This Day’s Thought from The Ranch- Want To Help?

This Day's Thought from The Ranch

Dear Ministry Members,

Can you help us reach more people with our daily Christian messages?

During this month of thanksgiving, we wish to share our annual fundraising efforts as we fiscally plan for our next year of ministry.

Simply put, This Day’s Thought from the Ranch needs your financial support so that we can perform the Lord’s work as He continues to lead us.  The resources we require are modest by most standards of measurement, but are so very necessary none-the-less.  Over the years we have “framed” our requirements in this way…

“We need so little, but we need that little so very much!”

We have been blessed by such a special ministry partnership (between The Ranch ministry and This Day’s Thought)…and have been blessed by such wonderful and significant ministry volunteers…and have been so blessed by you, our readers and ministry participants.  And thus, we feel so led to want to share these many blessings and reach that many more people, from all over the world, with our daily Christian “seeds” and sermons and numerous other resources.

Can you help us continue forward into this next new year, with the blessing of your one-time donations and monthly pledges?  And may God bless you with His wisdom and direction as you consider such aid and support.

We have just completed some wonderful new quote books to express our appreciation of all of you, our ministry members.  The first is our largest collection yet of the Christian quotations that we have shared daily over the last fifteen years, called simply “15 Years of This Day’s Thought.”  This 8”x10” coffee-table sized paperback book contains over 1,700 of our best thoughts for inspiration and encouragement, all categorized into 40 topics for easy reference, meditation and enjoyment.

The second set of books are in the form of 5.5”x8.5” personal journals in paperback, containing 201 lined pages with an abundance of space for your own thoughts and writings of contemplation, plus 101 inspirational quotes at the bottom of every other page.  We are offering 3 books at this time, one featuring quotes on “Prayer,” another with quotes on “Love,” and the third with quotes on “Faith.”

As you visit our “Donations” page on our web site, you may select any one of these new offerings (or any of our other wonderful books or CD’s), as our expression of thanks for your financial gift and support, and we will send that publication right off to you.

Thank you all so much for your participation in this ministry.  Thank you for your prayers over The Ranch, and Eric and me and the volunteers.  And thank you most sincerely, for your considerations of financial support to all these efforts, as your help makes all the difference!

To make a donation without receiving a thank-you gift, please click on this link:

To make a donation and receive a thank-you gift from our bookstore, please click on this link:

In His Love,
Greg Potzer, for myself and Eric Elder
of This Day’s Thought and The Ranch

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