Notes of Thanks – 2010

A few thank you notes from The Ranch visitors…

1/2/2010 – Thank you for your lessons on Nehemiah and Clearing Your Mind. Vanessa
1/8/2010 – I am an international student from Nepal just finishend my bible college from Hillsong college. I would love to read the newsletter and I hope it will bless me and I could bless others by its contents. thanks, Gopal – AUSTRALIA
1/14/2010 – Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I’ve tremendously being blessed by your contributions to the body of Christ through the ranch. Please I wish to know how i can make donation to the project at the ranch from Nigeria. Thanks. Oyebade – NIGERIA
1/15/2020 – I thank God that He is using you and your family and this beautiful ministry to minister to a world of hurting people. You are in my prayers! Beth – ILLINOIS
1/15/2010 – Dear Eric, thank you for all of your help it really has given me different views of how things work and for for all of the bible verses this talk has really helped! thank u for praying with me i always feel better after a prayer with someone. Meghan – ILLINOIS
1/21/2010 – We are enjoying your devotional book that you wrote. With Love and May God Bless, Bonnie – ILLINOIS
1/22/2010 – I want to get close to God this year! To know Him fully, to serve Him obediently. Am seeing this site will help me and the ministry of reaching children that am involved will help me further. Thank you. Kenneth – KENYA
1/22/2010 – I enjoy your preachings a lot as I do Bible study on them. Benita – SOUTH AFRICA
1/25/2010 – I just wanted to thank you for the CD you sent me. I really appreciated that you even thought of me and took the time and expense to send it to me. It was a powerful message for me and really touched my heart. Thank you. I’ve also listened to your talk on CD and read your book and they have helped a great deal as well. I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate you and Lana and your ministry. … I just wanted to thank you for your kindness and generosity. I will keep your family in my prayers. Sincerely, Jan – ILLINOIS
1/26/2010 – Glory to God for all that He continues to do through your ministry! May He forever bless you, your family and your ministry! Halleluyah!Blessings, Dwan – TENNESSEE
1/26/2010 – I actually thought your website was not real. I thank you for your prayers. I am staying by Him all the way. Just to know that you were praying for me helps me alot. Thank you so much. Lea.
1/26/2010 – I can’t explain how happy I am that I came across this site. I was very near an emotional breakdown about an hour ago, and even simply sitting here and spending time on this site has helped. It’s put some things in check for me. Mainly that God knows what He’s doing, and whatever happens only happens because it’s supposed to, and things are going to turn out exactly how He intends. And even though things are very hard for me right now, I know I can get through it with God’s help, and any help I can find along the way will just make it that much easier. I also apologize for the small novel written above. Lots of pain translated to lots of words. Thank you for taking time out of your day to listen to a broken nineteen-year-old’s rambling. And thank you in advance for any and all prayers that may be said on my behalf. They are greatly appreciated. God bless.
1/27/2010 – Thank you so much for praying for my situation. …You have no idea how big of a part your website was in helping me grow in my faith and my personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
1/28/2010 – Thanks so much for the emails over the last couple of days. About 10 minutes ago and I was thinking to myself, “I really have the urge to get back into old habits.” Then I saw your short note and was greatly encouraged.
1/29/2010 – First of all, thank you so much. I’m not entirely sure you understand how much the response means to me. Even if you personally respond to all prayers sent to the Ranch, it still means a lot to me. And I appreciate any and all prayers that have been said on my behalf. I’m completely amazed at what you’re willing to do for people. Sometimes just knowing that someone cares that much for anyone and everyone can make a huge difference. Thank you so much, Daniel – OHIO
1/29/2010 – Many, many thanks for your prayers and for your email. I was really touched. Thank you. God bless you, and thank you. Malcolm – SWEDEN
1/29/2010 – Thank you for your prayers,may God bless you make his face shine upon you lift up his countenance upon you and grant you peace.I am really encouraged and strengthened by your prayers and I know that the Lord is drawing me and speaking to me and I FEEL CLOSER TO HIM. THANK YOU GOD BLESS. Kuldip.
1/30/2010 – Hi Eric, I can’t believe you emailed me! I discovered The Ranch awhile back and I LOVE VISITING! Your email has been so encouraging…Thank you for praying for me. I will continue to pray for you and your family. Heather
1/30/2010 – Dear Eric, Thanks for your valuable prayers and your kind emails. I trust in God. He will difinitely will show me the ways to come out. Especially with the prayers of Godly people like you. Thanking you, With Prayers, Abraham – UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
2/2/2010 – Eric: Thank you so much. So many times I feel as if no one is praying for me and I suppose that sounds selfish. To know that you took the time to pray for me touches me deeply. Thank you. I pray God blesses you and all at The Ranch. Francine.
2/9/2010 – I came across you website for the first time and loved it. I appreciated your summarized statement of faith and I found very startling your disposition to “provide copies of our current financial statements upon request”. Can you send me one financial statement? Yours, Jobson
2/12/2010 – GOD BLESS IN ALL YOU DO. Janepher – UGANDA
2/16/2010 – Eric, Thank you so much dear friend. 🙂 I began feeling God’s peace come in last night and it is just increasing as friends like you pray. Laura
2/17/2010 – Thank you very much, Eric! Take care and keep up running your great site. Alexander – RUSSIA
3/4/2010 – Greetings in the Name of our Lord, Eric. I have received the Lesson: “Bring your friend to Jesus”, thanks a lot. Please do send me these lesson because they help me teaching the Church of the Lord. God Bless you Eric, Buti – SOUTH AFRICA
3/15/2010 – nica site for our child to play (, Nice games , nice view ….succes to ranch Taufik – INDONESIA
3/31/2010 – What a wonderful retreat. I have been praying for 2 days because I was so lonely with a loneliness that other people can’t fill~searching for connections. But today I stumbled onto the ranch. Thank you. Veronica – NEW HAMPSHIRE
3/31/2010 – many thanks. El Kafa – MOROCCO
3/31/2010 – God has really blessed my heart through the Ranch and I thank you so much for how you allow Him to use you. Keep it up!!! Beverly – GEORGIA
4/1/2010 – I’m so happy to hear of your move to Clover Ranch and looking forward to reading your devotionals. I am really interested in coming out to the ranch for worship and prayer when its ready. Please keep me posted. Thank you so much for being such and inspiration in my life. God Bless you and your family. Debbie – ILLINOIS
4/1/2010 – Dear Eric… I read your email . I hope you are very well and “The Ranch” is doing well too. As always, forget my English and remember that I am traying my best. I pray for you and I hope you will be doing the same for me and my country. We need it . Really. My best to you, my love and my thanks for writing me …. Mela – ARGENTINA
4/1/2010 – So nice to hear from you. God bless! Mitsuyasu – JAPAN
4/2/2010 – I’d lyk to know more about God n i also thnk u fr the wonderful messages that u offer n may God b with u. Mukundamago – SOUTH AFRICA
4/4/2010 – Great message… thanks for reminding us that new beginnings are there for us. i’m lifting my eyes right now…i lift my eyes to the hills that’s where my help comes from… Al – CALIFORNIA
4/5/2010 – AWESOME…very cool! The YouTube clip was great! I love this because it brings a visual experience to learning instead of just reading it and not really having a full perspective on what the area looked like. Thank you for this experience…Chad, TENNESSEE
4/5/2010 – Thanks Eric. Your prayer brought tears. A wave of them. Lynn
4/6/2010 – I find your site really inspirational and captivating. Bravo! Josephine – KENYA
4/21/2010 – Dear Eric, At the very outset, thank you so much for your prayers – they worked. … Thank you again for your support through some very difficult days. It meant a lot to me. God bless your ministry, Eric. Sincerely, Amar – INDIA
4/23/2010 – CHE BELLO!!!!! Annalisa – ITALIA
4/29/2010 – I received an email from a friend and discover the encouraging messages. I am very interested to be in connect with this ministry. Please make me a member. Thanks. James – INDIA
4/30/2010 – I believe that the Lord led me here to The Ranch. Vicky – OHIO
5/2/2010 – Good and Sound Biblical writing with credible theological view of the teachings of Christ & His Apostles on the Doctrine of Christ and His Gospel. Keep up the godly work to the praise and glory to His Name! Amen. Shalom. Timothy – MALAYSIA
5/11/2010 – I really enjoy your Sunday messages which are inspiring & are an assistance as a lay preacher! Peter – SOUTH AFRICA
5/15/2010 – Thisdaysthought & weekly sermons have together helped to improve my spiritual life. Keep up the good work. Benjamin – UK
5/15/2010 – Thank you so much for a touching and very meaningful sermon. You input is, as always, inspiring. Eddie
5/18/2010 – I am blessed by your ministry. God bless you. Nyaradzo – ZIMBABWE
5/23/2010 – I am very encouraged by your family and the work you are doing for the Lord. I would like to learn more and be encouraged daily by hearing from all of you. God Bless. Kaur – MALAYSIA
5/25/2010 – I was sent your site by accident, and have been reading the stories and the one about Capernaum has me confused even more. The more I read the more questions I have. I’ve never seen Jesus portrayed as this site does. I should tell you that I’m Jewish and I believe in the one true G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I’ve read some the stories on your site and have to wonder how they could be true, but I can’t stop reading them either, something just feels right about them. My heritage has ingrained in me that Jesus isn’t for my people. I can’t explain why, but I find some of the stories making me cry and I’m not one that cries easily. It doesn’t make sense. I don’t even know why I’m writing. I’m just really confused. How can this G-d of yours, be the G-d I’ve grown up with? Would Jesus love someone who hasn’t been faithfully reading the Torah for a long time? I’m sorry, I know this doesn’t make any sense, and I’ve always been told that Jesus doesn’t love Jews. But after reading some of the stories I just don’t know what to believe. Is it possible he might love a Jew?
5/30/2010 – God Bles u. Masabata – SOUTH AFRICA
5/31/2010 – Good day,thanks so much for the inspiration words!! Regards, Masande – SOUTH AFRICA
6/2/2010 – good messages. Edwin – MALAWI
6/4/2010 – Hi Eric, Thanks for your kind email. Do keep up the good work – it provides great inspiration for me and doubtless many others too. God bless, Russell
6/12/2010 – your messages so so soooooooooooooooooooo move me……i pray that Christ will bless you with this ministry of yours. Bishalt
6/20/2010 – Hey, Eric. This was great, as always. I have learned so many things from you. My trust is in the Lord. Love, Sue – ILLINOIS
6/28/2010 – Eric, This was a great article – very inspiring and motivating! Just what I needed also. Kent – MISSOURI
6/28/2010 – Bless you Eric and thank you. I have tears in my eyes from praying those beautiful words you have written which I will keep. God is and will continue to bless your work. Thank you again and please stay in touch. Philip – UK
6/29/2010 – hello , im very impressed. thank you very much .God bless you.and i will also teach what i learnt. i am from ethiopia,now there is strong revival here.please pray for us. Yonatan – ETHIOPIA
7/7/2010 – Eric: I have so enjoyed reading the weekly sermons and all about the trip to Israel. Your weekly sermons are very meaningful. You have wonderful insight and your love for God is a blessing to all who receive “the ranch” material. You have enriched my life very much and I look forward to spending more time with God through your devotional. I ordered 2 because – I am going to send one to my niece. I am very proud of her walk with Christ and I think she will also enjoy spending more devotional time with God. Peace to you my friend: Carol
7/7/2010 – Looking forward to reading the book and as always your Sunday devotionals are amazing! I thank the Lord for bringing you and Lana and The Ranch into my life. Debbie
8/17/2010 – Your story of how God has helped your situation is very encouraging, I’ve been going through depression also; pray for me. Konti – NORTH CAROLINA
8/21/2010 – Hi Eric. Through this last while I have had an on and off relationship with god, and in the last while come across your website. While I was looking through it, I found a lesson on Nehemiah and rebuilding. I have decided to make this, and hopefully more of your lessons a part of my life, and hopefully a part of others. I would like to thank you for making these free,and I hope that god blesses you and your online ministry. I really can’t tell you in words how thankful I am for this. Nick – CANADA
8/22/2010 – Hi, I really enjoy reading and listening to the Israel series. One day maybe I might make the trip myself. God bless, Sarah
8/23/2010 – Hi Eric! I love the website. Hope I get to meet your family some day! Blessings, Naomi – CALIFORNIA
8/23/2010 – I watched your broadcast tonight and would like to thank you and Lucas for bringing the broadcast to me and everyone else who watches. I really appreciate your service to the Lord and thanks for the song Lucas! You did a great job! I have tried to picture in my mind the Holy Land and your videos bring it all to life and make it so much more real. Harriet – ILLINOIS
9/7/2010 – I really thank God for the good things He is using your team at ‘The Ranch’. May God continue to strengthen you as you spread the gospel all over the earth. God bless, Fagbohun – NIGERIA
9/11/2010 – Its great i got the ranch. Greg – NIGERIA
9/12/2010 – Hi, Eric! Wanted to let you know that a young woman you ministered to awhile back accepted the Lord and was baptized today. Please keep her in prayer, she has a lot to deal with. Nancy – ILLINOIS
9/21/2010 – This is one of my special sites. Betty – GEORGIA
9/29/2010 – I love hearing about Jesus and knowing what he can do and what to do to make him perfect all things. Prince – NIGERIA
10/12/2010 – Hey Eric, Once again your words and timing were just what I needed. I’m continuously amazed how God gives us just what we need when we need it. Thank you for letting Him use you as an instrument. Thank you again for your prayers and words of wisdom. B.
10/15/2010 – Eric, I’ve been meaning to write you and tell you what a blessing this idea of 1 min. utubes and teaching from the different sights from your trip to Israel! This is definitely a God idea!!! Jeri – CALIFORNIA
10/26/2010 – I am the child of God and was so blessed to read your testimony regarding your trip to Jerusalem. Joyce – SOUTH AFRICA
11/10/2010 – GOD BLESS YOU. Rajasekaran – INDIA
11/10/2010 – Dear Elder Eric, Greetings in the sweetest JESUS name!Your present format is easily loaded by poor impoverisshed dial up lines.Thanks your have not discarded the under-privileged.GOD bless you,your family & Ministry.AMEN. John – PAKISTAN
11/14/2010 – Saw your newsletter & was impress by the message & the stories i read. would like to receive your newsletter thru my email. Thank you Mary – SINGAPORE
11/15/2010 – I really find these material inspiring and leading one to God´s Love and surrender one to God´s wonderful ways. May many be inspired. Manoj – GERMANY
11/16/2010 – I just want you to know that I came across your sight this evening while looking for something on prayer closets. and I have found it to be like streams in the desert. I have been so very thirsty for the fellowship of Christ and His words as you teach and explain Him. Your Ranch is so very relaxing. I love your music! I’m coming back every day to read…God Bless You and your family. Susie – TEXAS
11/17/2010 – May God Bless you richly. Engida – ETHIOPIA
11/21/2010 – Thank you and God bless you! Vilma – PHILIPPINES
11/21/2010 – Love to read your devotions and thoughts. Wendy – ILLINOIS
11/23/2010 – I really like to be in your virtual ranch to experience His presence at the point of my needs. Fe – PHILIPPINES
11/25/2010 – El-Shandei-Almight God richly Bless you for the great work you are doing for His Kingdom. Amen. Wamongo – UGANDA
11/25/2010 – I love God,so I want to be connected to your site. Dan – MALAWI
11/27/2010 – I love the way how you people explain in the messages…!!! Tarango – INDIA
12/6/2010 – Thank you very much for the book on Israel. It arrived at a very opportune time. The courier came – just at the beginning of a Bible study I lead. The
others could tell by my reaction that I was very excited to receive it. But I refused to open it until the Bible study was over. You can be sure they reminded me;so I was able to share the book with them over a cup of tea! Helen – AUSTRALIA
12/7/2010 – I’ve been visiting you site for a few days and just love it, very inspirational! Great Job! Jeannie – OKLAHOMA
12/11/2010 – thanks for devoting your time and resource to the things of the lord, i pray that he will reward you richly.amen! Oluwasey – NIGERIA
12/12/2010 – Hi Eric, In just a day or two I will be going to Israel! I have read your stories and messages from Israel and I’m so much more excited now that I know the meaningful things about these places. In particular, Nehemiah’s lessons on rebuilding – I intend to go and see the wall, or at least the site if possible, because the lessons you put up apply to me very deeply. When I go to Jerusalem I will pray for your ministry as a lot of your lessons have really helped me and they have come at crucial points in my life, and it’s so obvious to me that God has given me direction through your lessons. God Bless, Jude – UK
12/16/2010 – really enjoy the web site. very very encouraging. bless this web site in Jesus Name. Mallory
12/16/2010 – May the Lord richly bless you till we meet Him in the air. Jeff – MISSISSIPPI
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