This Day’s Thought from The Ranch- Friday

This Day's Thought from The Ranch

Holiness involves friendship with God.  There has to be a moment in our relationship with God when he ceases to be just a Sunday acquaintance and becomes a weekday friend.

Basil Hume

This Day's Verse

Discretion will preserve you; Understanding will keep you, To deliver you from the way of evil, From the man who speaks perverse things,

Proverbs 2:11-12
The New King James Version

This Day's Smile

God sent children for another purpose than merely to keep up the race- to enlarge our hearts; and to make us unselfish and full of kindly sympathies and affections; to give our souls higher aims; to call out all our faculties to extended enterprise and exertion; and to bring round our firesides bright faces, happy smiles, and loving, tender hearts.

Mary Botham Howitt

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