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  1. Let’s pray for Lovely today. God, I haven’t seen Lovely on here for awhile. I pray that You will minister to her wherever she is by Your Spirit. Provide for her needs and give her joy and peace and bless her abundantly. If she needs healing, we pray for that too. In Jesus precious name, amen.

    • Father I agree with je, today we ask you touch our sister Lovely who always prays for each of us so faithfully. Lord you know all that she needs, we pray for your provisions for her and her dear family. Father watch over her by your shed blood. If she is feeling down please lift her up and give her your Joy and peace in her heart. Bless her in every way, we ask this in the mighty loving name of Jesus our Lord.

  2. Father please help me find peace in my job as it is a crucial time for this dept. I also pray that my daughter is happy with her current situation and will find goodness in all of it. Please help my jOE stay and like his journey with school and having a job. hELP MY BROTHER IN HIS CURRENT HOME AND ALWAYS PROTECT HIM FROM ANY EVIL AND GOSSIP OF THIS PLACE. HELP HIM LEAVE THIS PLACE. pLEASE HELP MY SISTER FIND HER WAY IN HER LIFE WITH HER SON AND PARTNER. hELP HER BE AROUND IF IT IS YOUR WILL. HER SON BE A BETTER LISTENER AND SCHOOL AND STOP WITH HIS ATTITUDE AND GAMING.

    • Father hear this prayer and relieve our prayer partner from all worry. Lord we put all these request before you knowing you are Love and you mercies are new every morning. We ask you to intervene in Jesus name amen.

    • God, I pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to work in these situations. Lead and guide each one of them in the path that You would have them to go. Protect them, Lord. You know everything about them, every hair on their head, and You love each one of them dearly. You take care of the sparrow and Your children are so much more dear to You than even that. Give anonymous the peace and wisdom in his/her job, and extra faith to believe for a miracle in whatever they need from You. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

  3. Our Father, hear this prayer in the name of Jesus. Please look at Cc’s situation and have mercy on this family, you know how important it is for her husband to have a job at this time. Lord please have mercy on him and please make a way for him to have his job back or to get another as soon as possible. You see Lord they need the money now to pay for the hospital expenses. Father we know that you are in control of everything, we ask for forgiveness if we sometimes do things of our own understanding, please show the family what to do. Bless this son to be healed in Jesus name, a new beginning for him Father. Please Father help our sister Cc to stay in Your Peace with her eyes fixed on you Lord Jesus, we know you never leave us or forsake us and you have a good plan for this family. In Jesus mighty name we ask this , amen.

  4. Please pray for my husband who has lost is job. We need to be able to provide for our family especially since I have had to commit my son to a hospital for mental health and substance abuse. We need to find a way. Please keep praying for us. And that my husband will find d a good job soon that will help us.

  5. Dear God I have eating disorder bulimia. I have been struggled with it for the past 6 years. I am in great pains both physically and mentally. Please help me, heal me and rescue me.

    • Father be with our sister May, give her the strength from you to resist. Lord in Jesus name I take authority over this disorder bulimia and I tell it to obey the name of Jesus and leave our sister now. I wash her in the blood of Jesus for healing and we surrender this problem into your hands, we place May into your loving arms for You to heal her, all her sins are forgiven on the cross, she is washed clean of this illness by Christ’s blood shed for us all. in Jesus mighty name we pray, amen. And we thank you, You are working on our behalf, we thank you continually amen.

  6. Please pray for me
    With god’s grace i got Ph.D .the time period for the course ends by the end of this march 2017.
    But i have not completed my synopsis meeting.Kindly pray for me so that it gets completed within this month.
    Please pray for me to complete my course.

    • God can make a way for you C.P. trust him with your whole life and stay in God’s peace, we are praying for a good outcome and you fulfill your purpose in Christ, God bless you.

  7. I’m going through a painful break up and chronic back, hip, foot and knee pain, and need to lose a lot of weight. Thanks for your prayers.

    • Heavenly Father, give healing to Bonnie in her back, hip, foot, and knee. Help her to lose the weight she needs to lose to help her be healthier. Father, let her know that she is beautiful because she is your daughter and that You love her. Heal her broken heart and work all things out the way that You, Lord, would have them to go. Give her a peace that surpasses all understanding and give her the strength she needs, physically, spiritually, and emotionally, and help her to be that shining light for You. All these things I pray in the precious name of Jesus (who is always there for us and will never leave us), amen.

  8. Please pray for my family. We are sending my son to a hospital for mental and substance abuse. Please pray he gets the help he needs. Also my husband is in great of losing his job. Please grant him the comfort that he needs for today to get through this and that he doesn’t lose his job so that we have the means to give my son the help he needs. Please pray!

    • Father thank you for your promises are true in Jesus name you never leave us in our troubles, Father You go before us and you are our rear guard. You love this son more than we can imagine and you have a purpose for his life and will never abandon him. Thank you Father for his fathers job, Lord take away all fear as we know yo will be the mighty provider for this family. Father please give your peace to our sister Cc as you are holding the family in your arms and all this will work out for good and for your glory. Father we ask for complete healing for this dear son, in The name of Jesus, amen.

      • Thank you for praying for us.. My son is in the hospital that he needs to be to receive help. Please keep praying. I know he has only been there a few days but he is still in denial. He needs to find the path to getting healthy. Please pray that he start accepting the help and get on the right path to a better future and that he will be clean of drugs and his destructive behavior. And give us strength as parents to help guide him in this journey.

        • Father we along with our sister Cc thank you this son is in a safe hospital. Lord help his mind to clear quickly, Lord grant him the grace to see the truth that he may accept the help available to him. Lord we ask you to make the way for his healing. Father touch the doctors and nurses to make a good connection with him, to know his heart and help him, May they treat this boy as their own son. Father I know you have a good future for this son, You will use this to make him strong, what was meant for evil will turn out for good, in Jesus Mighty Name Amen. Father I wash this son’s mind with the blood of Christ that was shed for him. Amen.

    • Father God our brother Sean needs you to protect his job, Father you see all that is going on, nothing happens with out you seeing it, so please in Jesus name we ask you to intervene and correct any wrong thinking and sort out the problem for Sean so that things will be better than ever before. Father give him your peace as he lets go and lets You handle this. In Jesus Name we ask Amen.

    • Father our sister Katherine is reaching out to you, Father send your word to heal her from sinus and ear pain, In Jesus Name the sinus cavity is shrinking down to normal and the ear is unplugged, thank you Father God, Amen.

  9. My oldest son is about to lose his ride to work as the person found a better job. I ask also a better job for my son, but until then he needs ride to work and back, YOU ARE HIS PROVIDER IJNA 🙂

    • Please pray for my son Angelo, for God to provide carpooling at work or to provide a job near his home, I ask this humbly in Jesus Name Amen.

      • Thank you Father God and all prayer partners, one person has offered to carpool with my son so he does not lose his job, but he will need to get to work 1 hour earlier and wait till his time to start work, Father please touch another heart that starts at the same time as he already wakes up so early as it is. This will be so hard for him, but your will be done Lord. I’m just asking if possible. Thank you for praying. In Jesus name I ask this amen.

    • Father strengthen our brother Hugh in his spirit in Jesus name we ask this as one praying together, hear our prayer for Hugh and in your mercy answer us, Amen.

  10. I want to thank my Father in Heaven and my prayer partners for my son is recovering very well from appendix operation, I am asking Father to help him get back to business and remove all obstacles form his going forward with prosperity and joy in his work. I thank Father for giving him and his brother a home of their own, may Father also provide the means to finish renovating it. Thank you Father God you are so good to us, I ask for blessings from heaven for them in Jesus name amen.

  11. Please pray for my family. I have had to put my son in the hospital for drugs and his destructive physical abuse to himself and my husband and I. He is only 16 yrs old. I need help and guidance. He needs help. Please give us the answers to do the right thing. Hello guide us. Please pray!

    • Father God we thank you that our sister Cc’s son is in a safe place right now, Father please give the doctors and nurses and his dear parents the knowledge to help him. Father show them the root cause of all this and what the next right thing to do is.
      Father we thank you that he is receiving this help so early in his life, we thank you he will over come this temporary setback in his development. You see tomorrow and you have a purpose and a plan for him and his parents. We ask you to bless this family and you will turn this around for their good and Your glory. Thank you Father for what you are about to do for them . We as a prayer family agree together for this dear son in Jesus mighty name, Amen.

      • Thank you for your prayers..I have child services working on a plan to get him into an hospital that will help him. Please keep praying that he will be accepted into this new hospital for help. If they force him to come home he will only be back to the destructive behavior that we saw before. I have a 6 yr old that I need to protect too from this. Please pray that he gets the help that he needs. Please God help us with the words that he gets into this facility to get help. Please don’t stop praying for my family.

    • Father, we ask you in the name of Jesus, that you guide and protect cc’s son. Let your Spirit speak to his heart and mind. Deliver him from this path of destruction and let him find true love and peace in just knowing you, Jesus, as his savior and best friend. Intervene in this situation and give him healing so that he can be free of addiction, sin, and excessive prescription drugs. If he needs some meds, Lord, let it be minimal and effective, but we know that you can set him free totally. Give him a job and send him supportive Christian friends who can mentor him and that truly care about him. If he is in a hospital, Lord, we pray that you let him feel your presence and love, Jesus. Give him strength and faith to believe you can set him free, heal him, and bring him home. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

  12. Dear God please rescue me, heal me and help me. I have both physical and mental suffering. Life is so hard. Please rescue me, God.

    • Dear Father, in Jesus’ name, we come to you asking for healing for May. Let the healing warmth of Your Spirit flow down over her from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet, giving her physical healing and renewing her mind and emotions, and filling her with a renewed spirit in You. Be her rescue, Jesus. I’m reminded of Psalm 23 where it says that He leads me beside still waters and He restores my soul. The whole Psalm is a beautiful picture of our loving shepherd watching over us. I pray this whole Psalm for May, Lord. Watch over May, and give her peace in her heart and mind, knowing that You will never leave her or forsake her. In Jesus name, amen.

  13. I am Phil. I request prayers I have someone who owes me 13000 USD. I deposited a house and failed to pay the balance. I now need prayers to get my money back.

    • Lord we ask for your mercy in this financial situation, please touch the heart of the person to give the money back to our brother Phil. Father we ask this in your mercy and in Jesus name amen.

  14. Hello my son is 31 years old, and yesterday doctor said he had copd. He is a smoker. He also drinks to much. I have been praying for sometime. But he had something done to him as a child, and was not aware of it only a couple of years ago. I worry he does not enjoy life. And feels if he dies it would be ok. :(. So please pray for him that he wants to live, so he can get help. Thank you God Bless. His name is Dave.

    • Father your son Dave is precious in your eyes, you know him and all that was done to him. Father we ask you send a helper to help him live this life the way you want, in the Joy of the Lord. Lord help him to forgive the past and go forward, give him your Holy Spirit. We ask you to also bless our sister Margaret, give her the right word to speak to her son, touch her lips. Father forgive us all our mistakes and give us all a new beginning, in Jesus name amen.

  15. Hello I was interested in sending my prayer concerns I am struggling with a lot of issues can you all pray for me that I come back to God and keep his words in my heart I am also struggle with a lot of physical pain I want to come back to the heart of my own worship thank you all for you praying for me

    • Thank you, Lord, for Frank’s heart that’s reaching out to you for help. Dear Jesus, restore Frank’s relationship with you and strengthen him in your word. Deliver him from the pain he’s feeling and by your Holy Spirit, let him overcome these things that have been weighing him down. Replace it with Your love, joy, and peace. Flood his heart with worship for you and help him get into a church that preaches the Bible, is filled with loving people, and that can help him grow in You.
      In Jesus name, amen. Jesus loves you, Frank and has been waiting for you with open arms.

    • We agree with Frank today for all the desires of his heart, Father God please bless our brother Frank today in Jesus name we ask it. Father tell him what to do to remove the pain, send help today in Jesus name we ask this healing, amen.

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