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  1. Wife had MRI scan 20 October 2017 resulting in burning sensation on forearms, groin and abdomen. Groin still swollen/sensitive through to throbbing kidneys. Wife anxious and has nausea, appetite loss and raw digestive system. Please pray for complete healing. Hospital staff helpful but key manager wasn’t. Please pray for favour and to be believed. Please pray for reply from woman from independent complaints organisation as really need her support. Wife is due another MRI in next two weeks on head at different hospital but very worried about procedure. Please pray for God’s wisdom for whether to go ahead with it and that if we do it will go well.

  2. Lord I witnessed to unbelieving relatives just now, I know you hear me, glorify your name with power, let what I said not just be words, that they my be won for you, In Jesus name I ask for this. Family Salvation I stand on your promises, amen.

  3. Disabled Veteran seeking surgery for an extremely rare spinal condition. I ask for prayer for healing and knowing God knows my needs I ask Him to guide my path when selecting a surgeon and hospital.

    Prayers for my daughter who has been living with her boyfriend. Please join me in prayer that they both will seek the Lord and have a change of heart and actions. Please also pray for my grandchild for protection as he is stuck in the situation with my daughter

  4. Dear Prayer Family, I have to do so much office work and need to be able to focus and get it all done before the due date. Asking for Jesus to work through my hands so I will be able to do what is needed for my family. Thank you for praying, God bless you, Amen.

  5. I ask for prayer for my husband, he has stage 4 lung cancer and has now been put in Home Hospice. I still pray for the Lord to heal him. I also pray the Lord will have mercy on him and bring him comfort and peace.

    • Father in Heaven we thank you for the strength you give to our sister Nedra as she serves her husband during his time of greatest need. Lord we thank you he is not alone, he has his loving wife close at his side. Father we ask you look on this dear husband and have mercy on him. Lord comfort him with your Angels all around him, give him the peace he needs in his heart and in his mind, let him rest in your care for him. Lord we ask healing for his body, send pain far from him and help him to eat and drink. Father you have good doctors and nurses who love you and so we ask those attending this husband receive the wisdom from above, that they would treat him as their own brother. Thank you Father, you never leave us alone in our troubles, help our sister Nedra and bless this family in Jesus name, Amen.

  6. Please pray for relief and repentance for my friend Aaron who is contemplating suciede. He has attempted to murder himself once before. He is in his 30s, recently lost his father, feels useless. He has been offered both Christian, secular, and medical resources but finds nothing helpful. He claims to be a believer… but states that because of a learning disability the Word confuses him. MANY thanks for praying.

    • Father God, we come to You in the powerful name of Jesus. We bind any evil spirit of oppression that may be causing Aaron to feel helpless, hopeless, and confused in the name of Jesus Christ. Your precious blood covers him, so we pray that You remind him that You died on the Cross to carry all this pain and suffering and to set us free from sin and death. Cover him now with Your blood, Jesus. Remind him that there is no sin too great for You to forgive and that Your love and mercy goes far beyond what our human minds can imagine. We ask that You put guardian angels around Aaron and that Your Holy Spirit will minister to his heart. Minister comfort to him in this time of loss. Send Christian friends to uphold him and disciple him in understanding Your Word. open his understanding and reveal to him the love that You have for him and the hope for a future. Jer. 29:11. Renew his hope and set him free from feeling useless, giving him a new purpose in You. Thank You, Father for his friend jcf, who is believing for a divine intervention. All this we ask in Jesus mighty name, amen. We love you, Aaron.

    • Romans 10:17English Standard Version (ESV)

      17 So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.

      Father we pray this dear fellow believer can hear your word spoken to him so he can have faith, save him Lord Jesus, Amen.
      Blessing on jcf for lifting him up to you Father God. Amen

    • Heavenly Father, You know the whole situation here. i ask that You would surround Aaron with Your presence and let him feel your love and comfort. Give him peace, strength, and hope. Jesus, I know that You can touch a person’s heart whatever level of understanding that they may have, Your love for them does not change. Reveal Yourself to him and show him the great love that is found in accepting You as savior. Give him hope and a purpose to go on. Thank You for sending him friends who care and can be there for him. In Jesus name, amen.

  7. please pray for my boyfriend as he went into surgery on Monday for a massive mass in his nose no results yet we receive them on Friday morning. also please pray good results and a healthy recovery

    • Lord this prayer is for Michael, Thank you for providing medical care, thank you for the surgery, we ask for complete healing in the name Jesus our Lord and Saviour. Father help this prayer partner to see your hand in this situation, bless her Lord, take away all fear. We praise your Holy Name, Amen.

    • Father in Heaven, we come together today to ask for your healing touch on our brother Carlton. Father you know how he struggles with the back problems, Father we along with his dear wife Malinda ask in the Mighty Name of Jesus our Lord and Saviour for mercy over this man’s body. Lord restore him to the strength he had before this all took place. Father give him the strength to work and move around freely again. Thank you Father you always hear us when we gather together to pray. We love you . Amen.

    • Father God , our prayer partner sister Cathy needs you to step into her life, in your kindness and mercy please help her with the problems at work, she needs money to pay the bills and all of this is causing stress at home and with the ones she loves the most. Help her Father in all ways.

  8. My youngest granddaughter, she is 19 month old and has been stricken with the Flu. I ask for prayer that her body would be healed and protected and cover by the Lord, throughout her life. “In Jesus Name”.

    • Lord we agree together for blessings on sister Shirley’s sweet grand daughter. We cover her with prayer and wash her with the precious blood of Christ for a complete healing, Lord touch her little body , amen in Jesus name.

      • Thank you, your prayers was graciously received and answer by our Lord and savior JESUS CHRIST. My granddaughter was sprouting around in 3 days, her father who is my son took her sickness and he was down and sick. He is beginning to recover he was very sick. So, I ask for prayer for him and healing.

        • Thank you Father for the healing, we ask the same for the daddy, thank you for blessing this family so much, We love you Lord. Thank you.

  9. My son Sal is self employed, working so hard, asking for favor with a new person in charge at one of his job sites. Touch her heart to see he is a good worker and to be on his side. God is for him, you all prayed for him when he started this new business and God has blessed him and business has grown. Thank you dear friends for praying, God bless you all. Amen

    • God bless you all for praying for Sal, as always when I put him on this prayer site he is so blessed in his work. Today this same person he was worried wanted to fire him made a turn around and offered him a very big job. Thank you Jesus and all my wonderful prayer partners!

  10. Thank you Father God for giving us this place where we can gather together as your children. Your word tells us , when we do that you are here by your Holy Spirit. Help us Father we need you every moment. Forgive us our sins, help us to live in peace with our families and friends and with our enemies also. Help us to be the people you want us to be for your names sake, so they will want what we have, You. Thanksgiving will come to you Father. Father help my prayer partners today, some are sick, some need jobs and money and food. Some are lonely and need a someone to love them like Jesus. It’s not good for us to be alone. Father I know you are working everything for our good somehow, give us the faith to trust you more as we wait for your answers. Father, here we are, tell us what to do next. Father, we love you. Thank you for helping us today. Amen.

  11. Please pray for my family. Also help to guide me to make the right decisions. It has been very difficult for my family financially and emotionally. My husband was in an accident and my son has mental and substance abuse issues. Please pray for us.

    • Father God have mercy on our sister Cc who needs you. Father God give her strength and ideas for how to keep going under the circumstances. Remove the fear from her heart as fear is not from you. Father let her rest in Jesus as you Lord do what she cannot. Send a helper for the family, someone after your own heart to come along side and bring words of wisdom and a good plan. Father I know this will pass for my sister and better days are just around the corner because you will not leave her in the mess, YOU ARE WORKING FOR HER GOOD, in Jesus name amen.

      • Thank you for your prayers. I am really struggling to get through. I am trying to make the right decisions. My son sends to be making steps to stay out of trouble with drugs but he also has ADHD anxiety and on the spectrum of autism which makes it harder… My husband was in a motorcycle accident which is struggling trying to walk. My daughter has ADHD and is struggling in school… Financially it is tough. I am trying my best but just breaking down each day trying to stay focused on God. Please continue to pray for us.

  12. Dear Prayer family, A friend’s mother who is a recent widow is transitioning into a smaller home and into a new city to be near her daughter, help her to accept a smaller home and to work with her daughter in a peaceful way. May Peace and Love rule in this situation, the Lord has a purpose for why she is moving to the new city, may she be blessed of the Lord. Amen.

    • Hear this prayer, dear Father, and let it be so. Let there be love and peace, and a smooth transition. Whatever the purpose may be, I pray that You will do a great work by Your Holy Spirit, in the lives of the daughter, the mother, and everyone in the family. Romans 8:28. Thank You, Lord, in Jesus name, amen.

  13. I would appreciate prayers for me as I take my daughter’s boyfriend to a funeral in the inner city tomorrow. I need a safe trip and he needs prayer for the grief of losing his dad. Pray for the family and the decisions they are making on whether to ship his body somewhere far away or not. Also, please pray for my daughter who hasn’t come home yet and is probably drinking somewhere with a friend, and has probably spent the car payment money. Pray for her safety and that God can reach her heart somehow and deliver her from the messes that she gets into and that I have been dealing with for the last 13 years. She has gone back into unhealthy life choices and I pray that she will go to a Christian recovery group and come back to God’s ways and begin to make right choices again. I pray that she can get straightened out because her son needs her. Thank you and God bless you.

    • We are praying, Father God we ask you for you to cover our prayer partner and protect the whole family, never let the go, Lord save them from the evil one. Lord we ask you to intervene and we ask in Jesus name. Amen.

    • Thank you, prayer warriors, for all your prayers. My daughter came home in time, she had not spent the money, I did not have to go out of town, and she is going to get help. There are still a few things that need straightened out, but I believe God will make a way for her to do the right thing in that situation, too.
      Please pray for my other daughter, who was on fire for God, and excited about things of God, but had a bad experience with a legalistic, phony boyfriend and has become discouraged and not trusting God like she should , and doing her own thing. She is having some health issues, and I am praying that she will want to go back to church, read her Bible again, and most of all, spend time in prayer like she used to do. I pray that she will call out to the Lord to help her in this trying time that she’s experiencing. I pray that she will feel and realize the immeasurable love of Christ for her and His mercy.

      • Thank you God, and thank all of you for your prayers for my oldest daughter who has begun to open up towards the things of God again. Her health seems to be improving and her attitude is beginning to change. Please keep praying for her, though. Pray that she will pray and begin to seek and trust the Lord again for her life and for a better job in which she can get a car and get back into a church family. Pray that she will realize how much He loves her and wants what’s best for her. I know that we can never truly comprehend how deep God’s love is for us, but I pray that she will experience His presence with her and return to the faith that she knew and even stronger than before. Thank you.

  14. I am praying for Tommy’s request today. Lord Jesus, let the truth come out and let this rightful inheritance be available for this family. Lord, you fight our battles better than we do. Please intervene for this family. In Jesus name. Give them wisdom and strength.
    Please pray for me. The Lord has promised me an inheritance, not a material one, but a good one. There are hindrances spiritual, and human, arising, and giants to overcome, because someone is trying to block what God has for me, for us. I have spent hours and days, and weeks, and several years in prayer and faith over this. God has worked ,and is working, and will continue to work in this matter. I believe that. It’s so tempting to grow weary in waiting, and I was just thinking about running away for awhile to hide and cry. The Lord led me to come on this site this morning and when I read about the Tommy’s request, the Spirit of God spoke to me and said, “Don’t give up. Have I not promised you? Believe. Nothing is impossible. Rest in me. ” So I am holding on to the Lord and waiting. Thank you for praying for Cindy. it has strengthened me today. We serve a great God who is able to do above and beyond what we could ever ask or think. He has plans for good for us. Thank you for praying. I pray that all hindrances to God’s good plans for His children will come down just like the walls of Jericho did. God is with us always. In Jesus name, amen.

  15. I pray for Cory, grant him the gifts of perseverance and persistence. Open doors for a good job in his field, he has worked so hard. Bless Cory in Jesus’ name I ask this, bless his family. AMEN

    • Please continue to pray for Cory, that doors open for the job the Lord would have him do at this stage in his life, may the Lord use him for good and break any evil plans formed against him. Bless him and give his mind clarity and wisdom from above. I ask this in Jesus name Amen. Thank you dear prayer family.

  16. Please pray that cindy and family win the contested will. A neighbor created a fake will and due to poor advice they did not fight it originally. However a wonderful lawyer took one look at it and said “you have all got to fight for your uncles true will”

    Her Uncles inheritance would have helped her and her family so much-and that evil woman that lived next door has stolen everything-pure evil

  17. Lord please help me tomorrow to send the TV boxes back to the company in the correct way. I pray they explain clearly how to do it and I can tell my in laws how to do it. In Jesus name , amen.

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