Grace Noll Crowell — A Prayer Upon A Threshold…

A Prayer Upon A Threshold

Here on my threshold, eager to start
Out through a New Year, Lord, I stand,
Waiting a moment, a prayer in my heart:
Go with me, Lord, and hold my hand.

There are such beautiful days ahead,
Blinding my eyes, Lord, may there be
Springs by the wayside, manna for bread,
And You, a companion, to walk with me.

Through any dark day, talk with me,
I am a small child, often afraid,
Lead through the darkness, let me see
Light ahead that Your lamp has made.

Here on the threshold, ready to start
Out through a year, untrod, unknown-
Now with a small child’s trusting heart
I go, but I do not go alone.

Grace Noll Crowell

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