Notes of Thanks – November 2008

A few thank you notes from The Ranch visitors…

11/1/08 – I just feel the presence of God as I read through your website. I could not hold back my tears saying: “God, thank you for The Ranch..I did not imagine there is such a ministry in the web such as this. I have been a Christian for 28 years…serving the Lord for many years in different capacities…yet there are times when I feel I need some encouragements. Thank you for your ministry. God bless you! M.S. / Bulacan, Philippines
11/2/08 – Amen & Amen!!! This was used of God this morning to strongly confirm some preceding proddings by the Holy Spirit to pray about our current circumstances. You’re a blessing brother! Keep up the good work. In Jesus precious name, L.C. / Canada
11/2/08 – Eric, Just now read this lesson – what an encouragement. Just 30 min. ago I was sitting here feeling uncertain about my leadership in some college-related things. Your words are really timely. K.S. / St. Louis, MO
11/2/08 – My daughter (13 years old) donated $2.55. My son (15 years old) donated $10. My wife donated $10. And I was able to gather $28.03. For a total of $50.58. I wish it could be more. We will make another effort next month. Hang in there brother! God bless you. S.E. / CA
11/3/08 – I don’t know why or how I received your email, Lessons in Rebuilding, but what a blessing. I’ve been needing to get back on the path that Christ has chosen for me, but it seems impossible to be free again. With the help of Nehemiah and God I am sure that I can win the battle. Thank you for this blessing and new chance to walk with my FATHER again. B.H. / Silver Creek, GA
11/3/08 – Very inspiring message that builds and encourages me as I walk in obedience to the scripture. R.A. / Uganda
11/5/08 – Keep it up Theranch! GOD BLESS. O.O. / Ondo, Nigeria
11/7/08 – God is calling me to minister to those who are hurt and damaged within. I would like to have fellowship with you to equip myself for the special calling i have. J.C. / Tamilnadu, South India
11/7/08 – Thank you for this wonderful ministry. S.S. / Charlotte, NC
11/9/08 – Thank you so much for this time for prayer and also for your wonderful sermons. I hang on to these in my busy life where I don’t seem to be getting to church as much as I would like. Thank you for helping me “learn to pray and how to pray”. Thank you for the beautiful music and your creativity with God’s Word and using your talents to change the world one person at a time! J.G.
11/10/08 – Thank you very much. J.
11/10/08 – I like your your work because it builds my spiritual life. S.W. / Kenya
11/12/08 – Eric, I put your Nehemiah Lesson 3 on our web page as people will regularly go to that. L.A. / UK
11/15/08 – Thank you so very much. I think I am finally finding a little peace due to your e-mail. It’s funny how we complain about technology but look how it can help. God Bless You. D.A.
11/18/08 – Dear Eric, Thank you for the website and the teachings. I have been profoundly blessed. Warmest regards A.N. / Cape Town, South Africa
11/21/08 – You and your family are in my prayers often. God bless you and your family. M.D. / Robesonia, PA
11/23/08 – Thank you very much for your very encouraging sermon. Have a good week. P.G / Nassau, Bahamas
11/23/08 – new to this, just 2 weeks ago, i asked God to come in to my life and need all the encouragement i can get!! C.M. / Ireland
11/24/08 – Love your weekly thoughts! Thanks. G.J. / Polokwane, South Africa
11/29/08 – I read one of your newsletters thru an email from a friend and it truly blessed me. M.P. / Benguet, Philippines
11/30/08 – inspiring indeed. J.T. / Nairobi, Kenya
11/30/08 – Dear Eric, You dont know how much your sermon has helped me today. I had a difficult week and I’ve been praying to Jesus to show me the right thing to do. I wasn’t finding any answer until I read your sermon. Thank you, you have been an instrument of God, (do you use the word ‘instrument’ in English?). As we say in the school where I work: ‘May Jesus live in your heart, forever’ S. / Argentina

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