Unknown — Monthly Statement (If God Should Bill Us)…

MONTHLY STATEMENT  (If God Should Bill Us)

Due to God, your Father in Heaven and Round About- For Services rendered during one month.

30 days of care and supervision, air, light, sunshine, and rain.
240 hours of restful recreative sleep.
720 hours of physical upkeep of heart, lungs, senses, digestion, locomotion.
90 very satisfying meals.
1 competent mind to analyze and judge, a memory to retain, a will to act.
A family that loves you, rejoices and sorrows with you.
A host of friends who believe in you and overlook your oddities and mistakes.
Neighbors, near and far, who band together to build a better community.
Skies and seasons that bring beauty and grandeur, parks and gardens.
A church that is free and strong, affording you worship, guidance, solace and fellowship.
Love from a God of justice, compassion and forgiveness, whose plans and purposes were spelled out by His Son, and whose Spirit abides with you.