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  1. PLEASE pray for a complete healing of body for James B. He has rectal bleeding, fatigue, and body pains. THANK YOU & GOD BLESS YOU.

    • Father God we stand together and agree with our sister Sandra M for the complete healing of James B. Lord you know what the source of the problem is, it was by your will the James was born into this world for your purposes. Father this illness is making him weak, so please FATHER WE ASK YOU TO REMOVE THIS ILLNESS FROM IT’S ROOTS. Set this child of yours free in Jesus name . We agree it is your will to heal all of our diseases and to forgive all of our sins. for Christ’s sake. So we wait expectantly and with hope for you to heal James B. James B will know how much you love him. Thank you Father God, amen.

  2. Please pray for Randy. His Mother and Brother are members of the church I pastor.
    He is 34 years and had a massive heart attack and is listed in a critical condition.

    • Father God we don’t know how to pray, we are so helpless against a massive heart attack, we are shocked that it could happen to one so young. Father help us by your Holy Spirit to bring this dear son and brother Randy to you in prayer. We ask in Jesus mighty name for healing and that he should be returned to his mother healed and strong, his mouth filled with songs thanksgiving to You. We want a miracle Lord, we want You to bless the prayers of this Pastor Mitchell and his church to see that You are a very present help in times of trouble. We ask that your promise not to leave us or abandon us be evident to all the members of this church. We ask this in the name of Jesus our Savior. Father thank you for Pastor Mitchell and how You work through him daily. Guide him and fill him with your Holy Spirit, amen.

  3. I am A. I’m doing B-tech. Brother once I use to pray to God day and night.But suddenly I went away from God.I lost everything in my life.l lost my peace and everything. I’m a complete failure in my life. I have betrayed God.This thought comes to my mind every time. I am shame to myself and my family. I’m fed up of my life. I want to live life according to God will.But Satan is not letting me do so. He has taken all over me.Plz pray for my forgiveness and blessings. Thank you very much. May God bless you and your family abundantly.

    • Praying for A for strength and purity. Lord, A’s words define precisely my own until 4 years ago, when I found Jesus. Lord, The Devil is an active force Lord in our world who tries to destroy as many souls as he can in order that they serve him. Lord the Devil is here yet Lord, the Devil is nothing to be afraid of Lord as Jesus will accept you if your heart is open. All you have to do Lord is say begone to the Devil and yes to Jesus. The Devil wanted Jesus to worship the Devil and he just said no. Lord Christ is calling on all of us who ask him to save us and he will. Even from the start, with you Jesus in our lives will start to change….not in one day but gradually. I have learned the above and pray for A. Lord forgives our sins if we are truthful with him. In Jesus’s name I pray for A.

    • Father in Heaven please hear this humble prayer in Jesus name forgive and heal A. Give a bright future. The old is gone , A is a new creation in Jesus name amen.

  4. I ask for prayer for my youngest son and his partner house. There was so much disruption in their house yesterday. Spirits had been attacked. I ask and pray for peace among those that dwell in their house. Let, love and happiness reside among them. The little one bless her with sweet peaceful sleep. May the Lord keep her covered in his blood. May the Lord bless my son to a good job and bless his life. May he look ahead and leave his past behind. May those strongholds be released in the name of Jesus.

    • Father I ask with this dear mom that you would cover this son’s house with the saving blood of Jesus our Lord and Saviour. You Father are the Shield around them. Bless this mom to continually pray for her loved ones, we agree with her prayers and we believe that Jesus Himself intercedes for us. Thank you Father God for everything, we know you hear us as we pray for each other. Amen.

    • Father in Heaven we ask you to show Sathish how to earn money, how to save some and how to spend it wisely. Bless Satish to have money to share with the poor. The Bible says who gives to the poor , lends to God, You will repay. Thank you Father God for all your promises to us, Bless this money in Jesus name amen.

    • Father God our brother John is crying out to You from Kentucky. He needs your help. You have seen everything that has happened to him and it is your heart to help him, You never leave us or abandon us in our troubles. Father help our brother John to see You are with him and nothing can happen to him that you will not help him through. Remove all fear, it is not from You, You love John and You are making a way for him out of his troubles. Thank you Father, we ask this in Jesus name. Amen.

    • Father God, be with John wherever he may be at this moment. Give him the peace that passes all understanding and guard his heart and mind in Christ Jesus. Let him feel Your sweet Holy Spirit presence and help him with whatever his needs are. You can do all things and You love John . Thank You, Lord, for John.
      Give him protection and guidance, in Jesus name I pray, amen.

  5. I need players at home and work, I’m going through divorce and it’s nasty as if both of us are not Christians. At work it has been bad for the past 4 years God has shut every door I’ve ever knocked on in the past 10 years. I desperately need God to talk to me there’s so many doubts about whether God answer’s our prayers.

    • Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and minds. Phil 4:6-7

      Lord, please walk through this divorce with this follower. Help both of them make Christian decisions in a very difficult time when evil creeps in. Please provide peace as only you can. Help this job situation to be tolerable and provide healing, perseverance and most of all renewed faith. Difficult times call for an abundance of faith and patience and I pray you grant this. Please allow vision of You different times during the day. Please let your presence be known and felt. There is hope and joy in the Lord and this too shall pass. Help us Lord to not lean on our own understanding, but to KNOW that your way is the right way, even when we can’t see it. You are there and you’ll never leave us.

  6. My body gets stiff and hurts, mostly my feet and especially the right foot. My eyes hurt. especially the right eye. Please pray with me for the Lord to heal me and renew my youth like the Eagle. Psalm 103. What do you want me to do Lord?

    • Know Grace, that others are praying for you at this very moment.. I have read that and thus pray for you that your spirit be calm and your body be well

      I would pray for you that your body be younger and thoughts crystal clear. When our bodies are disturbed by pain and age, our thoughts can still remain as clear as when we were younger.

      I pray the lord send Grace to you Grace and I pray in being given one more day, we might all meditate and pray for God’s guidance, and so that our behavior be aligned with Almighty God and Our Savior, Jesus Christ. Praying for your wellbeing Grace–

  7. Please pray for a 25 yr. old girl who even though she was raised in the church and knows about God, she accepted Christ when she was in grade school, is not putting her trust in God for her life. Things in her life are messed up and she’s afraid and frustrated. I have talked to her about the Lord, and she’ll even go to church with me, but she isn’t crossing the line to a recommitment, or asking Him for help. Last night, her sister called me because she discovered that this girl has been cutting herself and there were marks all over her arm. These are not tracks for drugs, but cutting herself. I know she feels stuck in this situation, but we serve a big God who can do all things. I am praying that she will see that.
    Making things right is not easy because of her son’s father, and she can’t do a lot of jobs because her back is out of wack from being beaten up. Her current boyfriend is okay with going to church and treats her good, but he has not crossed the line to being a believer yet. (Only God knows for sure) They both like to drink beer too much. Please pray for her, spirit, soul, and body, and for me, so I that I will have wisdom and guidance in talking with her and being able to pray with her. I will be seeing her today. Secular psychology is not the answer, Jesus in her heart is. She has had a hard life, but He has brought her through many things. He can change her heart and move mountains, and heal her, if she’ll let Him. Please pray for her sister too.
    She’s doing some things that ae not spiritually healthy and she is also having some physical problems.

    • Thank you Father for our dear Prayer Partner Concerned, you will not waste anything this person has done or will do in your name for this lost child and her family. Father make a way to draw the family to Jesus for repentance and a new start. Nothing is too hard for you Father. You have begun something in this family and you will finish what you start, and nothing will be able to snatch them out of your hand. Thank you Father, we love you because you first loved us, when we were helpless you came to us and rescued us out of the grip of the evil one. We will praise your mighty name with Joy in our hearts, Amen.

  8. Please pray for my sister who has told me that her life is swirling out of control and that she feels in the midst of a major transition. Her son died suddenly last year at the age of 39 and her grief has been heart rending. She said that she feels very drained and exhausted right now.

    • Father please visit this family in your mercy and comfort this dear hurting sister, comfort our brother Phil as well. Father nothing is impossible for you, touch her broken heart and heal her. Father I don’t understand, but I know You. help this dear family out of this pain in Jesus name we ask this amen.

    • Heavenly Father, You know how difficult this situation is for Phil’s sister. Hold her in Your loving arms and bring her comfort. Help her to trust You in this and give her Your peace. Let all things work out for good. Even though it’s sometimes hard to see with our eyes what Your plan is, help the whole family to deal with this and strengthen them by Your Spirit. Let her feel Your sweet presence right by her side, dear Jesus, and give her hope in her heart. In Jesus’ precious name I pray, amen.

  9. I need prayers for my son. Please pray that we will make the right decisions… And help him get get well with his mental health and substance abuse. He needs to see how drugs will destroy his life. Please pray that he will see this.

    • Father today we come along side our sister Cc for her dear son. Father he can’t help himself, he needs you Lord to help him with this hard time in his life. Father help him to see how many people are caring for him and his future, open his eyes to see the love from his mom and dad and all the doctors and counsellors that you provided for him because you love him. Put a hope in his heart that there is a good plan for his future and all this will pass way. Lord touch all the people you have given the job to care for him with your special wisdom, so they will understand exactly what he needs to get better. Father take all the fear away for Cc’s heart, replace it with confidence in her trust in you that you will never leave her or abandon her. Father we stand in prayer together as a family in Christ, thank you for hearing our prayers, in Jesus name we ask all this Amen. Father you always hear our prayers in Jesus name.

  10. Hi, I am asking for prayer for my grandmother. The doctors have done all they can do. Thank you so much. God Bless.

    • Lord we pray for Lauren and her dear grandmother today. Father may they feel you are there, present every moment. Thank you Father, you are our healer, have mercy on this grandmother, keep her safe in your arms, remove any pain, fill the family’s heart with your Peace. Bless Lauren today, amen in Jesus Name.

  11. Father God you know all our needs today, we are crying out to you because you sustain us, you are our provider, you love us as you love Jesus, I found all this in your word the Bible. I ask you to watch over your word to perform it in the lives of my fellow prayer partners and me. Thank you for everything , I know you are ALWAYS IN CONTROL and nothing surprises you, You know the end from the beginning and YOU ARE LOVE. Thank you Father we rest our lives in you, We have nothing to fear. Thank you for loving us. Amen.

  12. Good afternoon, please I need prayer for my spiritual life. I seriously need fresh fire upon my prayer altar. I need God’s favour for my studies.

    • Heavenly Father, we pray in the precious name of Jesus, for Shade. I pray that You would bless him/her for the desire to grow deeper and deeper in their relationship with the Lord and in their prayer life. Provide for Shade’s needs, Lord. You said in your Word in Matthew 3:11, that Jesus would baptize us in the Holy Spirit and fire. We pray that as Shade lifts his/her hands to Heaven in worship to You, thanking You, Jesus, for all You’ve done and yet to do, and for new Oil in his/her spiritual lamp, that Shade will receive a fresh refilling of the Holy Spirit like never before and a fresh fire in their heart to serve You. God, You said in Acts 1: 8, that we’d receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon us to be witnesses and do Your work. Fill Shade to overflowing with Your Spirit like in Acts chapter 2 and I Corinthians 12, Lord, and put a song in Shade’s heart. Help Shade with their studies and let Your Spirit flow out of Shade to others, showing them the love of Jesus. Jesus, be a shade to Shade when it seems like a dry, thirsty land in our soul, Jesus, be that River of Life, the Living Water, that quenches our thirst and restores our soul in You. All these things I pray in the name of Jesus, amen. God bless you

  13. Please pray for me and my family I need God to increase my pay check that I may be able to meet my bills I’m asking that God will bless me with a new position one that I enjoy going to; keep my child covered in the blood of Jesus. I also ask that if it is God’s will that he grant me my our home within the next year. Lord please help me to be that Christian woman that you’ve called me to be help me to be a betted leader for your people. I’m asking all of this in the name of Jesus the Christ.

    • Father we thank you for Michele and how you will bless the world through her. Father keep her safe and bless the work of her hands, thank you for the good plans you have for her and her family. ” surely goodness and mercy shall follow her all the days of her life” Psalm 23. Father you are our provider and we wait and trust in you. Bless Michele today financially, thank you for this in Jesus name amen.

  14. I need prayers and guidance from God. My son has been hospitalized for mental health and substance abuse. The hospital that he is at says that they can not help him anymore. They want to send him home but he still has thinking that it is ok to do drugs even though he says he will not. I dont know if i should bring him home or find another facility for him. I need to keep my home and him safe. The physical abuse when he was home is very scary and i can not have that in my home. I want him to be home but my heart says that if he is home nothing will change and we will be in a worse situation than we were before. I need prayers to make the right decision for all of us. Please pray that i will find the answers.

    • Father, we know You love cc’s son so much. Give her clear direction on what to do in a difficult circumstance where she my feel helpless. We ask You to restore his mental health and right thinking , we ask for You to bring him out of these things that are bringing him down, and to restore him to a life-giving relationship with you, Jesus. Give her Your peace and wisdom in these matters. We thank You, Lord, and we ask these things in the mighty name of Jesus, amen.

  15. Hi I need prayer to completely defeat lust in my life and the after affects, it has been a source of many of my problems, thank you very much for your prayers… Blessings to you! Andy

    Also… I need prayers so that I can go to bed early, so that I can be productive during the day, also that I can pay all my bills off. And get out of debt, so that I can give generously to deserving ministries… I also have a court case coming up I HAVE to get ready for, and Rosa getting married! Reconciliation with my daughters. And a good relationship with my Ex, Thank you very much for the prayers… amen… blessings to you!… Andy

    Further…I would like prayers so that I could start talking to ex-girlfriend again and have a good relationship with her and her daughter, and that she would be on fire for God! And if she is not the one, then to find a Godly wife.Thank you very much and blessings 🙂 Andy

    • Lord bless and help Andy through the blood of Christ, Keep Andy close to you lord and tell him what to do, give him your wisdom and guide him to the life you have planned for him from before he was born. Your word says you have already prepared good thing for us to do in this world, reveal to Andy the direction he should go, in Jesus name we ask this , Amen.

  16. Please pray for better sleep for me and my family. I am shattered, stressed and feel low at the moment. I desperately need my sleep at the moment especially for my wellbeing but my eldest son (16) is disrupting the house by staying up too late, as is my husband who has completely different sleep patterns. It is taking its toll on me. I have tried explaining and discussing the benefits to family members but it is still happening repeatedly. We do have a lot of issues in the house at the moment which no doubt influences this – redundancy; exam pressures; depression etc. Thank you for your prayers.

    • Father in heaven please make your presence known to this family, visit the home by your Holy Spirit. Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is, There Is Freedom – 2 Cor. 3:17 … Father bless this dear sister, husband and young son with the sweet sleep of the loved ones. This family is loved by Jesus and we ask this in Jesus name Amen.

  17. I ask for prayers for me to find full-time employment that will help me provide for my family now and in the future. I have been actively searching for a long time and I do not know where I am going wrong! I am crying out for guidance and enlightenment and refuse to give up because I believe the Lord provides in abundance for His children.

    • Father you are our Provider, please give an excellent job to our sister Grace so she can do your will and provide for the family you gave her. An excellent job is on the way, in Jesus Name Amen!

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