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To post a new request, simply scroll down this page and enter your prayer request where it says “Share a Comment” (or “Leave a Reply” on mobile devices). This page is moderated continually, so your request will be posted on this page as soon as our moderator sees it. For confidentiality, please use first names only when mentioning other people in your requests, and also for yourself.

To pray for others, simply scroll through the requests below and pray as you feel led, or post a reply to the prayer requests of others by simply clicking “Reply” beneath each prayer request.  Please use this forum for prayer, rather than advice, as we simply and humbly do not have enough information about the people or their situations to offer advice.

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Thanks for lifting up your brothers and sisters in prayer!

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  1. Please pray for me. Am going for us scan. Please Lord cure my fibroid. Help me to conceive and deliver a healthy baby. Prise the Lord

  2. Dear Church. Please prayer for my businessness and our immigration to Canada. Hsve not made an income for nearly 8 months now. Im also battling with depression.


  3. Lord God Please help me to find a part time job here in dubai or in abu dhabi. I need to send money to my family and son in the Philippines by the end of this month. Also please guide my sister in her board examination today in the Philippines. Please help me Lord, amen.

    • Father God please bless our sister in Christ Jel today, you know all her needs and responsibilities in this life. Guide her and protect her and the whole family. Thank you Jesus for your provisions. Amen

  4. Please pray that My boss Vanessa will quit singleing me out and being rude to me. Pray that I learn to love myself and pray that my daughter gets through her surgery and heals good and the same for me. Thank you God Bless

  5. Lord God please help me. I pray that I will get the part time job there in abu dhabi. I need to get extra income for now for my family so I can send money for them. Please give me a positive and great result for the job offer. Amen.

  6. Asking for prayer for my daughter, Amber who has had difficulty in conceiving, I ask that she be fruitful as God has stated In the name of Jesus – AMEN

  7. We need emergency prayer for our friend Jayne. She is suffering greatly and has been in pain for a very long time. She is considering suicide imminently. Please pray for her not to take her life and for God to heal her completely and absolutely from everything she suffers from. Thank you!

  8. Please pray for my daughter to stop using illegal drugs, cigarettes, lies, & to find a job & become a better Mother to her son & respect her Mother.
    In Jesus name I pray for all demonic forces to leave her.
    Amen. Thank you.

  9. Heavenly Father, we thank you for Titus, and we pray that You would bless him, provide for him, and protect him, giving him wisdom and guidance in all that he does for the kingdom of God. In Jesus’ name, amen.

  10. My wife is continuing to have health issues such as circulation problems, random spasms and burning sensations in her legs and troubles in her ladies area. Please pray for complete healing and the best medical help and attention available. Thank you!

  11. Please pray for my family. We are struggling with my daughter who is having trouble with school and hurting herself. My son with addiction issues. My husband had an accident and he just went back to work but is hurting. Money issues in trying to pay the bills and my husband’s truck that needs repairs. Please pray for us.

  12. Please pray for my friend Ken who was diagnosed with cancer and has only six months per dr. Please pray for my friend who is fighting to keep her license to work due to unfortunate circumstances. Please pray for my husband who is taking an exam on March 1st that he may have the confidence in himself that he knows the material and will pass this exam to help him with his job of caring for others.
    Thank you & God bless everyone

  13. Please pray for healing for the circulation problems in my wife’s legs and for us both to make some really genuine and lasting friendships. Also for us to find a reliable car and enjoy greater levels of intimacy with God. In addition, a friend called Aijaz is having major surgery on Tuesday 27 February 2018, please pray he survives this, heals well and finds Jesus. Thank you

  14. Please pray for me. I feel like I’m heading to the far country. And pray for my kids, that they will not go the path of the far country. Please pray for my friend Angela who has health problems. Thank you.

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