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New E-Book: “What God Says About Sex”; New Website:

What God Says About Sex

A new e-book by Eric Elder! To order, visit

Dear Friends,

I’m thrilled to let you know that you can now order my new e-book online called “What God Says About Sex.”

The book contains a number of true and inspirational stories to help you discover and put into practice what God says about sex.

I’d like to share with you a little bit about why I wrote this book, and who I wrote it for, as I mentioned in the preface of my book…


I began this book as a way to summarize hundreds of letters I’ve written and conversations I’ve had regarding what God says about sex. But before I wrote the first word, I asked God who the readers of this book might be. I wanted to be able to picture them in my mind as I wrote these words.

Without hesitation, God spoke to my heart: “Write it for your children.”

My children?!? I thought. That’s not who I had in mind at all!

When I realized that God was serious, my passion and diligence for this project increased a hundredfold. I realized that the readers of this book would not just be people on the far side of the globe who could take or leave these words as they wished. The readers would be my own precious children, the ones I most wanted to see enjoy the fullness of sex without experiencing the pain that has fallen upon so many.

Then God nudged my heart again.

I realized that this would be the same audience He wanted to reach through this book: You, His own precious child, the one He most wants to see enjoy the fullness of sex without experiencing the pain that has fallen upon so many.

With that in mind, I invite you to read these words that I’ve written from the depths of my heart. For they’re not only my impassioned words to my beloved children, they’re also God’s impassioned words to you — His beloved child.


I’d also like to share with you some of the things others have been saying about the book. One of my goals in writing the book was to limit it to 100 pages, a tough task for such a broad topic, but something I felt was important so people to be able to start AND finish it!

When one friend saw it, he said, “That’s a perfect size…short enough for my attention span, but long enough to have some good content!”

After a 16-year old guy read a copy I had with me at camp this summer, he later told me that it was probably only the second book he’d ever read in his life from cover to cover. Although that may not be saying much for his reading habits, it helped me to know that I had accomplished at least one of my goals! I then asked him what he thought about the book itself, wondering what a 16-year old might think. He said, “I totally agree with what you said in the book! You just spoke the truth. It felt as if you were talking right to me.” About a dozen other teens picked it up and passed it around that week, all with similar comments.

But it’s not just a book for teens. Here are a few more comments from people recommending the book for a variety of backgrounds and ages…

– John Smid, Executive Director of Love In Action in Memphis, Tennessee, (the oldest and largest ministry in the Exodus network dealing exclusively with sexual brokenness) writes:

“‘What God Says About Sex’ is heart warming, honest, insightful, simple, and quite provocative! It is a great book for study purposes as the principles are deep, rich, and incredibly challenging to think about much less to discuss in a committed group. Eric’s honesty lets the reader know that he is not preaching from ‘on high’ rather, from the point of understanding God’s grace for his own life.”

– Dan Mountney, Campus Pastor for Kensington Community Church in Troy, Michigan and a former television journalist for NBC News in Detroit writes:

“Finally, a book that explains a godly perspective on the topic of sex, in a way that any child — or adult — can understand! ‘What God Says About Sex’ is every parent’s new best friend.”

– Al Lowry, leader of GIG, a music ministry at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California writes:

“I always appreciate Eric’s writings, and although this new work may be short, it speaks volumes. The subject is treated firmly, yet lovingly; not an easy task in handling the ‘untouchables’ suggested in the title. I won’t reveal the surprise ending, but guarantee it will rock your boat. I look forward to the next in the ‘What God Says’ series.”

– Tim Wilkins, Executive Director of Cross Ministry in Wake Forest, North Carolina and a frequent speaker at conferences and colleges on the topic of sexuality writes:

“Eric Elder’s approach is as refreshing as is his testimony. The mass of reports and research purporting to be ‘authoritative’ on human sexuality pale into oblivion when you read ‘What God Says About Sex.'”

– Bridgette Booth, homeschooling mother and author of ‘Layla’s Faith,’ in Tyler, Texas writes:

“For me, sex is an awkward subject to discuss with my children. After only a few pages, I knew I could trust this book in the hands of my daughters because Eric combined the sweetness of setting high standards during courtship and marriage with candid, matter-of-fact explanations of sexual intercourse. This book is perfect for parents like me!”

– Russell Pond, homeschooling father and author of the ‘Season of Peace Devotional,’ in Dallas, Texas writes:

“This powerful, much-needed message on the topic of sex was artfully and delicately communicated through Biblical truths and anecdotes. It’s the kind of book I could read to my son and not be ashamed.”

– and Sue Bohlin, Associate Speaker for Probe Ministries, in Richardson, Texas writes:

“I wish we’d had Eric’s little gem of a book when it was time to tell our sons about God’s magnificent invention of sex! His direct but not prurient explanation of the technical aspects of sex is illuminated by his grace-filled sense of wonder and awe at God’s brilliance and goodness. That alone is worth the price of the book!”

From what I’m hearing, adults seem to appreciate the helpful insights and practical wisdom of this book, parents appreciate the tasteful approach to a delicate subject, and teens and pre-teens appreciate the openness, honesty, and humor which are woven throughout the pages of the book.


One of my favorite things people tell me about the book is that it has touched them in ways that aren’t even directly related to sex, helping them to think through their relationships with God, their relationships with others, and their own view of themselves.

One friend commented that he wanted to give it to his friends because, “it’s more than just a sex manual, it’s an evangelistic tool.” I share in the book ways that God has used the issue of sex to bring people closer to Him, from the biblical story of the woman caught in adultery, to my own story of how God turned my life around when I put my faith in Christ.

If you’re like me, you probably know a number of people who could use a book like this: people who are struggling with some aspect or another of sexuality, people who want to do the right thing but may not know what the right thing is, or people who know what the right thing is, but need some practical help to just do it. I hope you’ll pass the announcement of this book on to your friends as well. Just forward this newsletter to them or point them to the website below.


To order a copy of this new e-book for yourself or your friends, you can go to a new website I’ve set up for this purpose called:


Lastly, like many ministries at the end of the summer months, any reserves we may have had during the year are typically used up by now. Although we always operate on a tight budget, right now it’s quite tight! Our total donations during June, July and August averaged $2,500 per month, from which we run all aspects of this full-time ministry.

If our ministry has been helpful to you, would you prayerfully consider making a donation sometime within the next two weeks? It would give us a tremendous boost personally as well financially! Thanks! Here’s the link for ways to make your donation:

Make A Donation


Thanks for your prayers already over the last few months and years for this book and for our ministry. We really appreciate it!

I’d love if you would pray with me again today…

Father, thank You…

  • for teaching us in Your Word how to have the best sex life possible,
  • for helping me to complete this book and make it available to others,
  • and for promising us that Your word will not return to You empty, but will accomplish what You desire and achieve the purpose for which You sent it. (Isaiah 55:11)

Now, Lord, we ask…

  • that You would take this word around the world
  • put it in the hands of those who need to hear it
  • and draw more people to The Ranch so they can draw closer to You.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Thanks and have a good week!

Eric Elder

Here’s the link again to order the book:

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