This Day’s Thought from The Ranch- Important Ministry Update!

This Day's Thought from The Ranch

Dear Members of This Day’s Thought from the Ranch,

We wish to thank you sincerely for all your prayers, your participation, and your financial support to this ministry.

Over these many years together, you have been a blessing to us, and each & every day it warms our hearts that we can come together in praise and worship of our Lord and Savior, using God’s blessing of all available technologies of communication and sharing.

All of you have been so very supportive of providing the necessary resources so that we may continue with our prayerful vision of sharing a daily Christian seed and Sunday sermons with as many people as we can, throughout the world.  In addition, we seek to provide our many helpful resources in the realm of books, CD’s, a prayer forum, quotation collections and so forth, all readily available not only via email, web site and social media, but now even by way of our new app!

Our goal and mission remains to share God’s Word to all corners of the world, and we can only do that through the blessing of your support.

As we come to the conclusion of our annual November fundraising campaign, we currently stand at $6,600 raised towards our goal of $10,000.  Thank you! If you might still consider a donation (either a one-time gift or even a pledge of a monthly donation) we believe we can still reach this goal by the end of the year.

Thank you all for your prayerful considerations.  You may make a donation by clicking on this link or at the bottom of this message.

We close by sharing a few of the recent touching notes from you, our readers…and we thank you all sincerely, for helping us grow and extend our reach to so many in need of God’s message and truth.

Through His Love, Greg and Eric for The Ranch Ministry

Thank you for your very inspiring messages. I just wanted to say that I was introduced to This Day’s Thought by a friend back in 2009 when she shared a quote she felt was inspiring and powerful. I quickly subscribed and ever since have enjoyed reading, and been very inspired by, the quotes and sermons. I am one of the many who saw your website, heard your messages and put my trust in Jesus 100%.

Thank you so much for the hope you have given me. It means so much to be able to read your words every day. I am sure there are many more like me. 
DG, USA (Illinois)

Enclosed is a small gift for your daily emails which we enjoy. I appreciate your honesty, transparency and evident love for God. You have been through things most of us have not and have come out strong and victorious. May God continue to bless and strengthen and use you. 
BMV, USA (Colorado)

Greetings to you and all at the Ranch Fellowship. May the Lord continue to richly bless you and your wonderful ministry for Him. Last year, I listened to you reading from your book about St. Nicholas, the Believer, and I’m going to listen again this year. Wow! What a wonderful, true story! I so much enjoyed this wonderful gift and am enjoying it and would like to make a small donation to your work of love for our dear Lord and Savior, Jesus. I feel so blessed by your ministry and hope this small contribution will be of some help which I am enclosing in this card. I couldn’t ever thank the Lord and you enough, but I offer my heartfelt loving prayers along with this. God bless you all. 

Thank you so very much for your faithful and deeply encouraging ministry. God bless you. 

May God bless your ministries as much as your daily thought emails have blessed mine! 
SS, USA (Tennessee)

Thank you very much! I read them everyday. They have a big impact!

This Day’s Thought has been a great blessing to me. Thank you! 
LH, USA (Texas)

What a wonderful witness and blessing this ministry is.
RP, USA (Florida)

Keep up the fantastic work that you do in bringing the message to all via the internet. Am always refreshed when I read your inspirational thought for the day. 

This is a very small donation from Singapore. It is my first donation in cash. God bless you for spreading the words of God to all of us. We are blessed and encouraged by your ministries, namely your daily quotes, Sunday sermons and those Bible verses. Thank you and God bless you richly.

 Click here to make an online donation of any size to help us reach our $10,000 goal, or send your donation to: The Ranch Fellowship, 25615 E 3000 North Rd, Chenoa, IL 61726.


(As always, if you would like us to send you a thank-you gift for your donation, please visit our online bookstore anytime during the year, select a gift, and make your donation from there.)

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