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To pray for others, simply scroll through the requests below and pray as you feel led, or post a reply to the prayer requests of others by simply clicking “Reply” beneath each prayer request.  Please use this forum for prayer, rather than advice, as we simply and humbly do not have enough information about the people or their situations to offer advice.

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  1. Friend Jayne has worrying burning in stomach from unknown substance mistakenly ingested. Please pray for peace/healing. My wife Clare has concerns and symptoms with eyes/head/fatigue. She’s seeing a specialist soon. Please pray peace and that it’s nothing untoward.

  2. Lord I’m praying for my monthly menstrual period will come this month with no problem. Lord please help me to renew myself being a sinner. Help me Lord,I love You Lord, Amen.

  3. I need prayers please as I am facing adversity at work, being treated as a dark force that no one must address to. I need help with prayer to not let the enemy win and for me to enter despair and depression. I need for God to show me a new path or redemption in this current environment.

  4. Pls pray for emotional healing for Kelsey and forgiveness from pain and hurts of her past. Pray she can experience Gods inner peace and a positive spirit and soul. Praying for restoration of her inner joy and peace and be made whole. In Jesus name! Amen!

  5. My parents are visiting on 15 July and things are difficult between us. Please pray that it is a good visit. Also, our neighbour is moving out this month. Please pray for a quiet and understanding neighbour to move in because my wife needs the quiet for her autism. Thank you.

  6. This prayer request is for my son he has battled addiction for at least 10 years I heard he recently was in hospital for overdose I pray everyday that the angels protect him and he wants to live i ask God everyday to send someone into his life that can reach him thanks for prayers

    • I have been in the place of your son. I am definitely praying for him! No matter how much pain he goes through or what actions he takes be sure to know God is with him. Realizing his never-ending love is what brought me out. I’ll pray for you (family) as well but i know your son’s battle more.

  7. I need prayers also because I remember who rapped me when I was 14. It’s haunting me. On top of losing everything I am surely not sure how much deeper you can drown.

    • I’m sorry for your hurt. His grace will uphold you however deep you go. You will never get out of his reach however much you drown because He is with you. “if I make my bed in hell, behold! Thou art there” psalms 139:8
      I will pray for ease of your pain.

  8. Where do I begin. My relationship of 4 1/2 yrs ended terribly. He grabbed me and hurt me. We are fighting this in court. I had to move out and have no place, I raised his kids and he won’t let me see them. I loved them beyond the earth. I am living from hotel to hotel. I am running out of money. I need to find a place to live. I am drowning here. My ex said/ texted bad things to me. It’s been eating me up. I don’t see a reason why I should live. Maybe i am a terrible person or like my mom said it’s me. I am the problem. Maybe I am a waste like my ex says. I don’t understand why I keep praying but everything I do. I am still stuck in the same place. I am beyond scared. I look at my wrist and wonder what if I did slit it. Would I end all my problems and all the loss I have. I am empty and alone. Where is God in the most of my troubles/ problems? How can my mind think of ending it and listing reasons? Drowning here

    • I am praying for you this morning for God’s peace to surround you. I have been in a very bad situation like that. God pulled me through. He wants to do that for you


  9. Prayer request
    Father I come before your throne seeking your guidance and help not only spiritually and financially and physically. I ask for your intervention Lord. You see and know but sometimes I get so depress I do not know what to do but your grace and mercy Lord your grace and mercy will see me through. I bring before you families world wide keep us in your arms and surround us especially or young males and wash them with your blood in Jesus name I thank you Lord I thank you. Please to keep Ministries like this available to us that we can communication Lord and watch over them in Jesus name I pray. Amen Amen

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