savior, in Jesus name. We thank you Lord, amen!

  4. Father I pray for those who can’t pray for themselves. Devon having an operation on Friday, be with doctors, have mercy, complete healing minimal pain, strength back quickly. Also for Celia, physical health, heal emotions. Josie and her family problems. In Jesus Name Amen

  5. I have been asked to pray for Josie, pray her heart is well, and for physical strength. She is a care giver for her husband who broke his leg and daughter in law new mother had an operation. Josie got sick and had to go to the hospital herself. Pray for rest for her to heal. Amen.

  6. Dear friends please pray for my daughter C who is on her way to a health assessment, may they be guided by the Lord. Father I know you love her more than I do. Please intervene in her marriage also. Soften hearts, I surrender her into your loving hands. Amen

  7. Please pray for me to release my daughter to God, not my opinion,expertise and my know it all. He said in his word, train up a child in the way (s) he should go and when (s)he is old, (s) he will not depart from it. My daughter is smart,kind and beautiful inside and outside. Blessings to all parents, and any and all who help raise children. In Jesus precious name, amen and thank you Lord .

  8. For Vicky who is having surgery this thursday 2/22 for a Brain aneurysm and For Bradford who has been diagnosed wit prostate Cancer.
    Heal Remy

  9. I am in the throws of addiction. Not just from drugs or weed but I’m gripped by whatever vice grabs me. I’m losing my wife. I’m losing my faith. Much of my life as been full of pain. Anything from just plain bullying to sexual abuse(I was the victim)
    If there is a hell I think I’m in it. I am also dealing with constant suicidal thoughts. Almost like a little demon that crawls up my shoulder beating over the head thoughts killing myself.
    So I’m about lose my whole entire life all because I am incapable of handling the pain I drag.

    • Dear Aaron we are praying for you in Jesus name, When we are weak is when we are strong in the Lord, With Christ you can do all things, because He will do it through you. Surrender and submit to God and He will take charge of you for you are His Child. Our God provides help to us through his servants; doctors, nurses, therapists and others who have gone through what you have and have recovered. You can recover just as they have. Ask for help and it will be given to you. Nothing is too hard for God. Jesus loves you and no one can snatch you out of His hands. We will continue to pray for you. In Jesus name Amen. Come here often and pray together and pray for others, too. God bless you.

    • Aaron remember God is with you good and bad, and he is waiting for you to surrender all your addictions/heartaches/unforgiveness to him, in Jesus precious name of Nazareth,we lift precious Aaron up to the creator who knows all about him. We thank you Lord for a special healing and comfort that only God can give. Blessings to Aaron and his family,amen,amen and amen. We love you with Christlike love.

  10. Lisa Chronic illnesses, both attacking lungs
    Rachel that she love herself, not to turn to alcohol
    Rachel, protection from evil
    Jacob health
    The World to be kinder

  11. This is a follow-up to previous prayer requests. Praise God the lump under my wife’s tongue disappeared! Please pray as she’s still waiting for her Autism assessment to come through and desperately needs the help it would provide. Also, she still needs healing of her ladies area. Presently, medicals have been inconclusive re problems there. She has an appointment at SR Hospital in April. Please pray they will welcome her and she’ll receive above and beyond the service and help she needs and for God’s healing of the issues she suffers with. Thank you!

    • Praise God for healing! We are all still praying for God to work in the other areas of your wife’s life and for Him to give you peace and strength.Jesus loves both of you so much and wants to bless you.In Jesus sweet name, amen.

    • Holy Spirit surround your Son. I pray that God leads your son, in moments of clarity, out of his present situation. God bless your Son to come to God. Protect him from all evil. Prayer can be miraculous. God bless you through this also!

    • Father God, we come to You in the powerful name of Jesus, and we ask that You break these chains of drug addiction that are holding her son and his wife captive. Jesus, You said in Your Word in Isaiah 61 and Luke 4 that You deliver us. We pray for deliverance for this son and his wife.
      Open their hearts, their spiritual eyes, and their ears to hear the Holy Spirit drawing them. We pray that You would reveal Yourself to them in a way that only You can do, and that they would turn to Jesus as their source of help, strength and hope. Reveal to them how much You love them, Lord. Help them to make wise choices and bless Cathy for her devotion in praying for them. All this we pray in Jesus’ name, amen.

  12. This is a follow up to a previous prayer request. I have a few very important health assessments coming up. The first two are on Thursday 15 February and the third is on Thursday 1 March (delayed from 1 February). These have the potential to finally allow me to get the support I desperately need to move forward in my life. Please pray for favour and a positive outcome. Thank you very much!

  13. Please pray that a person will be moved by the spirit to apply for the vacancy of full time minister at our church in the uk. Thank you.

    • God bless the surgeon’s hands to be guided by the Holy Spirit. Lord Marilyn’s eye will be safely corrected and heal well and quickly. Please bless skill of surgeon, efficiency and safety of staff assisting, lack of pain and a speedy recovery. Amen

  14. Prayer request:
    Heavenly Father, we pray for Eric and Greg, and all the rest of the ministry staff, and their families,that You would continue to give them wisdom and guidance, provision and protection, peace, love, and hope as they reach out to many who are in need of the love of Jesus and His restoring power and healing. Bless them for all the work that they do and fill them to overflowing with Your overwhelming presence and joy. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

  15. Please pray for my family as we struggle to keep my son on the right path… My husband who has been out of work because of injuries, my job having lay offs and keeping my daughter’s anexity about everything going on…. We are struggling to make payments on bills and with stress of it all not breaking down … Please pray for us

    • Please bless this family with prosperity, Lord. Prosperity how ever you see fit. We know you work your divinity out in your own time, please know this family seeks you now and soon, we pray dear Lord. Bless kindnessses and blessed people to interact with this family. {Writing down prayer and what you need, often helps me. Answers come quickly sometimes} Lord, guide this family to where you need them to be. Let the light of your Son shine grace upon them. Amen Try to not think too much of tomorrow, in these rough days, today is enough. God tells us that in the bible. God bless you! Amen

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