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  1. Please pray for me with earthly doubts and dispare. Our family has been through an extraordinarily difficult time with death, widows and orphans. I have been trying to lift up my family, yet in my silent moments, even in prayer a dispair and doubt invade my consciousness and take it over. I need to keep Jesus next to me and I am not studying as i should. I would pray this self doubt and confusion about biblical passages will leave me and help me restore myself to a place of peace with the Lord. Thank you.

    • Father we ask blessing on or brother and his family at this hard time. Father we ask you give your Holy Spirit that he may be able to understand how much you love him. Make your word alive as he reads, open his eyes to your truth, In Jesus name we ask amen.

  2. Please pray for my son. We have him home from a rehab for drugs and mental health. He has been struggling even with counciling. Please that God will lead him on the right path and that our relationship especially with his father will get better. Please pray for us.

    • God bless you Cc, for your enduring love and persistent prayers for your son. God can deliver him. Never give up.
      Father, we ask you, in the name of Jesus, to deliver him from any addictions that are destroying his life. Let his heart be open to what the Lord wants to do with his life, take away his desire for these drugs and things, change his heart, giving him new Christian friends, and restore his thinking. Let him have a clear mind and a desire to fellowship with believers in a good church. Give them all hope and a new determination to be victorious through Christ. Jesus, You are New Life. Reveal Yourself to him. In Your precious name, amen.

    • My prayer is to aid me in dial a ride transportation I’m trying to go forward in getting a normal alcohol free life..thank you

    • Father you never give up on us and you finish what you start. Bless our sister Cc and her family, sustain them with your words, bless this son to grow into the man you want him to be as you have a purpose and a plan for him. You will use all this suffering for good in your time and we will praise your Holy Name Amen.

  3. Please pray for my son he has a court date today he could go to jail I pray this leads him to rehabilation he is a addict and almost died two years ago he was found in a ditch unconscious for 3 days he has several health issues nerve damage included I need prayer he has accepted Christopher into his heart please pray for him that everything goes according to God’s will thankyou

    • Father we come along side our sister in Christ Fern today as her dear son faces the court . Father we trust that he is YOUR son, he has put his life in Jesus hands. Father help him, you know what is best for your son at this time in his life, your heart feels compassion for him, you have a good plan for this son and his family. We ask your will be done alone, you are our shield and our protection. Surround this family with guardian Angels on all sides, and help this son to got through to the other side of this ordeal and find healing, a new beginning and bright future. Father all things are possible with you by our side. We ask and agree in Jesus name amen.

  4. please can you pray for my son simon who may have to have surgery for his chrohns, he his very depressed as he is only a young man, as a christian myself i can not seem to find the words to comfort him.regards william.

    • Father thank you for this loving father William who has reached out to you before the doctors decide what to do for his son. Bless our brother William’s prayer. Father we want this child Simon to be free of pain and we want him to have a good life on this earth, Lord may YOU make the decision whether he will need surgery or not. Speak into the heart of the doctor what to do, fill his mind with your wisdom for this illness. Guide the doctor Lord. Heal Simon. Lift up this child’s heart out of sadness, show him a good outcome for his future, show him you have a good plan, we ask in Jesus name amen.

  5. Please pray for successful, complication-free surgeries for both my adult daughter’s on August 7. Pray that one daughter be found cancer- free, and the other daughter may be able to walk with no pain after recovering from her surgery. Thank you so much for all you do for so many.

    • Father today we come together as a family for our sister Susan and her dear daughters. Father we know you hear us when we pray in the name of Jesus our Lord and Savior. Through Jesus we have unrestricted access to your throne of Grace, through Jesus we can bring all our burdens fears and request to you. Father help our sister today as her daughters face surgery and recovery time. Lord we ask for good news from the doctors and we ask all this in Jesus name amen.

  6. Friends, can you all agree with me for my dear mom in her eighties, MRI shows a spleen artery problem, she will go to the specialist to see if something to be done or just monitor. I pray we can trust the doctor’s advise but not without putting him in God’s hand first. May the Lord heal her completely before she goes to the specialist. May the Lord give Dr. wisdom and Christian love in his heart for my mom as if she were his own mom. Bless my sister who will be there with her to ask good questions. Thank you brothers and sisters. God is good and His will be done for us in Jesus name amen.

  7. Father God our sister in Christ, Mary is reaching out to you according to your will for us to bring all our requests to you in prayer with thanksgiving. Father redeem all these struggles that were meant for evil but you turn them for good for this dear family, especially the daughters who are your daughters first! Lord if they are ill send your word and heal them now, I wash them with the shed blood of Jesus for forgiveness and by his stripes they are healed. Thank you Father God for your love, mercy and provisions, amen.

    • Carolyn, you are a treasure in God’s eyes, Jesus would leave all the sheep to look for just one lost one, and why wouldn’t he stop everything to come to rescue you and your family? Father God thank you for hearing our sister Carolyn’s prayer request. Help her and deliver the family from what the evil one tries to bring on them, to keep them from you. You Father are greater than anything the evil one tries and we will have the victory through Jesus our Lord and Saviour Amen.

  8. Please help pray for me, my family and marriage. My husband and I have been separated for two years now. And we have been going through a divorce for three years now. Please pray for the restoration and reconciliation of my marriage and family. I was recently baptized on 7/31/17 and have asked that God restore my heart and that he uses me to help bring my husband closer to him to soften his heart so that we can work on our marriage.

    • Father this dear sister has put her life completely into the hands of Jesus, and you promise now one can snatch her out of your hand You love her, you are her shepherd and you call her by name. Father have mercy on this family, forgive them Lord, help them. I ask in Jesus name, I agree with my sister that her marriage be reconciled, that the divorce be reversed. Father make this a turnaround time for my sister and her husband. Nothing is impossible for you. We ask and agree in Jesus name amen.

    • Heavenly Father, You love J & M and their children so much. I know how devastating divorce can be for everyone. Restore their relationship, their marriage, their family. Bind them together in love with cords that cannot be broken. Jesus, You are the Healer of broken relationships and the author of forgiveness.Give them all the strength and courage they need to go forward as a family and to grow deeper in You, Jesus. In Jesus name I pray amen. God bless you. I will keep praying for your husband and you.

  9. Dear Prayer Family, my heart is heavy for my daughter Celia, I wash her with the blood of Christ for healing, thanks for prayers in Jesus name amen. God bless all of you, may he have mercy and provide for you. Amen.

  10. Respected brother/sister i request to you prayer due to need your prayer, i will be meet with canara bank manager tomorrow one special work of,bank manager for housing loan purpose i already transfer my housing loan from canara bank to Statebank of India Burdwan when i purpose of housing loan bank manger ask to me you are not submit your land conversion certificate but i already submit when i taken first housing loan bank manager loss my conversion certificate so , please pray for bank manger &Jesus bless them , that i can gate land conversion lost certificate that i taken 2nd housing loan thank you.

    • Thank you Father God that you are above all things, even this bank and this manager. Father please in Jesus Name honor this prayer with a successful loan for the housing. Father in Jesus name we agree and clear out all obstacles, we ask the manager find the certificate or a new one be obtained and all problems go. thank you Father Bless C. with all that is needed for this problem, amen.

    • Dear Heavenly Father, You know this situation with the land, the transfer of it, and the certificates involved. We know that You are in control, Lord. We place this whole situation in Your loving hands, Father, and trust You to take care of it. By Your Holy Spirit, guide these meetings with the bank managers in the way that You would have it go and let things work according to Your plan. Let all the finances work out and let this lost certificate turn up in Jesus. name I pray, amen.

  11. For a while now, I have been praying and looking for stimulating employment that would also provide finance for the family as I have been ‘stuck’ for so many years. A possibility has come up, for which I thank the Lord, but there seem to be numerous bureaucratic obstacles in the way. I am ashamed to admit that I am in a constant state of anxiety even as I take this issue to the Lord in prayer.
    I thank the Lord for this opportunity but I am looking for guidance as how best to proceed and for barriers to be broken down.

    • Father we gather together in Jesus name to lift up our sister Grace in her time of need. Father please reassure her heart today that you are good and you have a good plan for her life, you will never leave her or abandon her. Father your word says that if we delight in you, you will give us the desires of our heart. We trust that this desire for a new job comes from you and you will help her find it. We thank you Lord for all you do for us in Jesus name amen.

  12. Dear Prayer Family, I just want to thank you all for praying for me and my family, I pray for each one of you as well. God bless this prayer ministry and all the prayer warriors. Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there with you, said Jesus. He is here with us right this very moment, walking among all the prayer requests. Touching our bodies, minds and spirits. He is healing and prospering and helping us to produce the fruits of the Spirit. Thank you Lord Jesus. Bless and sustain all my prayer family today. Amen.

  13. Jesus you know what I’m going through!! Just give me the strength to get through this. It’s only so much hurt a person can take!! Lord just lead me in the right fire I’m tired of crying!!

    • “The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him and he helps me.” (Psalm 28:7)

      Father God, in your mercy and kindness please come to visit our Queena, she is having a really hard time, but when we remember you are with us we feel strong. Show her you will take her to the other side of this trouble and it will soon pass . Thank you will make her stronger than ever, in Jesus name we ask this for Queena, amen.

    • Heavenly Father, let dear Queena feel Your loving arms through all this. Give her a peace in her heart, a peace that passes all understanding, even in the midst of hurt and tears. Fill her heart with a song about You, Lord. Let worship rise up in her spirit, giving her strength and hope. God, we put all these things in Your hands, trusting You to work it out somehow. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

    • Jesus loves you, Michelle, and He can and will set you free from drugs and alcohol. Father God, we come to you in the powerful name of Jesus, We pray that You will give Michelle complete deliverance from these addictions and any other addictions that are destroying her life. We thank You, Jesus, for what You did on the Cross for forgiveness, deliverance, and healing. Take away her desire for these things and fill her life with the presence of the Sweet Holy Spirit to empower her to overcome temptations to go back to these things. Fill her with Your love, peace, and joy. Heavenly Father, send her some really great Christian friends to be a good support to her and show her love and discipleship in Your Word. Thank You, Lord, for her faith in You. All these things we pray in the precious name of Jesus, amen. God bless you, Michelle.

      • I agree with you for this prayer in Jesus name amen. Lord use this child of yours Michelle for your good, to help others.

  14. Please pray for the strength and healing within my marriage. Pray that we will be able to stay strong and love each other through the good and bad, and that neither of us will ever give up.

    • Lord, marriage was your idea, we will trust that you will sustain this marriage as Josh keeps his eyes on you. Your word says You mercies are new every day, give this couple the grace to forgive each other at night and to start over again each morning with a clean slate,. Fill their home with laughter of every kind, may they enjoy life together with you in the centre, Amen.

    • Lord Jesus, You know this situation. We don’t. Put angels around Evania, and minister to her by Your Holy Spirit, giving her exactly what she needs to resolve this situation . Melt her anger away and turn it into praise to You and forgiveness. Strengthen her faith in You and guide her in the path that You would have her to go. Thank You for her, lord, and reveal to her today the great love that You have for her. Send true Christian friends to be a support to her and bless her. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

  15. I need God to talk to me I need to hear Him tell me He is with me in my challenges and that I’ll come out of them even more victorious.

    • Dear God, speak to Mathos today. If he has a Bible, I pray that you will reveal yourself through reading the Word. There are so many great promises to hold onto. If Mathos doesn’t have one, I pray that you would send him one, Lord. Speak to the heart of Mathos and give direction. Open his ears to hear your voice. If we have invited Jesus into our life, he said he would never leave us or forsake us. Speak to Mathos in the way that you see best, God. I came to have a relationship with Jesus 48 years ago, and he has never left me or let me down . He has helped me through many challenges. Please, God help Mathos to know this in his heart.

  16. My name is Sally, last year I went on a mission trip to Kenya. I went to be a part of a team to help build a large dormitory to improve the lives of some children who are disabled and some are not. The finished building is beautiful and has amazing views. But….my prayer request is: please help me to raise enough money to be able to buy them water tanks and guttering and solar panels to get electricity so that they don’t have to go to bed at 6 o clock when it gets dark. They have literally no water and they cannot do any homework once it gets dark. They are so poor, have very little nutritious food but they have amazing love for Jesus and they trust God for everything. Water and electric are just the basic fundamentals of life!!! for the solar panels I need to raise £2750 and for water I need to raise £1300. I have raised so far £1424 but it has been such hard work to get this. Please pray that I can somehow find an easier way to raise these funds. One little boy especially has stayed in my heart, his name is Enoch, he has no feet I desperately want to help them. Thank you and thank you for being here for us all to send our prayer requests. God bless you.

    • I pray that God will help you find a way to help the people in Kenya and may he bless you for being so kind and generous.

      • I agree in prayer with Laurie and Sally, that God will provide the money to minister to the spiritual and physical needs of the people in Kenya. Provide them with the water they need. Father God, raise up people to help, to donate their time, and their money, and to show the love of Jesus to them. Lord, be with Enoch in a special way. In Jesus name, amen.

  17. Please pray for Edda. She just had surgery to remove a brain tumor and is facing a challenge. She has a deep faith and is a devote Christian. Pray for her complete recovery.

    • Heavenly Father, bless Edda today. Thank You for her deep faith in You. Thank You for bringing her through this surgery, We pray for her to have a complete recovery and for Your strength to help her get through the challenges that may lie ahead or are related to this surgery. We know that You love her so much and are watching over her in every way. Give her Your peace and continue to do a marvellous work in her life. In Jesus’ precious name, amen.

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