Take A Tour Of This App!

Here’s a guided tour of the app to help you discover all that you can do with it!

Click here to watch the 12-minute tour, or read the highlights below.


On the “Home” page (This Day’s Thought), you’ll see a continually updated list of daily posts.  Tap a post to read it, then scroll right or left to read more posts.  To see a longer list of daily posts, scroll all the way to the bottom and it will load more, and more, and more!  To refresh the screen to make sure you’re seeing the latest posts, scroll all the way to the top to refresh the screen.  A “Search” bar also appears when you scroll to the top so you can search for any quote, author or topic that’s mentioned anywhere on the app.


To access the rest of the multitude of features of this app, click the menu icon in the top left corner (the menu looks like 3 white lines in a black box).  You’ll see a menu of all the other sections of the app, such as a Daily Podcasts, Sunday Sermons, books to rad, music to listen to, a place to post prayer requests and more!

Have fun exploring!


On Daily Podcasts, you can listen to all of our daily posts.  Just choose a day and click the play button (triangle).  The podcast will continue to play as you visit other sections of the app, or even if you go to another app on your device.  To read the text of any podcast, simply scroll down the page and you’ll see the full text of that day’s message.  To listen to more podcasts without going back to the menu, just scroll left or right from any day’s podcast.


The Week Sermons are often in series, so this page makes it easy to read one right after another.  Just choose a sermon from the list.  To read the next or previous sermon, just scroll left or right.


You can read the full text of all the books we’ve produce at The Ranch.  Just choose a book from the menu, and start reading.  Each book has a table of contents so you can quickly jump from chapter to chapter, or easily return to a specific chapter if you have to leave the app in the middle of a book.  You can also purchase paperback copies of any of these books by visiting The Ranch Bookstore for a donation of any size.


You can listen to all of the music we’ve produced here at The Ranch, plus a  few more albums from other artists who have given us permission to feature their music for your benefit.  Just pick a CD from the list and click the bright orange play button to listen from the beginning.


When listening to music, if you don’t see a playlist of all the songs from which to choose, you can click the link that says to see the playlist, and you can see a playlist of all songs on a CD like this:


You can watch any of the videos we’ve produced at The Ranch as well, including inspirational shorts like Eric’s Hope or Lana’s Hope, or our series 1-2 minute clips recorded live in famous locations throughout Israel.


To buy any of our books or music in paperback or on a physical CD, just visit The Ranch Bookstore.  You’ll be able to browse through our entire collection in a browser outside of this app.  Just return to the app to keep exploring.


To make a donation to our ministry, just click Make a Donation, and you’ll be taken to a secure page on our website where you can make a  donation of any size.  If you’d like a thank you gift for your donation, just visit our bookstore and make your donation next to the item you’d like.


If you ever need prayer, click “Ask For Prayer” and you can post a public prayer where others will be glad to pray for you as soon as they see your request.  You can also scroll through this page yourself if you’d like to pray for others, either privately, or post a public reply and pray for them on the page, too.



To see our entire collection of over 2,000 quotes and counting, just visit Quotes By Categories.  Choose a category from the top menu (it scrolls left to right to see more categories), and then choose a quote.  Again, scroll all the way to the bottom of each page of quotes to load more, and more, and more.  Scroll left and right to easily go from category to category.



To Contact Us for any reason, just fill out our contact form.  We read every note as soon as it arrives.  Please allow a little time for a reply though, as we do get many emails.  We’re happy to see your comments and questions, so let us know what’s on your mind!



To see our daily Facebook Posts, and watch our daily video recordings, visit Our Facebook Page.



Click “About Us” to learn more about us and why we do what we do!



Thanks for taking this guided tour!  Hope you enjoy the app!


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