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  1. Please pray for my husband, my son Ben, and myself as we continue to struggle with the sudden and tragic loss of our son, Nick (age 29) in a drowning accident in our neighbor’s pool 4 mos. ago.

    • Sister Patti, we are praying with you dear mother. We lift your tears up to the Lord, He will put them in his bottle. Pray with us whenever you need to, we are here to cry with you.
      Father God please comfort this dear family, they really need you Lord. Amen.

  2. I have a very important health assessment on Tuesday 21 November that has the potential to finally allow me to get the support I need to move forward in my life. Please pray for favour and a positive outcome. Thank you very much!

    • Father God, your son David is dealing with a health assessment. Father you know what he is up against, you have a plan for his life and you promise never to leave him or abandon him. Your word says you are his Shepherd and mercy and goodness shall follow him all the days of his life. Please work with the people making this assessment and give favor to David in this time of need. Thank you Father, amen.

    • Father today we cry out to you to do something for this family, they need your help now Father God. Father you know who has the power in this son’s life to get him the help he needs, Father we are not trusting in man but we are trusting in you to touch the hearts of man. Lord prepare the way for this dear son of yours to get the help he needs. Bless this dear mother and her husband to stay close to you and to surrender themselves into your loving hands, Father send your words and heal this family. Peace to this home in Jesus name amen.

  3. December 4,2017 is the day of my left foot surgery. I am anxious. Please pray it all goes well and I heal quickly.

    My husband works, so working with his schedule to take me to my surgery, two post op appointment is stressing me. I do feel at peace, but would llike your prayers.
    I also am highly sensitive to gluten. I pray I know how to tell him to keep me safe if he has to bring me food at night.

    I will be home alone, so pray I rest, heal and get along good.
    God is good and I love Him and trust Him. I was given the word Trust this year by the Holy Spirit. It is my go to word.
    Thank you and God be with each of you.

    • Father in heaven you know how our sister Renee worries about these surgery appointments, you know all her anxious thoughts. Father please make a way for all the appointments to go smoothly for her and her husband, if you would please also touch the heart of some friend or family member to help Renee and her husband in their time of need, Lord help them as they reach out for support. We thank you in advance the surgery is in your hands and all will go well, we pray for a quick recovery and we pray all this in Jesus name amen. Thank you Father God we do trust you, help us to trust you more. Amen

  4. Please pray for healing/clear results for my wife who has a variety of concerning symptoms in the whole ladies area and now has also found a small round lump inside part of this area too. She also has an MRI scan on her head on 28 November to see if there is a tumour as she has presented with a very mild numbing sensation on the left side of her face. Please pray for an end and breakthrough to all these ongoing happenings. Thank you so much!

    • Father you said to make our request known to you with thanksgiving. We thank you for loving this family and we thank you for this praying husband. We ask for healing for this wife and for clear results on all tests for this dear wife. We ask this in Jesus name amen.

  5. I have three grown children, my youngest has had some major downs. I ask for prayer for my youngest son that his steps would be guided from this day on by God. I ask for prayer that he would have a major turnaround in his life. In his mind and circumstances. I pray that his spiritual inner being would be lifted up by God. I ask for prayer that the Lord would supply all his needs according to his will. I ask for prayer for his life to be so that he would walk with God and totally trust in him. In the Name of Jesus! Thank You!

    • Lord hear this prayer and keep this family in your loving hands. Give our sister Shirley the desires of her heart. Amen in Jesus name.

  6. Prayers for my son in the NAVY and my daughter living on her own. We are estranged due to divorce and they are no longer in church. I pray they find their way back to GOD then back to me their mom. Prayers for restoration and forgiveness. ~thank you~

    • I believe in the power of prayer. Trusting God to lay his hand on you family. Praying they return to Him. Praying for protection from the world.
      Praying you feel God’s love every day.
      Stay strong Janesa. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

  7. Please pray for God’s healing hand to touch my wife, Angela. She is constantly in pain from back injuries caused by a severe auto accident in 2008. Additionally, doctors have been unable to find the cause for constant pain in her lower abdomen. We have undying faith, and we know the prayers for her, by many are heard and always answered. We believe God can and does perform miracles.
    God Bless the Ministry,

    • Lord you love Angela, you know exactly what the problem is, please reveal it to the doctors, Father heal her body and give her a new start. Bless Dan in all ways. Peace to this home in Jesus name. Thank you for hearing our prayers, amen.

  8. Please pray for Chris, age 31, an electrician, who is in a coma after contracting a mysterious infection about 2 weeks ago. This past weekend, surgeons had to remove both of his legs below the knee, and both of his arms below the elbow to keep him alive. Please pray the Lord has mercy on Chris and helps him as only God can at this point.
    May God Bless,

  9. Can we all pray for Ely tonight, she has MS, is in a wheelchair, she has faith she will walk again. She is a wife and mom to a little boy. Lord please give this mercy to her, in Jesus name we ask

    • Thank you, Grace, for that word from the Lord. It is my prayer today that believers will not grow weary or faint in their walk with the Lord, but be renewed in their minds like Romans 12:1, 2 and be strengthened as in Isaiah 40:31. “Heavenly Father, I pray that You will keep them strong in their faith in You and in what Your Word says, and know that You are able to move mountains and break the strongholds in our lives and the lives of our unsaved loved ones. May our prevent prayers accomplish much, James 5, and may there be unity and love in believer’s lives and their families. In Jesus’ precious name I pray, amen.”

      • Sorry, there is a typo in there. It should have said fervent prayer avails or accomplishes much. Although, I do believe that being in an attitude or state of prayer without ceasing can also prevent many harmful things. I pray today that God will stir His people’s hearts to fervent prayer and a longing for His presence, not just on Sunday or Sabbath, but all day long.
        Hebrews 13:5 says that He will never leave us or forsake us. What comfort to know that the Comforter is always with us. Praise God.

  10. Please pray for my wife Unica she is suffering from high blood Pressure and high pulse rate but now when she eat blood Pressure medicine and heart pulse contral medicine she feel dizzy and not feel good she sleep very less every doady and suffering, please pray for her complete healing and deliverance and long lfie full age blessings.

    Please pray for my little daughter Neriah and Abigail both fell sick cough and allergy and fever they catch again an dagain this problem please pray for ther complete healing and long full age blessings and great future on this earth pray GOD may bless them with salvation.

    PRay for Rahual and his brothers all are suffering from forefathers sickness and poverty and financial problem and fear of death and sufferings, pray for complete healing and complete deliverance and financial blessings and long life and full age blessings and protection.

    Regards, Rahual

    • Lord God Almighty nothing is too hard for you. Today we present these needs to you, you are merciful and you are love, help this family . Please heal and remove any evil influences.

  11. My son is struggling since he came home from a hospital for substance and mental health. Yesterday he tested positive for drugs. I need prayers that he will get the help he needs. He is resist and also talks about suicide. Please pray for my family. We are financially struggling. My husband is trying to recover from a motorcycle accident. My daughter sees all the fighting and she is only 7. I need the guidance to do the right things for my family. Please pray for us!

    • I am praying for you Cc and for your son and husband. Ask for the Holy Spirit of Jesus. He will guide and He will heal your family and He will help and comfort you Cc, We are all praying for you dear sister. He will never leave you.

    • Father in heaven please have mercy on this dear family , they belong to you . You love this son more than his parents can, you love him unconditionally and you will show him the way out of his troubles. Father draw him closer to you and show him Jesus that his heart may be changed. Fill his heart with peace and joy from you. Take away any wrong though , take away all fear. father touch this dad’s body and heal him so he can return to work, take away the stress from their lives. Father help them to hold your hand as they deal with all the hurt and give them all your strength, in Jesus name we ask this amen.

      • Things are not stable in my house. It is very frustrating. I pray to God for guidance and help. I don’t know what else to do. I need to protect my 7 year old from seeing all the fighting but my son is not stable. I have reached out for help with counselor and doctors and the state. I don’t know what else to do but pray but I am sorry I can’t stand what is going on in my house. I need prayers I need peace!

        • I had some peace today. I don’t know how long it will last but I know that I am very grateful for God and the many prayers to at least have had this time to get some peace. Thank you I will still continue to pray knowing that I can’t do this without God!

        • Father God, let your Holy Spirit fill their home today with your peace. Jesus, you spoke to the raging sea and said “peace. be still”. We pray for Cc and her family, God, that the storm and turmoil in her home would cease and be still. Put angels there to protect them. Deliver her son from drugs and addictions in the name of Jesus, and provide opportunities for him to see that you are what he’s really searching for. Open his heart to receive what you have for him. God will make a way where there seems to be no way. God, we trust you to make a way. Reveal to him how much he is loved by you, Lord, and let there be love and unity in that home. We pray this in Jesus’ powerful name, amen.

  12. may the almighty God touch James and heal him in Jesus name coz I know our God has never failed and he will not fail, get healed in Jesus name. he said ask and u shall receive,knock and the door shall be opened for u, seek and u shall find. and we are asking u God that u heal him in Jesus name so that your name should be glorified.thank u Jesus for hearing our prayer in Jesus name I pray amen

  13. Please pray for so many members of my family going through health issues, relationship issues, job issues, living conditions, anxiety. The next few days will be stressful and we are asking our Lord Jesus for comfort and healing for all.

    • Father in Heaven we put this family into your loving hands, Lord you know what they have to face in the coming days. Lord may they feel your presence and fear to leave them. We love you Father, thank you for everything, bless Mary, amen.

  14. MANY thanks for praying for Aaron (entry 10/21).

    Aaron has been admitted to a mental hospital and is scheduled for a series of electroshock treatments done under general anaesthesia.

    Aaron and his wife want to experience God in all of this trauma and have a future and a hope … and are not sure how to do so.

    Aaron is in a safe and caring environment and experiencing a level of medical complexity that is difficult to comprehend.

    Please pray that Aaron and his wife would reach out to skilled biblical counselors as well as competent and wise medical staff.

    Please pray for a future and a hope … however God would intend that to occur.

    Thank you.

  15. Please pray foe Grace and Dinia that their hearts find comfort in the loss of two men who were major parts of their lives. A father grandfather and a Husband stepfather…may Gods calming hands ease their hearts and allow love to fill them again.

  16. please, pray for our Young Life ministry with the teenagers in Riga, Latvia: that God would guide us where He wants to, that He would give us courage and faithfulness to reach out to more teenagers, to build bigger team of true Godly leaders, and that we would pray more and search Him more and more every day as the team.

    • my God I come before your throne right now, my God I pray for the young life ministry that u help and guide them, without you there is nothing that they can do, strangthan tham God. give them wisdom and knowledge just life u gave Solomon, God they have given themselves to u that u may use them please help them to stay faithful to you and never to backslide in Jesus name I pray amen

  17. Dear Prayer Family, my sister in law Josie is in hospital with pneumonia, please lift her up to the Lord for healing and may she quickly be sent home to her family, pray the Lord puts a desire for Him into her heart, pray she reaches out to Him in her time of need. Thank you for your prayers, bless this website in Jesus name, amen.

  18. PLEASE pray for a complete healing of body for James B. He has rectal bleeding, fatigue, and pain in his legs and back. THANK YOU & GOD BLESS YOU.

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